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ABC Child's plate - Marigold
ABC Plate - Butler Bros. ad 1927
ABC Display
Absentee Leaf Rays Nappy - P.O.
Absentee Fern Pitcher - Marigold
Absentee Leaf Rays Nappy - P.O.
Acanthus - Imperial
Acanthus Bowl - Helios
Imperial Catalog showing Acanthus Pattern
Acanthus - Chop Plate - Smoke
Acanthus plate showing initials in the mold
Acorn - Fenton
Acorn - Blue IC
Acorn - Red
Acorn - Millersburg
Acorn Compote - Vaseline
Acorn Vase, Amethyst
Acorn Vase - Green
Acorn Vase - Marigold
Acorn Burrs - Northwood
Acorn Burrs Large Berry Bowl - Marigold
Acorn Burrs Small Berry Bowl - Marigold
Acorn Burrs Pitcher - Green
Acorn Burrs Punch Base - Green
Acorn Burrs Table Set - Green
Acorn Burrs Table Set - Marigold
Acorn Burrs Table Set - Purple
Acorn Burrs Water Set - Amethyst
Acorn Burrs Water Set - Marigold
Adam's Rib - Diamond Glass
Adams Rib Candleholders - Celeste
Adams Rib Candleholders - Marigold
Adam's Rib Juice Tumbler - Celeste
Adam's Rib Mug, Celeste
Adam's Rib Mug, Ice Green
Afterglow - Diamond Glass
Baltimore Bargain House Ad, 1929-1930
G. Sommers Catalog Ad - 1929
Beaded Basket - AG Pink
Beaded Basket - After Glow Salmon pink
Beaded Basket - AG Salmon pink showing handles straight up
Beaded Basket, Lime Green - Mgld. overlay
Beaded Panels Compote - AG pink
Coin Spot Compote - AG green
Coin Spot Compote - AG pink
Compote Vase in Amethyst
Floral & Wheat, Pink/Mgld. overlay
Intaglio Daisy - AG pink
Leaf Rays Nappy - AG pink
Pony, Lime Green, iridized
Question Mark bonbon - AG green
Question Mark bonbon - AG pink
Seagull, Pink with Mgld. overlay
Seagull, Pink iridized
Seagull, Green - un-iridized
Stork in Rushes Pitcher, Lime Green - Mgld. overlay
Stork in Rushes Tumbler, Lime Green - Mgld. overlay
Target, Lime Green - Mgld. overlay
Triplets Bowl interior, Lime Green iridized
Triplets Bowl exterior, Lime Green iridized
Windflower Bowl, Pink - Mgld. overlay

Alexis - Vase and Almond cup - Marigold
Amaryllis - Dugan
Amaryllis Compote (deep, round) - Marigold
Amaryllis Compote (Interior) – Amethyst
Amaryllis Tri-corner Compote – Amethyst
Apple Blossom - Diamond
Apple Blossom Bowl - Amethyst (Round)
Apple Blossom Bowl - Marigold (Ruffled)
Apple Blossom - Northwood
Apple Blossom Berry Set - Blue - Decorated
Apple Blossom Twigs - Dugan
Apple Blossom Twigs 3/1 Edge Bowl - Amethyst
Apple Blossom Twigs plate - Amethyst
Apple Blossom Twigs Plate - Blue
Apple Blossom Twigs plate - Peach Opal

Apple Panels Breakfast Set - Marigold
Apple Tree - Fenton
Apple Tree Pitcher, Marigold
1924 Butler Brothers Ad
Apple Tree - Pitcher and Tumbler - Blue
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Apple Tree Vase, Marigold
Apple Tree Water set, (New) Amethyst
Apple Tree Water set, White
April Showers Vases - Fenton
April Showers, Marigold
April Showers - Squatty, Marigold
April Showers - Standard, White

Arcs - Cobblestone exterior - Purple
Ashtray-Jenkins #112
Athenia - US Glass
Athenia Toothpick - Marigold Flash
Aug. 1913 Butler Ad
Atlantic City Bell - Fenton
Atlantic City Bell
Atlantic City Bell, partially irid.

