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Nautilus - Dugan
Nautilus,Peach Opal
Nautilus , Purple
Nautilus Creamer, Amethyst
Nautilus Sugar, Amethyst
Nearcut - Cambridge
Nearcut Creamer and Cambridge Catalog Ad
Nearcut Creamer w/Advertising - Marigold
Nearcut Decanter and Cambridge Catalog Ad
Nearcut Decanters - Green
Nearcut Handle Marking
Nearcut Mug - Cambridge Catalog Ad
Nearcut Mug - Souvenir
Nearcut Tumbler - Cambridge Catalog Ad
Nearcut Tumbler - Souvenir
Nearcut - Northwood
Nearcut Goblet - Amethyst
Nearcut Goblet - Marigold
Nearcut Goblet - Green
Nearcut Tumbler, Marigold
Nearcut Tumbler - Purple
Nesting Swan - Millersburg
Nesting Swan Bowl - Amethyst
Nesting Swan 10” Ruffled bowl, Marigold
Nesting Swan Rosebowl - Marigold
New Carnival from old Molds
New Acanthus, blue
New Big Fish, amethyst - interior
New Big Fish, amethyst - exterior
Old Big Fish, amethyst
New Good Luck bowl, green - Interior
New Good Luck bowl, green - exterior
New Good Luck bowl, dark amber - interior
New Good Luck bowl, dark amber - upright
Old Good Luck bowl, blue
New Grape and Cable Banana boat, amethyst
Old Grape and Cable Banana boat, blue
New Grape and Cable Vt. bowl, blue - interior
New Grape and Cable Vt. bowl, blue - exterior
New Grape and Cable Vt. bowl, blue - upright
Old Grape and Cable Vt. Spat. Ft. plate, green
New Peacocks bowl, green - interior
New Peacocks bowl, green - upright
Old Peacocks plate, green
Old Spiralex vase, cobalt blue
New Spiralex vases, brown
New Jersey - US Glass
U.S. Glass Export Ad
New Jersey Stem
Jeannette Glass
New York Central Tumbler - Marigold
Niagara Falls Pitcher
Niagara Falls Tumblers
Night Stars - Millersburg
Night Stars Bonbon - Marigold
Night Stars Card Tray, Amethyst
Night Stars Nappy - Amethyst
Night Stars Nappy - Green
Nippon, PCE bowl - Ice Blue
Nippon, PCE bowl - Mgld.
Nippon, ruffled bowl - Mgld.
Nippon, plate - Amethyst
Nippon plate in green
1912 Butler Bros Ad

Norris M. Smith Advertising Hand Grip Plate - Amethyst
Northern Star - Fenton
Northern Star Bowl - Marigold - Interior
1908 Butler Bros. Ad
Northern Star Bowl - Marigold - Exterior
Northwood #651 Candlesticks
#651 - Sapphire
Northwood #719 Candlesticks
Northwood (Trumpet)- #719, Celeste
Northwood (Trumpet)-#719, Jade Blue
Northwood (Trumpet)-#719, Topaz
Northwood Letter
Northwood Letter - Page 01
Northwood Letter - Page 02
Northwood Letter - Signature
Northwood Ribbed Exterior
Northwood Ribbed Exterior
1909 “Promotional” letter - envelope
Advertising Creamer - Marigold
Advertising Toothpicks - 2 Marigold
Alligator, Amber
1916 Butler Bros. Ad
Anniversary Card - 2006
Apple - Marigold
Arcadia Lace Vase, Marigold
Just Jenkins, Page 40
Ashtray - marigold
1927 Butler Catalog Ad - Ashtray
Ashtray - Windmill - marigold
Atlanta Butter Dish, Marigold
Aztec Bottle - Marigold
Aztec Creamer, Marigold
McKee Glass Book – Aztec pattern
Baltimore Pear Chalice - Marigold
Baltimore Pear Covered Candy - Marigold
Banana - Celeste
Banana Paperweight
Banded Grape Creamer, Marigold
Basket Caster - marigold
Imperial Catalog Ad - 1909 showing Basket Caster
Be Wise Owl Bank - Marigold
Bird in Flight
Big Jessie - Marigold
Blown vase, marigold
Booker Cider Set - Decorated
Boot Toothpick Holder
Bride's Basket - peach opal and metal
Bride's Basket - Photo of - marigold and metal
Bucket - miniature - marigold
Bucket Butler Ad - 1915
Butter Churn - Marigold
Butter Churn Label
Butterfly Dishes
Butterfly Ornament, Fenton, Marigold
Butterfly Ornament, Newer, Dark
Canning Jar - Pint - Amber
“Churchill” Pitcher - White
Canoe, Marigold
July 1914 Butler Bros. Ad
Coffee and Tea Cannisters, Marigold
1910 Butler Bros. Ad
Continental Distilling Co. Bottle
Continental Whiskey Bottle
Covered Duck, Marigold
Covered Frog - Ice Green
Covered Frog - Marigold
Covered Turtle
Corvette, Pink
Cow Miniature - Marigold
Cow Butter Mold - Mgld.
