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Baby Face - marigold - Stenciled Lettering
Ballard Advertising Plate - Amethyst
Balloons Handled Server - Marigold
Balloons Handled Server - Smoke
Imperial Bargain Book Ad
Balloons Bulbous Vase - Marigold
Balloons Tall Vase - Marigold
Mid Winter 1927 Butler Ad
Baltimore Bargain House Ad Showing Northwood Items
Band “violet” Basket - Amethyst - Hand Lettering
Banded Barrel Toothpick - marigold
Banded Drape - Iris Water Set - (marigold)
Banded Fluer De Lis - Imperial
Banded Fleur De Lis Celery Vase - Marigold
Banded Fleur De Lis 1909 Imperial Catalog Ad
Banded Fleur De Lis Ruffled Bowl Exterior - Amber
Banded Fleur De Lis Ruffled Bowl Interior - Amber
Banded Fleur De Lis Rose Bowl-Marigold
Banded Flute - Imperial
Banded Flute Update
Banded Flute Compote - Marigold
Banded Flute Compote - 2 Part Mould - Marigold
Banded Flute Compote - Interior - Marigold
Banded Portland - US Glass
Banded Portland Puff Box, Marigold
Banded Portland (Virginia) Tumbler - Red
1906 Butler Bros. Ad - Banded Portland
Basket of Roses - Northwood
Basket of Roses - Stippled - Amethyst
Basket of Roses - Stippled-Marigold
Basketweave as an Exterior Pattern
Basketweave Exterior of Persian Gardens - Dugan
Basketweave Exterior of Stippled Rays - Northwood
Basketweave and Cable - US Glass
Basketweave and Cable Creamer, Vaseline
Beaded Acanthus - Imperial
Beaded Acanthus Milk Pitcher - Marigold
Catalog Ad - Beaded Acanthus
Beaded Basket - Dugan
Beaded Basket - White
Beaded Basket, Marigold
Beaded Basket, Purple
Beaded Bulleye - Imperial
Beaded Bullseye, Amber
Beaded Bullseye, Green
Beaded Bulleye Vase - Helios
Beaded Bullseye Vase - Purple
Beaded Bullseye, Lime-Vaseline
Beaded Cable - Northwood
Beaded Cable - Aqua Opal
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Beaded Cable Rosebowl - Cobalt
1909 Butler Bros Ad
Beaded Cable Rosebowl - Lime Green
Beaded Cable Rosebowl - White
Beaded Cable with Smooth Rays interior - Marigold

Beaded Panels - Peach Opal
Beaded Purses
Blue Beaded Purse
Box Style Purse
Bronze Beaded Bag
Bulging Bag
Celluloid Handled Bag
Clutch Bag
Fold-Over Bags
Group of Bags
Metal Clasp Bag
Red Iridized Bag
Rose Applique Bag
White Beaded Loops Bag
White Crocheted Bag
Beaded Shell - Dugan
Beaded Shell Mug - White
Beaded Shell Water Set - Amethyst
Beaded Shell Water Set - Marigold
Beaded Stars - Fenton
Beaded Stars Rosebowl
Beaded Stars bowl

Bearded Berry External Pattern
Beauty Bud Vase - Dugan - Diamond
Beauty Bud Vase - Amethyst
Beauty Bud Vase - Marigold
Butler Bros. Ad - 1916
Bellaire Advertising Bowl - Imperial
Bellaire Good Will Tour bowl - Marigold
Inside Advertising
Bellaire Souvenirr Bowl - Marigold
Bells and Beads - Dugan
Bells and Beads Bowl - Ruffled - Amethyst
Bells and Beads Bowl - Peach Opal
Bells and Beads Bowl - Ruffled - Peach Opal
Bells and Beads Bowl, Tri-Corner - Amethyst
Bells and Beads tri-corner, White Opal
Bernheimer Brothers Advertising Bowl
Benzer Car Vases - McKee
Car or Limousine vases - Complete Book of McKee ads
Car Vases - Marigold

