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Radiance - Riverside Glass ?
Radiance Rose Bowl - Marigold with enameling
Radiance Syrup - Marigold with enameling
Radiance - New Martinsville Glass Co
Radiance Vase, Marigold and Clear

Ragged Robin Bowl - 3/1 edge - Marigold
Rainbow Lustre Candlesticks - Diamond
Rainbow Lustre Ice Green
Rainbow Lustre After Glow Pink
Raindrops - Dugan
Raindrops Nut Bowl - Peach Opal
Raindrops Ruffled Bowl - Purple
Raindrops Bowl (Satin Finish) - Amethyst
Raindrops Bowl (Elec. Irid.) - Amethyst
Raindrops Tightly Crimped Bowl - Peach Opal
Ranger - Imperial
Ranger 7 ½” Bowl - Marigold
Ranger Butter Dish - Marigold
Ranger Chop Plate - Marigold
Ranger Cracker Jar-White
Ranger Sherbet - Marigold
March 1924 Butler Bros. Ad
Imperial Catalog - Ranger Ad - Cov. Candy
Imperial Catalog - Ranger Ad - Tumbler
Ranger and Block - Jenkins
Ranger and Block Creamer - Marigold
Ranger and Block Cov. Sugar - Marigold
Ranger and Block Nappy - Marigold
Jenkins Book - Block Ad
Also See Blocks and Arches
Raspberry - Northwood
Butler Bros. Spring 1911
Milk Pitcher - amethyst
Milk pitcher - marigold
Occasional Piece - amethyst
Occasional Piece - amethyst
Occasional Piece - teal
Water Pitcher - Green
Water Pitcher - Ice Blue
Water Pitcher - Marigold
Water Pitcher - Purple
Rays and Ribbons - Millersburg
Rays and Ribbons Bowl- Marigold - IC shape
Rays and Ribbons Bowl - Marigold - Ruffled Shape
Rays and Ribbons Bowl - Vaseline

Regal Iris lamp - Marigold over Milk Glass
Factory made Peacocks Bowl, A.O - Front
Factory made Peacocks Bowl, A.O - Marie
List of bowls flattened into plates
9” Diamond Lace Berry, Marigold - Front
9” Diamond Lace Berry, Marigold - Rear
9” Captive Rose, Blue - Front
9” Captive Rose, Blue - Side View
9” Wild Blackberry, Green - Front
9” Wild Blackberry, Green - Rear
9” Wild Blackberry, Marigold
Peacock and Urn Bowl, Marigold

Rexford Miniature Butter Dish - Marigold
Rib and Panel - Imperial
Rib and Panel Vases - Marigold
Rib and Panel Vases - Marigold
Rib and Panel Vases - Marigold
Rib and Panel Spittoon - Marigold

Ribbed Elipse Mug - amber - marigold
Ribbed Wall Pocket, Marigold
Ribbon Tie - Fenton
Ribbon Tie Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Ribbon Tie 3-1 Edge Bowl - Amethyst
Ribbon Tie “plate” - marigold - 3/1 edge

Rib Optic Candy Jar
Bishop's Mitre Vase, amber
Bishop's Mitre Vase, blue
Column Flower Vase - blue
Elektra Vase, Blue
Fircone Bowl, Blue
Firefly Candlesticks - marigold
Flashing Star Water Set - marigold
Flashing Star Tumbler - blue
Garland & Bows-Bowl-(2) - marigold
Garland & Bows- Ruffled Compote - marigold
Grand Thistle 6” Plate, blue
Grand Thistle 6” Plate, Mgld.
Grand Thistle Water Set, mgld.
Hanging Spears Mug, Mgld.
Jupiter Ashtray - 5”, Blue
Jupiter Ashtray - marigold
Kullervo Candlestick, Mgld.
Little Leaves 5”Vase, Mgld.
Palms and Ribs Candlestick, Green
Riihimaki Catalog Diagram
Riihimaki Museum photo
Riihimaki Trademark
Starburst Butter Dish, Blue
RIIHIMAKI Catalog Page (Starburst)
Starburst Creamer, Blue
Starburst Spittoon, Amber
Starburst Spittoon, Blue
Starburst Spittoon, Blue
Starburst Tumbler, Amber
Starburst Tumbler, Green
Starburst Tumbler and Vase base design, Marigold
Starburst Vase, Blue
Starburst Vase, Marigold
Starburst Water Set, Blue
Starburst & Crown Pitcher, Marigold
Sunken Daisy Rosebowl - blue
Sunken Daisy Rosebowl - marigold
Sunken Daisy Nutbowl - marigold
Tennessee Star Vase, Blue
Tennessee Star Vase - Blue
The Hunter Bowl - marigold
Western Thistle 8” Plate, Blue
Western Thistle Banded Tumbler, blue
Western Thistle Tumbler, Green
Western Thistle Tumbler, mgld.
Western Thistle Water Set, blue
Western Thistle Vase, 4 7/8”, blue
Western Thistle Vase, 5.2”, blue
Western Thistle Vase, mgld.
Rineharts, A Tribute to
Butterfly and Berry Pitcher, White
Cherry & Cable Berry Set, Marigold
Cherry & Cable Water Set, Marigold
Cut Ovals Candlestick, Red
Diamond Jardiniere, Marigold
Flute Vase, Red
Holly Hat, Red
Holly 9” Plate, Red
Little Fishes, White
Little Flowers, Red
Stippled Rays Compote, Blue
Stippled Rays Compote interior
Ripple Vases - Imperial
Ripple Vase, 10” Blue
Imperial Catalog ad
Ripple vase, 5 ½”, Purple
Ripple vase, 7 ½” Smoke
Ripple Vase - amber
Ripple Vase - Helios
Ripple Vase - Helios
Imperial Catalog 104A showing three sizes - Ripple Vases
Ripple Vase - squat - Marigold
Ripple Vase - squat - Purple
Ripple Vase - standard
Ripple Vase - Standard, aqua
Ripple Vase - Standard, aqua-teal
Ripple Vase - Standard, lavender
Ripple Vase - Standard, Smoke
Ripple Vase - Standard, white
Ripple Vase - Mid-size, purple
Ripple Vase -Funeral, marigold
Ripple Vase -Funeral, purple
Rising Sun - US Glass
Butler Bros. ad  1912
Compote - Marigold
Covered Butter Dish - Marigold
Covered Sugar - Marigold
Milk Pitcher with Flat Base - Marigold
Pedestal Pitcher - Marigold
Water Pitcher - Blue
Robin - Imperial
Robin Mug - Marigold
Robin Water Set - Marigold
Rock Crystal - McKee
Rock Crystal plate - marigold
Rock Crystal Platter - Aqua Blue
Rococo - Imperial
Rococo Vase - marigold
Rococo Vase - smoke
Rococo Vase - Smoke
Rood's Chocolates
Rood's Candy Company
Rood's Chocolates - Plate
Rood's Chocolates - Box
Rood's Chocolates - Wood Box

