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Jack-In-The-Pulpit - marigold-ruffled
Jack-In-The-Pulpit -  vaseline-ruffled
Jacob's Ladder Rose Bowl
JAIN Type Glassware
Anna Eve Water Set
Fish Vase
Four Suits Tumbler
Hand vases
Mae’s Daisies Tumbler
Mirror & Crossbars, 5 ¼” - Tumbler
Mirror & Crossbars, 4 ½” - Tumbler
Serpent vase
Shazam Water Set
Spice Grater Water Set
Tribal vase

Jeannette Glass Factory photo
Jeannette Tree Bark Vase
Jenkins Catalog Page
Jenkins Plates
Fieldcrest - Green
Flower Basket - Marigold
Plain - Marigold
Seaside - Clear
Twin Dolphin - Clear
Jenkins Syrup
Jenkins Syrup - Marigold
Jenkins Circular #2 Ad
Jenkins Vases
Golden Flowers - Marigold
Stork - Marigold
Stork Butler Bros Ad
Tree Bark
Jester Cap
Jester Cap Vase - blue-JIP
Jester Cap - Marigold
Jester Cap Vase - mgld.-JIP
Jester Cap Vase - mgld. ruffled
Jewelled Heart
Jewelled Heart Exterior, Amethyst
Jewelled Heart Exterior, Amethyst - Square
Butler Bros. Catalog Ad - 1905
Butler Bros. Catalog Ad - 1906
Jewelled Heart Smooth Rays Interior
Jewelery - Carnival Glass
Austrian Earrings
Butterfly Brooch
Clip-on Earrings
Czech Button Necklace
Earrings (1940s)
Elephant Brooch

J.N. Ledford Company Cooleemee, NC
Jockey Club Advertising Plate
Juice Extractor, mgld.
Juice Extractor, Handled, mgld.
Juice Reamers (2)
Juice Reamers as seen in the 1937 US Glass Catalog

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