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Dugan Water Sets - Part 1
DUGAN Water Sets - Part 1


BEADED SHELL: Appearing in the factory line as early as 1903, as non-iridized glass, the carnival glass version probably entered production early in the era, circa 1910. Examples of the pattern continued to appear in wholesale catalogs through 1916.

Cobalt blue tumblers are extremely rare in the pattern and a matching pitcher is not conclusively verified as yet. Should one exist, it could be called extremely rare! Amethyst and marigold water sets are certainly not easy to locate.

NOTE:  M on the bottom of this purple pitcher indicates Mosser reproduction, but we have no date of manufacture to offer.


CIRCLE SCROLL: Another very scarce water set, especially in amethyst! Be it marigold or amethyst, when a set surfaces, the resultant price is quite respectable. The pattern experienced extensive production during the opalescent period and should be considered a carry-over into carnival production during the early years, circa 1909 - 1910.

DAHLIA: Originally Dugan's FAN pattern, a retooling of the mold brought about this lovely DAHLIA pattern, always popular with collectors. This design was used exclusively for carnival glass production, known in the three colors shown here.

None of the colors is easily found. However, white sets are quite desirable and will bring the highest prices. In reality, white is more often found than amethyst or marigold. These sets are seldom traded in our carnival glass auctions.

NOTE: L.G. Wright Glass Co. reproduced the Dahlia water set beginning in 1977. Ice blue, white and purple carnival, along with both iridized and non-iridized blue opalescent. More recent reproductions of the water set have been produced by Mosser Glass Company in red, pink opalescent, sapphire blue, and black amethyst. Some of the colors are iridized; some are not. New tumblers have only three Dahlia flowers on, rather than the original four. Old tumblers display a 33 rayed star on the base. New ones have plain bases. Except for white and amethyst pieces, none of the other colors were ever made in the originals.


VINEYARD: Although this pattern is from a mold Harry Northwood left behind, made originally in non-iridized green, decorated milk glass and opaque, prior to the carnival glass era, water sets are the only carnival shapes reported. Colors known are limited to marigold and amethyst, so far as complete sets are concerned. No tumblers have been found to match the few Peach Opal pitchers known to exist. As you can imagine, these pitchers are quite rare!

It should not require much effort to locate a marigold set, but finding a “super-slendiferous” amethyst water set is quite another story! The set shown here, once belonged to Reg. and Linda Dunham.

Considering the early entry into the carnival glass field, circa 1910 or so; with production continuing for a number of years, we must conclude that heavy use of these sets has taken a toll over the ensuing years.


WREATHED CHERRY: This lovely, well-balanced design dates from the Dugan years, leading well into the Diamond Glass Company era, appearing frequently in wholesale catalogs during the 1911-1913 period. This set accompanies the Maple Leaf water set in the Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Brothers catalog. Each set was advertised at 69 cents! (Those were the days, my friends!)

Exploring our pattern index on the homepage, you can locate a beautiful marigold set, along with a lovely white pitcher decorated with red cherries. Just click on ~~W~~ for access. Carl O. Burns reports having seen a marigold water set with fired-on gold and red decoration.

Dean & Diane Fry - 6/07

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