1916 Butler Bros. Ad - Butter Mold
Cowboy Hat Ashtray - marigold
Daisy Button Thumbprint Lamp - Marigold over Milk glass
Daisy Leafband Bowl - Marigold
#480 Drawing from Just Jenkins
DeVilbiss Perfume - Teal - Blue - Green
Dog Ashtray, Marigold  
Doghouse Toothpick - Amethyst
Doves Oil lamp, Marigold
Dutch Boy & Girl Ashtray - marigold
Eagle Banks, Marigold
Elephant Bookends - Marigold
Elephant - Miniature - Purple
Elephant Paperweight - marigold
Elwood, IN Toothpick - Cobalt Blue
Fat Boy Sugar shaker, marigold
Advertising in base
Fish Bowl - Marigold
Fish Head, Dark
Fleur De Lis Lamp, Marigold
George Washington Bottle
Giant Pagoda Vase, Amethyst
Goddess of Athena - Green
Golden Wedding Whiskey Bottle
Golfer Ashtray - Marigold
Grand Piano, Marigold
Grape Oil lamp, Amethyst
Ground Cherries Blank Tumbler - Blue
Gypsy Kettle, Marigold
Butler Bros Mid-Spring 1911
Hand Cart
Hanging lamp, Marigold
Hatchets - Marigold and Purple
Head, marigold
Heart Intaglio, Marigold
McKee Ad
Honeybee Honeypot - Teal blue
Horseshoe Tumbler Butler Ad - into the 1930s
Horseshoe Tumbler photos (2)
Indian Head Toothpicks, Dark and Marigold
Inca Bottle - Marigold
Jackman Liquor Bottle - marigold
Jar #1 - Marigold
Jelly Jar - Marigold
1924 Butler Bros. Ad
Kellogg Creamer - Marigold
“Knobby” dish - Dark
Lacy Dewdrop Covered Bowl
Lacy Dewdrop Goblet
Lacy Dewdrop (NEW) Coverd Compote
Lady Berkshire Hat, Marigold
Liberty Bell Bank - marigold
Lion Paperweight, Red
Little Cee-Bee & Little Jessie, Mgld.
Little Jessie - Marigold
Little Jewel finger lamp, Marigold
Locomotive, purple
Lucky Barrel Bank - Marigold
Maize Cruets - Marigold
Maple Leaf Lamp - Marigold
Maple Leaf Lamp Shade - Marigold
Marathon Oil Pig Bank - marigold
Mary Gregory Vase - Marigold
Mason Jar, marigold
Mike, the Bulldog - paperweight - marigold
Butler Bros. Ad June 1917
Miniature Candelabra
1910 Butler Bros. Ad
1917 Westmoreland Cat. Ad
Mustard Jar, smoke
New England Wine Co. Bottles
New England Wine Co. Bottle Bottom
New Tankards- Amethyst
New Tankard - Ice Blue
New Tankard Irregular Top
O. Joe Olsen Toothpick, Marigold - Red
Orange Peel Sherbet, Lavender
Advertising on side
1910 Santa Claus Ed. Butler Bros.
Ornamental Bee
Pear - Marigold
Peek-a-boo Toothpick Holder - Marigold
McKee Book diagram, Peek-A-Boo
Penny Match Holder - Purple
Penny Match Holder - Purple
Perfume Atomizer - Marigold
Picture Frame - Purple
Pig Bank (Large) - Marigold
Pig Bank (Small) - Marigold
Pin Box
Pipe Match Holder - marigold
Pipe Match Holder / inside markings / Contemporary purple
Polo Player Ashtray - marigold
Portugal Mug, Mgld.
Powder Box, Jenny Lind, Lime
Proud Puss Bottle
Proud Puss Cordial Set
Premium Label
Puff Box - marigold
1907 Butler Bros. Ad
Rabbit Bank - marigold
Reclining Buddha, amber
Rexford Miniature Butter Dish - Marigold
Rosebowl - Light Marigold
Sadiron, Marigold
Sailing Ship Plate - Marigold
Santa Claus Container, Marigold
Scalloped Rim Basket, Marigold. - Jenkins No. 325
Scalloped Rim Creamer, Marigold - Jenkins No. 325
Scalloped Rim Sugar, Marigold - Jenkins No. 325
Just Jenkins, Page 47
Serpentine Rose Creamer - Marigold
Shriners Toothpick
Skaters Shoe Miniature - Marigold
Skull, Marigold
Slipper - High Top - Pastel Marigold
1915 Butler Bros. ad
Slippers - Miniature - Pastel Marigold
1918 Butler Bros. ad
Snail Paperweight - White
Souvenir Goblet, ND, Marigold
Souvenir Mug, ME
Souvenir Mug, MN
Souvenir Mug, Nova Scotia
Sun Punch Bottle - Marigold
Superb Drape vase, Marigold
Sweet Sixteen Toothpick - Marigold
Thistle Bowl, Marigold
Three Fish lamp - Marigold
Three - Banded Flutes Mug, marigold
Tiny Derby Hat, Blue
Tiny Mug - marigold
Toltec Jelly Compote - Marigold
Top Hat - marigold
Trophy Toothpick - Marigold
1914 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad
Unknown Jar #2, Mgld.
Votive Light, Marigold - Front and Back
Wheelbarrow, Marigold
Wills Ashtray, Marigold
Wine or Liquor Bottle, deflated - Marigold
Windsor Flower Arranger - marigold
Windsor Flower Arranger Photo - black and white
Imperial Catalog ad - Windsor Flower Arranger
Wooden Shoe, Marigold
World Bank - Marigold flash
Zippered Panels Butter Dish, Marigold
Nucut - Imperial
#212/10 Nucut Catalog Ad
#212/10 Nucut Compote - Marigold
#526 Imperial Catalog Ad
#529 Imperial Catalog Ad
#529 Nucut Vase - Smoke
#574 Imperial Catalog Ad
#574 Nucut Compote - Marigold

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