Berry & Leaf Circle - Blue
Bicentennial Items
Bicentennial Paperweight, Blue
Bicentennial Paperweight Label
Big Basketweave Baskets - Dugan
Big Basketweave Exterior - Amethyst
Big Basketweave Large Handled Basket - Marigold
1917 Butler Bros Ad
Big Basketweave Small Handled Basket - Marigold
Big Basketweave Basket - Pink
1915 Butler Bros. Ad - Baskets
Big Basketweave Vase - Dugan
Big Basketweave Vase - Mould or squat - Amethyst
Big Basketweave Vase - Squat, Mgld.
Big Basketweave Vase - Lavender
Big Basketweave Vase - Marigold
Big Basketweave Vase - Sapphire
Big Basketweave Vases - Sapphire
Big Basketweave Vase - White
Big Basketweave Squat Vase - White
Big Butterfly - US Glass
Big Butterfly Pitcher - Marigold
Big Butterfly Tumbler - Marigold
Big Butterfly Tumbler - Olive Green
Big Fish - Millersburg
Big Fish, 8” Sq. bowl, Green
Big Fish, 8” Ruffled bowl, Marigold
Big Fish - IC shape - Amethyst
Big Fish bowl - loose 3/1 - Amethyst
Big Fish Rosebowl - Marigold
Big Thistle Punch Set
Big Thistle Bowl Interior
Big Thistle Bowl / Base - Flared
Big Thistle Bowl / Base - Straight

Billy Baxter Ashtray, Marigold
Birds and Cherries - Fenton
Birds and Cherries Bonbon - Amethyst
Birds and Cherries Bonbon, Blue
Birds and Cherries Bowl - Amethyst
Biringham Age - Herald - Advertising
Birmingham Age - Herald Advertising Plate - Amethyst
Birmingham Age - Herald Advertising Bowl - Amethyst
Blackberry - Northwood
Compote - Green
Exterior - Basketweave Pattern - Green
Interior - Green
Blackberry Compote ext., IB
Blackberry Compote int., IB
Blackberry & Rays - Northwood
Compote - Green
Exterior - Plain - Green
Interior - Green
Compote - Marigold
Blackberry Banded - Fenton
Blackberry Banded Hat - Moonstone
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Blackberry Banded Hat - White

Blackberry Bark Vase - Amethyst
Blackberry Block - Fenton
Blackberry Block Tankard, Amethyst
Blackberry Block Tankard, Blue
Blackberry Block Tankard, Green
Blackberry Block Tankard, Marigold
Blackberry Block Tankard, White
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Blackberry Bramble - Fenton
Blackberry Bramble, Amethyst
Blackberry Bramble, Green
Blackberry Bramble, Marigold
Blackberry (Miniature) Compote
Blackberry Open Edge
Blackberry Open Edge Basket - two sides up - (red)
Blackberry Open Edge Basket - two-row (white)
Blackberry Open Edge plate (marigold)
Blackberry Open Edge Vase (marigold)
Blackberry Spray - Fenton
Blackberry Spray Hat - A.O.
Blackberry Spray Hat - Marigold
Blackberry Spray Hat - Red
Blackberry Spray Hat - Reverse Amberina
Blackberry Wreath - Millersburg
Blackberry Wreath 6 inch Plate - Amethyst
Blackberry Wreath - Marigold
Blackberry Wreath - 5” ice cream shape - blue
Blackberry Wreath - 5” ruffled shape - blue
Blackberry Wreath - 7 ¾” Sauce, Blue - interior and exterior
Blackberry Wreath - 10” IC Bowl, Blue
Blackberry Wreath - 10 ¼” Ruffled Bowl, Blue
Blackberry Wreath - Spittoons, Marigold (2)
Blackberry Wreath - 5” flattened bowl, Amethyst
Blackberry Wreath - 7” Bowl, Green
Blackberry Wreath - 6” Plate, Amethyst
Blackberry Wreath - Tri-corner, Marigold
Blackberry Wreath - Square Bowl, Marigold
Blackberry Wreath - Chop Plate, Amethyst
Blackberry Wreath - Chop Plate, Marigold
Blaze - 1909 Imperial Catalog Ad
Blaze - Spring 1912 Butler Bros. Ad
Blaze - Imperial Catalog #104A Ad
Blaze - 8 inch Berry Bowl Ad
Blaze Bowl - 8” - Helios
Blaze Bowl - 8” - Marigold
Blaze Bowl - 8” - Purple
Blaze Bowl - 4” - Smoke
Blaze Bowl - 9” - Smoke
Blaze Bowl, 9” - Purple
Blaze Bowl, 9” - Marigold
Block and Arches - Crown Crystal
Blocks and Arches Diagram
Blocks and Arches Jug and Tumbler - Marigold
Block Optic - Jeannette Glass
Block Optic or Banded Ribs Pitcher and tumbler - Marigold
1927 Catalog ad for Block Optic Banded Ribs
Block Optic tumbler with advertising - Marigold

