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Eagle Candleholder - Marigold
Eagle Furniture Co. Advertising Plate.
E.A. Hudson Furniture Co. Advertising Plate
Egyptian Lustre Vase, Black Ameth.
Eda Glass - Swedish Glass Company
1915 Eda Catalog Ad
Eda Sugar Base - Blue
Eda Creamer - Blue
Eda Open Sugar - Blue
Eda Open Sugar - Marigold
Egyptian Lustre - Westmoreland
Egyptian Lustre - set - marigold
Egyptian Lustre - set - amethyst
Egyptian Lustre - sugar - amber
Egyptian Lustre - sugar - green
Butler Bros. ad - 1911
Egyptian Lustre - Diamond Glass
Egyptian Lustre Vase, Black Ameth.
Elegance Bowl , IB
Elegance Bowl - Sapphire
Elegance Plate - Ice Blue
Elegance Plate, Marigold
Elegance Plate - Sapphire

Elephant (front)
Elephant (back)
Elks Bell - Parkersburg
Elks Bell - Portland
Elks nappy - spade shape - Amethyst
Elks Nappy, Spade Shape, Amethyst
Elks nappy - ruffled - Amethyst
Elks Paperweight - Green
Elks Plate - Atlantic City
Elks Plate - Parkersburg
Embroidered Mums - Northwood
Embroidered Mums Bowl, Cobalt Blue
Embroidered Mums Bowl, Ice Blue
Embroidered Mums CRE Bowl, Sapphire
Embroidered Mums Plate, Ice Green

Emu Compote in Roselin
End of the Day Swan - Marigold
Engraved Daisy Water Set - Marigold
Engraved Sets - Fenton
Engraved Daisy Water Set - Marigold
Engraved Grape Juice Set - Marigold
Engraved Grape Wines - Marigold
Estate - Westmoreland
Ads showing Estate Pattern:
Butler Bros. ad Spring 1908
December 1907 Ad
Santa Clause Edition 1910 Butler Bros. Catalog
Breakfast Set - Blue Opal
Breakfast set in peach opal
Breakfast Set in marigold with Souvenir Lettering
Colone Bottle - Smoke
Covered Trinket Box - Smoke
Creamer - Blue Opal
Hatpin Holder or Vase - Smoke Base - bronze finish
Mug - Blue Opal
Mug - Marigold
Puff Box Base - Nile Green
Toothpicks - Smoke and Peach Opal

Etched Fuschia Whiskey Set - Marigold
Etched Tankard - Marigold
Exchange Bank - Advertising Plate
Eye Cup - Blue
Eye Cup - Amber

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