Click on any of the above makers to see sales catalog scans.  I have only scanned the carnival glass sections of each catalog.  This is by no means a complete list of ALL contemporary carnival made by each maker.   It is just the catalogs I happen to have.  I will add more if I obtain more.

Contemporary Carnival Glass
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I collect both newer and old carnival.  I am just a carnival glass ADDICT (smile).  I study the whole 100 years of carnival glass making and how it all fits together.  Many collectors LOVE the Father (old carnival), hate the son (60's & 70's carnival) and condemn the grandchild (present day carnival).  I see it as a family of carnival glass.  Each generation special in it's own way.  And like any other family, there has to be new birth or the family will die.   No matter what generation of carnival you choose to collect, be kind to the other generations.

Don Moore Karnival Kapers

I love Don Moore and his delightful Karnival Kapers!  But the times are a changing!  Those newer rainbows  are now a welcomed addition to many carnival glass collections.

These catalog pages are presented for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

Donna Adler

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