Blossoms and Band Car Vases - Marigold - Diamond
Blossoms and Palms - Northwood
Exterior - Marigold
Ruffled green bowl
Ruffled marigold bowl
Bowl - Three and one edge -  marigold

Blossomtime compote - amethyst
Blue Opal Bowl - Dugan
Blueberry - Fenton
Blueberry Pitcher - Blue
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Blueberry Pitcher - Marigold
Blueberry Water Set - White
Boggy Bayou - Fenton
Boggy Bayou Vase - Green
Boggy Bayou Vase - Green
Boggy Bayou Vase - Lime Green
Boggy Bayou Vase - Lime Green Opal
Boggy Bayou vase - Lime Green opal
Boggy Bayou Vase - Marigold
Bo-Peep - Westmoreland
Bo-Peep ABC Bowl
Bo Peep ABC Bowl - Butler Bros. 1924 Catalog Ad
Bo Peep Mug - 2 (opposing sides)
Bo Peep Mug - Butler Bros. Ad-Mid Winter 1927
Border Plants - Dugan
Border Plants dome ftd. H.G. plate - amethyst
Border Plants dome ftd. H.G. plate - CRE - P.O.
Border Plants - Peach Opal
Bouquet - Fenton
Bouquet Pitcher/Tumbler (blue)
Bouquet Pitcher (marigold)
1914 Butler Brothers Catalog Ad
Bouquet Tumbler (Persian Blue)

Bouquet Plate, Marigold
Boutonniere compote - amethyst
Braziers CandieAdvertising Plate - Fenton
Bridge Set - Millersburg
October 1909 Butler Bros. Ads
HEART- shaped bowl, Marigold
Brocaded Acorns - Fostoria
Bowl, blue
Bucket, blue
Candy Dish - IB
Candlestick Bowl - Pink
Candlestick - Wisteria
Candlesticks - Lavender
Cigarette Box - Pink
Compote - Blue
Compote - Lavender
Console Bowl - Blue
Console Bowl - Lavender
Console Set - Ice Blue
Cornucopia - Blue
Covered Dish - Ice Blue
Footed Console Bowl Exterior -  Wisteria
Footed Console Bowl Interior -  Wisteria
Handled plate - Wisteria
Handled Server - Ice Blue with gold trim
Ice Bucket, blue
Ice Bucket - blue
Ice Bucket - pink
Parfait - blue
Parfait - orchid
Plate - 6 3/4 inch - Blue
Server - Lavender
Server - Pink
Sherbet - blue
Stemmed Wine - Blue
Tankard, blue
Vase - Wisteria
Water Goblet - blue
Brocaded Buckeyes - Fostoria
Sandwich Tray, Pink
Sandwich Tray, Pink - Detail
Brocaded Daffodils - Fostoria
Breakfast Set - Pink
Bowl - Pink
Candy Dish - White
Compote - Pink
Compote - white
Compote - white
Console Set - Pink
Creamer & Sugar - Ice Green
Footed Bowl, Green - interior
Footed Bowl, Green - side
Handled Tray - Ice Green
Plate, handled - pink
Serving Tray, handled - white
Brocaded Palms - Fostoria
Bulbous Vase - Green
Bulbous Vase - Pink
Candlesticks - Pink
Candlestick bowls - Pink
Candy Dish - Pink
Cardtray or BonBon - Pink
Compote - Green
Compote - Ice Green
Compote - Pink
Console Bowl - Green
Console Bowl - Ice Green
Console Bowl - Lavender
Covered Candy - Green
Flower Arranger - Pink
Handled Bowl - Blue
Handled Plate - Blue
Ice Bucket - Ice Green
Ice Bucket - Pink
Planter - Pink
Plate - Green
Serving Plate - Green
Tureen - Pink
Brocaded Paradise - Fostoria
Brocaded Paradise Candy Box - white
Brocaded Poinsettia - Fostoria
Brocaded Poinsettia Handled Server - White
Brocaded Poppy - Fostoria
Brocaded Poppy - Tumbler - Ice Green
Brocaded Roses
Bowl - Pink
Handled Tray - Blue
Luncheon Plate - Ice Green
Plate - 11 inch - Green
Taffeta Lustre Divided Candy
Brocaded Summer Gardens - Fostoria
Cake Stand - white
Cake Stand - white - top view
Compote (tall) - White
Compote - White
Compote - White
Console Set - White

