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Galloway - US Glass
1909 Butler Ad
Galloway Toothpick
Galloway Vase

Garden Mums
Garden Path Variant - Dugan
Chop Plate - Amethyst
Chop Plate - Peach Opal
Rose Bowl - Peach Opal
Small Bowl - Peach Opal
Small Plate - Peach Opal
Small Plate - White
Garland And Bows - Riihimaki
Bonboniere' or Butter Dish
Garland and Bows compote
Garland - Fenton
Garland Rosebowl - Blue
Garland Rosebowl - Marigold
Gay Nineties - Millersburg
Gay Nineties Pitcher - Amethyst
Gay Nineties Tumbler - Amethyst
Gay Nineties Tumbler - Marigold

Geo. W. Getts Pianos Advertising Plate
Gevurtz Bros Advertising Plate
Goblet Ad from Complete Book of McKee
God and Home - Diamond
God and Home - Cobalt Blue
God and Home Pitcher Repro., Red - (LG Wright)

Goddess of Harvest Bowl
Golden Berry Small Bowl
Golden Cupid Small Bowl
Golden Grape - Diamond Glass
Golden Grape Rose bowl - Marigold
Golden Grape Ruffled bowl - Marigold
Golden Harvest - Diamond Glass
Golden Harvest Decanter - Amethyst
Golden Harvest Decanter - Marigold
Golden Harvest Decanter design detail - Marigold
1916 Butler Brothers Ad - Golden Harvest
Golden Pansy - Zabkowice Glassworks
Golden Pansy Sauce
Golden Pansy Master Berry Bowl
Golden Pansy Tray
Golden Pineapple
Golden Pineapple Bowl
Golden Pineapple Plate
Golden Pineapple Sauce
Golden Poppy
Golden Poppy Sauce
Golden Thistle
Golden Thistle Oval Tray
Golden Thistle Plate

Golden Wedding Bottle
Golden Wedding Whiskey Bottle
Good Luck - Northwood
Auction Brochure - Good Luck Bowls and Plates
PCE Bowl - Aqua Opal
PCE Bowl - Blue
PCE Bowl - Green
PCE Bowl - Marigold
PCE Bowl - Sapphire - Interior
PCE Bowl - Sapphire - Exterior
PCE Bowl - Sapphire - blacklighted - interior
PCE Bowl - Sapphire - blacklighted - exterior
Plate, Basketweave, Marigold
Plate, Basketweave, Purple
Plate - Green
Plate, Ice Blue
Plate, Ice Green
Plate, White
Plate - Castrated - Marigold
Ruffled Bowl - Aqua Opal
Ruffled Bowl - Horehound
Ruffled  Bowl - Ice Blue
Ruffled Bowl - Ice Blue Opal
Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Ruffled Bowl - Peach Opal
Ruffled Bowl - Purple
Ruffled Bowl - Sapphire
Ruffled Bowl, Stippled - Marigold
Ruffled New Bowl  - Marigold - Reproduction
Ruffled New Bowl Exterior - Marigold - Reproduction
Variant Plate - Marigold
Variant Ruffled Bowl - Marigold

Gooseberry Rosebowl - white
Gothic Arches Vases - Imperial
Gothic Arches Vase - Smoke
Imperial Catalog #104A Gothic Arches
Graceful - Northwood
Graceful Vase - Ice Blue
Graceful Vase - Marigold
Grape and Cable - Fenton
Grape and Cable Ball ftd., Celeste
Grape and Cable footed bowl in CELESTE
Grape and Cable - Fruit Bowl, Advertising, Marigold
Grape and Cable Fruit bowl
Grape and Cable Fruit Bowl - Persian Medallion Interior
Grape and Cable - Fruit Bowl, Persian Medalion. Interior, Blue
Grape and Cable - Fruit Bowl, Persian Medalion. Interior, Ice Green
Grape and Cable Orange Bowl - Fenton - amethyst
Grape and Cable Orange Bowl - Fenton - experimental berry interior
Grape and Cable Spatula ftd., White
Grape and Cable – Northwood
Banana Boat - Aqua Opal - Interior
Banana Boat - Aqua Opal - Exterior
Banana Boat Banded - Stippled, Amethyst
Banana Boat Banded - Stippled, Blue
Banana Boat - Marigold
Banana Bowl - Ice Green
Banana Bowl, Non-Stippled - Green
Banana Bowl, Stippled - Green
Banana Bowl, Repro. - Purple
Banana Bowl - Cable - Blue
Banana Bowl - Cable - Ice Blue
Berry Bowl, Large, Ruffled - White
Berry Bowl, Large, Thumbprint - Blue
Berry Set, Amethyst
Berry Set, Thumbprint - Green
Bonbon, Marigold
Bonbon, Stippled, Aqua Opal
Bonbon, Stippled, Custard Marigold
Bonbon, Stippled, Green
Bonbon, Stippled, Sapphire
Bon-Bon - White
Bowl, 5" Ruffled - Amethyst
Bowl, 7 1/2" Ruffled - Aqua Opal
Bowl,  9" Stippled Variant - Green
Bowl,  9" Stippled Variant - Ice Green
Bowl,  9" Stippled Variant - Marigold
Bowl,  9" Stippled Variant - Sapphire
Bowl, 7 3/4" Variant - PCE - Amethyst
Bowl, 7 3/4" Variant - Bowl - Ice Blue
Bowl, 8”- 9” collar base, pie crust edge, “tendril” variant - stippled - A.O.
Bowl, 8”- 9” collar base, pie crust edge, “tendril” - unstippled - Green
Bowl, 10" - Deep - pie crust edge - Amethyst
Master Bowl
Master Berry Bowl, Blue
Master Berry Bowl, Ice Green
Master Berry Bowl, Marigold
Candlesticks - Green
Candlesticks - Marigold
Candle Lamps
Candle Lamp - Green
Candle Lamp - Marigold
Candle Lamp - Purple
Centerpiece Bowl - Cupped in - Blue
Centerpiece Bowl, Cupped in - Ice Blue
Centerpiece Bowl, Cupped in - Ice Green
Centerpiece Bowl, Cupped in - Marigold
Centerpiece Bowl, Cupped in - White
Centerpiece Bowl, Straight Up - Ice Blue
Centerpiece Bowl, Straight up - Lime-Ice Green
Centerpiece Bowl, Ice Green
Centerpiece Bowl, Straight up - Marigold
Centerpiece Bowl, Straight up - White