Rooster Ashtray
Rosalind - Millersburg
Rosalind Lg. Bowl - Amethyst
Rosalind Lg. Bowl - Green
Rosalind Lg. Bowl - Marigold
Rosalind Sm. Bowl - Amethyst
Rosalind small compote - amethyst
Rosalind Small Compote - Amethyst
Rosalind Small Compote - Green
Rosalind tall compote - blue
Rosalind Tall Compote - Amethyst
Rosalind Tall Compote - Marigold
Rosalind Tall Compote - Marigold - clear stem
Rosalind Variant Compote - Amethyst
Rosalind Variant Compote - Green

Rose Bouquet - White
Rose Bouquet - Blue (1st Known)
Rose Column - Millersburg
Rose Column vase, Amethyst
Handwritten note of Explanation
Rose Column Vases - Amethyst, Green, Marigold
Butler Bros. Ad - Spring 1911
Rose Pinwheel
Rose Pinwheel - Amethyst
Rose Pinwheel - Green
Rose Pinwheel - Marigold
Rose Show - Northwood
Baltimore Bargain House Ad Showing Northwood Items
Rose Show Bowl - Aqua Opal
Rose Show Bowl - Green
Rose Show Bowl - Ice Blue
Rose Show Bowl - Ice Green
Rose Show Bowl - Lavender
Rose Show Bowl - Lime Green
Rose Show Bowl - Marigold
Rose Show Plate - Amethyst
Rose Show Plate - Electric Blue
Rose Show Plate - Green
Rose Show Exterior - Green
Rose Show Plate - Marigold - Custard
Rose Show Variant Plate - Cobalt Blue
Rose Show Variant Plate - Marigold
Rose Spray - Fenton
Rose Spray compote, celeste
Rose Spray compote, ice blue
Rose Spray compote, marigold
Rose Spray compote, white

Rose Tree Ruffled Bowl
Roses and Fruit - Millersburg
Roses and Fruits Bon bon - Blue
Roses and Fruit bon bon, Green

Rose Windows Tumbler - marigold
Wm. Oberdalhof - Molded base advertising on Rose Windows Tumbler
Roses and Greek Key - Unknown Maker
Marigold Plate
Smokey Amber Plate

Roses and Ruffles lamp
Rosette - Northwood
Rosette Bowl - Amethyst
Rosette Bowl - Marigold
Rosette BB Ad 1910
Roundup - Dugan
Roundup Plate - Amethyst
Roundup Plate - Peach Opal
Royal Lustre - Diamond Glass
Royal Lustre - Blue Mirror Finish
Diamond Glass Ads
Royal Lustre - Blue Satin Finish
Royal Lustre - Celeste Satin Finish
Royal Lustre - Purple - Mirror Finish
Royal Lustre - Red - Satin Finish
Royal Lustre - Red - Mirror Finish
Royal Lustre, Red - White enamel trim

Royal Scroll Tumblers - Jeannette Glass
Royalty - Imperial
Royalty Fruit Bowl and base
1909 Imperial Catalog ad - Royalty
Royalty Fruit Set with cups - marigold

Ruffles and Rings Exterior Pattern
Ruffles & Roses Lamp, Amber
Rustic - Fenton
Butler Bros ad 1925
Fenton Catalog ad 1911
Spring 1912 Butler Bros Ad
Rustic Jardiniere from Funeral Vase - Blue
Rustic Vase - 9”
Rustic Vase - 9” CRE
Rustic Funeral Plunger Base - Electric Green
Rustic Funeral Plunger Base - Green
Rustic Funeral Vase Amethyst
Rustic Funeral Vase - Green
Rustic Funeral Vase - White
Rustic Funeral vase - 20 ½”
Rustic Midsize Vase - Green
Rustic Midsize Vase - Marigold
Rustic Midsize Vase CRE - White
Rustic Standard Vase - Peach Opal
Rustic Hobnail Vt. Mold Drawing
Rustic Hobnail Vt. vase - 19”
Rustic Hobnail Vt. vase - 20”
Rustic (Hobnail), Amethyst
Rustic (hobnail) - Jardiniere - blue
Rustic (hobnail) - Jardiniere - white
Rustic Variant Funeral Vase - Blue
Rustic Variant Funeral Vase - green
Rustic Type
Rustic Type - Marigold

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