Broekers Flour Advertising Plate
Update concerning location
Brooklyn Bridge Lettered Bowl - Marigold
Brooklyn Bridge Unlettered Bowl - Marigold
Bullrushes & Bush Orchids Bowl - Marigold
Bullseye & Leaves Bowl - Northwood
Broken Arches
Broken Arches Punch Set - Marigold
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad
Broken Arches Punch Set - Purple
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Broken Arches Fruit Set - Vaseline

Buckingham Sugar Bowl - Marigold - US Glass
Buffalo, NY Souvenir Tumbler
Bullseye and Fan - US Glass
Bullseye and Fan Sugar Bowl - Marigold
A-Z Ad - Bullseye and Fan - Sapphire Blue
A-Z Ad - Bullseye and Fan - Gold Decorated
Butler Bros. Ad - Bullseye - Gold Decorated
Bullseye and Loop - Millersburg
Bullseye and Loop Vase - Amethyst
Bullseye and Loop Vase - Green
Bullseye and Loop Vase - Marigold
Bullseye and Spearhead - US Glass
Bullseye and Spearhead Wine, marigold
Bullseye and Spearhead - Hartung ad
Bushel Basket
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Bushel Basket, Green
Bushel Basket, Ice blue
Bushel Basket - Eight Sided - Ice Blue
Bushel Basket, Lime Green
Bushel Basket, Marigold
Bushel Basket - Sapphire
Bushel Basket, Vaseline

Butterfly Ornament,   Marigold
Butterflies - Fenton
Butterflies bonbon - amethyst (Easter Greetings)
Butterflies card tray or bonbon - green
Butterfly - Northwood
Butterfly - Ice Blue - Threaded
Butterfly – Marigold – Threaded – Interior
Butterfly – Marigold – Threaded – Exterior
Butterfly Bonbon - Purple
Butterfly and Berry - Fenton
Butterfly & Berry Berry dish (small) - Marigold
Butterfly & Berry Fernery - Blue
Butterfly & Berry Large Bowl - White
Butterfly & Berry Spittoon
Sears Ad for Butterfly and Berry
Butterfly & Berry Vase - Blue
Butterfly & Berry Vase - Green
Butterfly & Berry Vase - Marigold
Butterfly and Berry Water Set - Green
Butterfly and Berry Water Set - Marigold
Lee Products ad (Butterfly and Berry Tumblers)
1927 Sears Catalog Ad
Butterfly and Fern - Fenton
Butterfly and Fern Pitcher, Blue
Butterfly and Fern Pitcher, Green
1910 Butler Bros Ad
Butterfly and Fern Set, Marigold

Butterfly and Single Flower Lamp
Butterfly and Tulip - Dugan
Butterfly & Tulip - Contemporary - Lavender
Butterfly & Tulip - Contemporary - Sappphire
Butterfly & Tulip Fruit bowl - Amethyst
Butterfly and Tulip - Marigold
Butterfly & Tulip - Vintage - Peach Opalescent
Butterfly & Tulip - Vintage - Purple - in Monument

Butterfly Bower
Butterfly Corn Vase - Marigold
Butterfly Corn Vase - Green
Butterfly Ornament
Buttermilk Goblet - Fenton
Buttermilk Goblet - Amethyst
Buttermilk Goblet - Green
Buttermilk Goblet - Marigold
Basket of Tools
Beetle and Shell
Bird and Babies
Birddog and Shank
Birdhouse Bird
Czech Buttons
Dog in Doghouse
Elephant Button Shank
Floral Sparkle
Floral Swirl
Fly and Shell
Forest Deer
Greyhound Dog
Gristmill Variant
Horned Owl Hatpin
Horned Owl Button
Horned Owl Button Shank
Locomotive 434
Marigold Button with Self - Shank
Rose Button - Marigold
Rose Button - Purple
Rover at Home
Saddled Horse and Shank
Snake and Jewel
Star of David
Steam Locomotive
Triad Button No.761
War and Peace
Wild Boar

Buzz Saw Cruet - large & small
Buzz Saw & File - Cambridge
Goblet - Marigold
Juice tumbler - Marigold
Lemonade tumbler - Marigold
Pitcher - Marigold
Sherbet - Marigold
Water tumbler - Marigold

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