Cologne Bottle in Ice Blue
Cologne Bottles- amethyst - Dugan Perfume Bottle - amethyst
Covered Compote - Marigold
Cracker Jar, Amethyst
Cracker Jar, Ice Green
Cracker Jar, Marigold
Cup and Saucer Sets
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Marigold Whimsey
Cup Whimsey, Ice Blue
Cup Whimsey, Marigold
Cup Whimsey, Purple
Dresser Trays
Dresser Tray - amethyst
Dresser Tray, Banded, Amethyst
Dresser Tray, Banded, Margold
Dresser Tray - Marigold
Dresser Tray, White
Fernery, footed, Green
Fernery, footed, Ice Blue
Fernery, footed, Marigold
Fernery, footed, White
Fernery, footed, White
Fruit Bowls
Fruit Bowl - large, footed, deep - amethyst
Fruit bowl, large, footed, deep, Tri-corner, - Amethyst
Fruit bowl, large, footed, shallow, - Green
Fruit bowl, large, footed, shallow - Ice Blue
Fruit bowl, large, footed, shallow - Handled, Amethyst
Fruit Bowl, Large, footed, Amethyst
Fruit Bowl, Large, footed, Blue
Fruit Bowl - footed - Lime Green
Fruit Bowl, Large, footed, Banded: Purple
Fruit Bowl - footed - White
Fruit Bowl, Lg., Blackberry Interior, Blue- #1
Fruit Bowl, Lg., Blackberry Interior, Blue- #2
Fruit Bowl, Lg., Exterior, Blue- #3
Roland’s Blackberry Interior, Amethyst,  #4
Fruit Bowl, Lg., N. trademark - Amethyst,  #5
Fruit Bowl, Sm., N. trademark - Amethyst, #6
Hatpin Holders:
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Lime Green
Repro: Amberina - Red
Humidor, Amethyst
Humidor, Aqua Opal
Humidor, Marigold
Humidor, Stippled, Blue
Ice Cream Bowls
Ice Cream Bowl, Large - Green
Ice Cream Bowl, Large - Ice Blue
Ice Cream Bowl, Large - Ice Green
Ice Cream Bowl, Large - Marigold
Ice Cream Bowl, Large, White
Ice Cream Bowl, Small - Ice Green
Open Compote - Green
Open Compote - Marigold
Pin Tray - amethyst
Chop Plate - White
Handgrip Plate - Amethyst
Plate, 9”, Collar Base, Basketweave - Amethyst
Plate, 9”, Collar Base, Plain - Amethyst
Plate, 9”, Spatula Footed - Ice Green
Plates - Variant
Plate, 9" - Stippled Variant - Sapphire
Plate - Stippled Variant - Green
(Old Rose Distilling Co.) Exterior- Grape & Cable Vt.
Plate, Spatula footed Variant - Green
Powder Jars
Amethyst (2)
Ice Green
Powder Jar - unstippled - amethyst
Powder Jar - unstippled lid - amethyst
Powder Jar - stippled - marigold and amethyst
Punch Sets
Small - Aqua Opal
Small - Ice Green
Small - Marigold
Mid-Size - Green
Master - Blue
Master - Ice Blue
Master - Marigold
Master - Purple
Punch Bowl Base - Smoke
REPRODUCTION - Butter Dish - Ice Blue
Salad Bowl - Blue
Sherbet - Amethyst
Sherbet - Marigold
Shot Glass - amethyst
Spittoon whimsey: Amethyst and Marigold
Sweetmeat - Covered, Marigold
Sweetmeat - Covered, Purple
Sweetmeat Whimsey, Purple
Table Set - Amethyst
Table Set - Ice Green
Table Set - Marigold
Tumbler Whimsey - Amethyst
Tumbler Whimsey - Amethyst
Tumbler Whimsey - Marigold
Water Set, Standard, amethyst
Water Set, Standard, green
Water Set, Standard, ice green
Water Set, Standard, marigold
Water Set, Tankard, amethyst
Water Set, Tankard, ice green
Water Set, Tankard, marigold
Whiskey Decanter - marigold
Butler Bros. Ads showing NW Grape & Cable
1910 Santa Claus Edition Butler Bros. Ad - Fernery
1910 Butler Bros Ad - Assorted items
1911 Butler Bros Ad - Table Set - Berry Set - Pitcher and Tumbler
1911 (Feb.) Butler Bros. Ad - Fruit Bowl
1911 Butler Bros. Ad - Powder Jar and Hatpin Holder
1912 BB Ad - first time the Dresser Set was advertised in this Wholesale Catalog
1912 BB Ad - Holiday Tray in company with Grape and Cable
1918 Butler Bros Ad - Bride's Basket
1921 Butler Bros. Ad - Assorted Items
Grape and Gothic Arches - Northwood
Grape & Gothic Arches Water Set - Blue
Grape & Gothic Arches Water Set - Green
Grape & Gothic Arches Water Set - Marigold
Grape Arbor - Dugan
Grape Arbor Bowl - Amethyst
Grape Arbor Bowl - Cobalt Blue
Grape Arbor Fruit bowl - Marigold
Grape Clusters - Intaglio
Grape Clusters - Heavy Web marie
Grape Arbor - Northwood
Grape Arbor Hat, Cobalt Blue
Grape Arbor Hat, Ice Green
Grape Arbor Hat, White
Grape Arbor Tankard - Cobalt Blue
Grape Arbor Tankard - Lime green
Grape Arbor Tankard Set - Ice Blue
Grape Arbor Tankard Set - Marigold
Grape Arbor Tankard Set - White
Grape Arbor Tumbler - Lime Green
Grape Delight - Dugan
1914 Butler Bros. Ad
Grape Delight Nut Bowl - white
Grape Delight Rose Bowl - purple
Grape Delight Rose Bowl - white
Grape Leaves - Millersburg
Grape Leaves Ruffled Bowl - Amethyst
Grape Leaves Tri-Corner - Green