Atlantic City Plate
Aunt Polly - US Glass
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sugar base, marigold
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Butter dish, depression green
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sherbets with underplates,marigold
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sherbet, marigold
1927 Sears Roebuck Ad - Aunt Polly or Diamonds
Australian Carnival
A.C.E. Logo
Aqua Emu
Australian Aqua Base Glass
Australian Candlesticks - Marigold
Candlestick ad from Ken Arnold Book
Australian Holly Bowl - Marigold
Banded Diamonds - Pitcher and Tumbler - Dark
Banded Diamonds - Pitcher and Tumbler - Marigold
Banded Diamonds water set, Citron
Bird and Pomegranate Compote - Amethyst
Blocks and Arches
Blocks and Arches Diagram
Blocks and Arches Jug and Tumbler - Marigold
Broken Chain Exterior Drawing
Broken Chain Dome ftd. Bowl, Ext., Marigold
Broken Chain Dome ftd. Bowl, Int., Marigold
Broken Chain Compote, Ext., Marigold
Broken Chain Compote, Int., Marigold
Broken Chain Salver, Dark
Bullrushes & Bush Orchids
Butterfly Bower
Butterfly Bower Bowl - plain interior (dark)
Butterfly Bower Bowl,  Roselin - Interior view
Butterfly Bower Bowl,  Roselin - Quilted Diamond exterior
Butterfly Bush compote, Black Amethyst
Butterfly Bush compote, Black Amethyst
Butterfly Bush - Dark
Butterfly Bush and Christmas Bells
Butterfly Bush - Flannel Flower - Mgld.
Butterflly Bush and Waratah
Butterfly Bush - Waratah Compote and Interior - Mgld.
Butterfly Bush - Waratah - Flat - Dark
Butterfly Bush - Waratah - Ruffled - Dark
Crown of Diamonds Ad
Crown of Diamonds Bowl, Marigold
Diamond Cut Bowl , Blue (Inwald)
Diamond Sugar Basin – Marigold
Emu Berry Set - Marigold
Emu Bowl
Emu bowl, Aqua
Emu Bowl - 9 in. Black Amethyst
Emu Bowl - 5 in. - Marigold
Emu 5” Bowl - dark
Emu 9 " Bowl - Marigold
Emu Compote - Black Amethyst
Emu Compote - Marigold
Emu Compote in Roselin
Fern and Wattle Diagram
Fern and Wattle Ext. Design - Dark
Fern and Wattle / Emu Exterior - Black Amethyst
Fern and Wattle Exterior on 9” dark Swan
Fern and Wattle Exterior on Aqua Base Glass
Fish Scales - Dark
Fish Scales Exterior - Dark
Fish Scales - Marigold
Fish Scales Exterior - Marigold
Flower Frogs Ad
Flower Frogs, Dark and Marigold
Gumtips 8” Dark
Gumtips 9” marigold
Gumtips Vase - Dark
Heavy Diamonds Bowl - Dark
Hobnail - Starred Exterior / Emu Compote - Black Amethyst
Hobnail and Cane Exterior - Dark and Marigold
Hobnail and Cane Exterior - Dark
Kangaroo Animal
Kangaroo, (Big Buck), Black Amethyst
Kangaroo bowl, Citron
Kangaroo (large) - Dark “Small Roo”
Kangaroo (small) - Dark “Small Roo”
Kangaroo (large) - Marigold “Small Roo”
Kangaroo bowl, Marigold
Kangaroo bowl, Roselin
Kingfisher, Black Amethyst
Kingfisher - 10” - Marigold
Kingfisher (Large) Dark
Kingfisher (Large) Marigold
