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Brocaded Roses
BROCADED   ROSES----by Central Glass Co.
by Shirley and Frank Randall
Intro Note from Diane Fry:
The scope of information broadens when collectors ask others for information. This tray needed a pattern name. We approached four other knowledgeable collectors in that search. By word-of-mouth, we were directed to Shirley and Frank Randall, who have an extensive collection of Brocaded pieces, and have displayed them in a seminar for the Pacific Northwest Carnival Club. Their fund of information on the subject, begs to be told for others' benefit, as well as ours. We are pleased to present their article on the subject: dated July 1, 2003.
Brocaded Roses by Central Glass Co.
Brocaded Roses by Central Glass Co.

Dean & Diane,

Have read many of your articles and found them very interesting.
The tray you have is Brocaded Roses.  It is our belief that Central Glass Company of  Wheeling, WV made this glass. We have gone through depression glass books and the moulds match the Brocaded Roses pattern. They were made in white, pink and ice green. The pink and green have gold trim, but we've never seen a white piece with gold trim.

From U.S. Glass from A-Z by Heacock & Bickenhenheuser-1978

Central Glass was directly across the river from Imperial Glass Co., in Bellaire, OH. They were both up river from Moundsville, WV which was a short distance from the Fostoria  Glass Co. When the depression of '29 came, the plants allowed their employees to work one or two days a week. The employees from Fostoria went up river to Imperial and Central Glass to get extra work. They also took the tricks of the trade with them. Most of this information was given to us by an older employee of the Fostoria Co. Fostoria had been making acid etched glass three or four years prior to 1929.
Imperial acid etched glass went on the market in Dec. 1929 and lasted to 1932. The colors are white, pink and ice green. Carnival people call it Brocaded Daffodils but it is really a morning glory pattern.
Central Glass stopped operation in 1933. We don't believe this pattern was made more than two or three years. After 1932 most glass companies went to depression glass. It takes fifteen processes to make the acid etched glass.
We have this same tray in pink. We value it between  $125.- $200.
We have over 200 pieces of Brocaded glass in all patterns and just love it.
We hope to meet you sometime, somewhere. One never knows. We are always happy to have visitors or come to the Pacific Northwest Club Convention sometime.
We are always looking for more Brocaded glass, if you ever have anything you want to sell.
Hope you find this information helpful. There isn't much out there on this kind of glass.    
Your friends, Shirley and Frank Randall

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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