Grape Frieze Footed bowl, Pearlized custard
Grape Leaves - Northwood
Grape Leaves, ruffled bowl - Amethyst
Santa Clause Edition - Butler Bros. 1910
Grape Leaves, ruffled bowl - Green
Grape Leaves - ruffled bowl - Ice Blue
Grape Leaves, ruffled bowl - Marigold
Grape Leaves, 3/1 bowl - Marigold
Grape Wreath - Millersburg
Diagram of Wreath Designs
Grape Wreath Bowl – Amethyst
Grape Wreath Bowl – Marigold
Grape Wreath Vt. – Clover & Feather - Amethyst
Grape Wreath Vt. – Eight Point Star – Green
Grape Wreath Vt. – 4-ptd. Star/Bars – Amethyst
Grape Wreath Vt. – 4-ptd. Star/Bars – Marigold
Grape Wreath Vt. – 4 ptd. Star/Bars – Mgld. Closeup
Grapevine Lattice - Dugan
Grapevine Lattice - bowl - White
Grapevine Lattice hat (JIP) - white
Grapevine Lattice 7” plate - amethyst
Grapevine Lattice 7" plate - marigold
Grapevine Lattice - Tankard and Tumbler - white
1912 Butler Bros Ad - Tankard and Tumbler
Grapevine Lattice Tankard, Purple
Greek Key - Northwood
Greek Key plate
Greek Key Ruffled Bowl - Amethyst
Greek Key Ruffle Bowl - Cobalt Blue
Greek Key Ruffled Bowl - Ice Green
Greek Key Variant bowl - Ice Blue
Greek Key Variant bowl - Marigold
Greek Key Water Set - Amethyst
Greek Key Water Set - Marigold
Greek Key Variant Bowl – Octagonal, Green
Greek Key Variant Bowl - 3/1 edge, Green
Greek Key Variant Bowl, Octagonal, Marigold

Greengard Furniture Co. Advertising Plate
Gumtips 8” Vase - Dark
Gumtips 9” Vase - marigold

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