Kingfisher (Small) Dark
Kingfisher (Small) Marigold
Kingfisher (Small) Margild w/ Wattle Blossoms
Kiwi 8" Bowl - Dark
Kiwi 5" Bowl - Marigold
Kiwi Pedestal Bowl - Dark - Exterior
Kiwi Pedestal Bowl - Dark - Interior
Kookaburra Bowl 5" - Dark
Kookaburra Bowl, 5” - marigold
Kookaburra Bowl, 5” - marigold (close up view)
Kookaburra Detail - Dark
Kookaburra Diagram
Kookaburra Float Bowl - round-dark
Kookaburra Float Bowl - ruffled-dark
Kookaburra, interior - Black Amethyst
Kookaburra, exterior - Black Amethyst
Kookaburra 9” Ruffled Bowl - Dark
Kookaburra 9” Variant Float Bowl - Dark
Lily Vase - Black Amethyst
Lily Vase - Citron
Lily Vase - Marigold
Lily Vase - Marigold
Lily Vase - Roselin
Magpie - 9” - Dark
Magpie - 9” - Dark
Magpie 9” Variant Bowl - Dark
Magpie Detail - Dark
Magpie - Marigold
Melon Rib Vases
Photo - 1938 Sydney Show
Melon Rib Vase, 5”- Blue
Melon Rib Vase, 6”- Marigold
Melon Rib Vase, 6”- Smoke
Melon Rib Vase, 7”- Marigold
Melon Rib Vase, 91/2”- Marigold
Melon Rib Vase, 3 3/4" - Red
Melon Rib Vases - Diagrams
Diagram #1
Diagram #2
Diagram #3
Diagram #4
Diagram #5
Diagram #6
Diagram #7
Nappy, Citron
Nappy, Roselin
Panelled Sugar (dark)
Panelled Sugar (marigold)
Pinups - Dark
Pinups - Marigold
Plain Banded Bowl, Exterior, Mgld.
Plain Banded Bowl, Int.erior, Mgld.
Plain Banded Compote, Interior., Mgld.
Plain Banded Compote, Side, Mgld.
Plain Banded Nappy, Mgld.
Plain Banded Creamer, Mgld.
Plain Comport,  Black Amethyst
Ad: Plain Comport
Plain Interior Compote - Dark
Plain Interior Compote - Aqua
Plain Interior Compote - Mgld.
Quilted Diamond Bowl, Marigold
Quilted Diamond Exterior/Butterfly Bower (dark)
Strike - 5 in. - Marigold
Shrike bowl
Shrike Bowl (Large) - Marigold
Shrike Bowl (Small) - Dark
Shrike (rectangular shape), Black amethyst
Shrike, exterior view - Black Amethyst
Shrike, retangluar shape - black Amethyst
Star and Drape Jug - marigold
Stars and Prisms
Style Ad
Style bowl, Black Amethyst
Style Bowl, Citron
Style Bowl, Glowing Citron
Style bowl, Marigold
Style Exterior pattern
Style - Lattice Interior
Style - Plain Interior
Swan Bowl 5” - dark
Swan, 5 inch bowl, Marigold
Swan, 9 inch - Black Amethyst
Swan Bowl 9”- marigold
Swan Bowl 9” marigold w/Fern & Wattle Exterior
Swan Float bowl, Black Amethyst, Interior
Swan Float bowl, Black Amethyst, Exterior
Trailing Flowers Ad
Trailing Flowers Salad Bowl Ad
Trailing Flowers Bowl, Marigold
Trailing Flowers Exterior
Un-named Creamer - Marigold
Vases - Austraian
Vase - 7 Inch - Marigold
Waterlily and Bullrushes Float Bowl, Interior - dark
Waterlily and Bullrushes Float Bowl, Enterior - dark
Waterlily and Bullrushes Float Bowl Closeup - dark
Waterlily and Dragonfly
Waterlily - Dragonfly, Black Amethyst
Ad: Waterlily/Dragonfly

Autumn Acorn
Aztec Tumbler - Marigold

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