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Fenton Glass - Part 7
FENTON - Part 7
BUTTERFLY CORN Vase in Green. 6 in. h.x 2.75 in.base diam.-(hairline crack)-$7000-8-'06-eBay.
6 in. h.x 2.75 in.base diam.-(hairline crack)-$7000-8-'06-eBay
BUTTERFLY CORN Vase Interior showing hairline crack.

BUTTERFLY CORN Vase: This was presented on eBay in late July 2006, creating quite a “stir” of bidding! (Chuck's Antiques of Medina, OH) were the sellers.
Nearly 15 years ago, we toyed with the idea of purchasing the marigold example priced at $700 by its owner, Eddie Radcliff. However, it had a crack, as this green vase has, so we resisted.
Conjecture over the years has placed this vase in Northwood or Millersburg production. However, we believe them to have been in the realm of Fenton creation; probably in answer to the Corn vases and the Corn Husk vases. Perhaps the idea came too late for competitive sales, with a mere half turn production, resulting in no orders. (Everyone who desired a corn vase had already purchased a likeness from the Northwood line?) In any case, this vase is extremely rare today.
ROSE BOUQUET (First one known in Cobalt)-Courtesy Lynn Weber-12-06
ROSE BOUQUET (First one known in Cobalt)
Courtesy Lynn Weber-12-06

ROSE BOUQUET:  This first-known cobalt blue bon bon has a lovely story surrounding it. Verification of the pattern was requested of us on Dec. 14, 2006. The owner stated she is not interested in selling it. She has inherited the rare bon bon from her recently deceased grandmother.
Apparently this one has been tucked away for quite sometime, since white is the only other color known. We bought the first one known, found by Sharon Mordini, and named by her. Since then, very few others have surfaced, making it one of the rarest of bon bons. Passage of time usually indicates “another first known” will turn up, so perhaps there is yet a green or an amethyst example in this pattern?

Fenton Compotes shown in the Santa Claus Edtion of Butler Bros. 1910.
Fenton Compotes shown in the Santa Claus Edtion of Butler Bros. 1910.
Green IRIS Compote-5.5 in. tall x 7 in. across top.
Marigold IRIS Compote.
Green IRIS Compote
5.5 in. tall x 7 in. across top
Marigold IRIS Compote

IRIS COMPOTE: Amethyst and blue are known colors in this compote, as well as green and marigold, but none of them surface often. A white example is quite rare. These are always ruffled.

Marigold IRIS Goblet
Interior of Marigold IRIS Goblet
Marigold IRIS Goblet
Interior of Marigold IRIS Goblet
IRIS GOBLET: is the shape as it emerges from the mould, before ruffling into a compote shape. Occasionally a goblet is found having the Iris floral interior. Amethyst, blue, green and marigold patterned goblets are quite scarce, but never seem to produce high prices.

Buttermilk Goblets - Plain Interior
BUTTERMILK Goblet in Green
BUTTERMILK Goblet - Amethyst - 6.5 in. tall.
BUTTERMILK Goblet-no pattern.-Mgld.

BUTTERMILK GOBLET: Some demand existed for plain interior, minus the Iris plunger design. These were simply called buttermilk goblets. Do you suppose anyone would actually have sipped buttermilk from one of  these?

Dean & Diane Fry - 01-07

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