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Jeannette Glass - Part 3
Jeannette Gass Co.(Chambers Ave. Jeannette, PA) as it looked in 1989
Jeannette Gass Co.(Chambers Ave. Jeannette, PA) as it looked in 1989.

Jeannette Glass Co. closed operations in 1983. This photo taken in 1989 shows the property devastation which had occurred during the ensuing 6 years. This and many other formerly thriving industries offer evidence of employment opportunities which brought prosperity to the United States before the “powers that be” decided to unravel the economy and direct our nation toward the ever closer One World Government, creating low paying jobs in foreign countries, charging high prices for mostly inferior products, in favor of increased profits for the perpetrators. The Good Lord be the judge, but honest appraisal indicates the perpetrators believe they can “take it all with them”!
While earlier enameled carnival glass items were “hand-painted” at the factory or the lettering was later applied with what is termed “a saleman’s kit”, containing a method for etching, or painting by a “jobber”, we tend to believe that the examples of “lettering/scenic/animal” applications used by Jeannette in the mid 1940s had given way to a form of “stencil” painting.
However, should the theory presented by Bob Smith when supplying the souvenir tumblers for Buffalo, NY, Niagara Falls, NY and Petersborough, Ontario, Canada (about 35 miles above Buffalo) be accurate: they may represent the very last efforts of a traveling salesman used by a carnival company (or jobber) after the War. That salesman’s territory must have been upstate New York and Lower Ontario.
(The Niagara Falls tumbler has the names on the other side of the enameled falls).

D/D Fry, 4-10

In supplying the photos, Bob Smith describes the Niagara Falls flashed tumbler as being 3 ¾” tall, known in marigold, as well as the juice glass. A toothpick in blue flash is known, as well.
Souvenir of NIAGARA FALLS Pitcher.
Souvenir of NIAGARA FALLS Pitcher.
Souvenir NIAGARA FALLS, Regular and Juice-Courtesy Bob Smith
Souvenir NIAGARA FALLS, Regular and Juice.
Courtesy Bob Smith.
Petersborough, Buffalo, NY and Central Terminal Souvenir tumblers.
Late Waterlily and Royal Scroll tumblers.
LATE SUNFLOWER water set. Pitcher is 9.75 in. tall - tumblers are four and five-eighths in. tall..j
Late Sunflower Water set.
HIBISCUS Flower-8 in. tall pitcheORIENTAL
Hibiscus and Oriental pitchers
LATE DAISY 9.25 in. tall..PEACOCK 9.5 in. Pitcher
Late Daisy and Peacock pitchers.

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