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Westmoreland - Part 3

1909 LOUISVILLE, KY Shriner's Champagne
1910 NEW ORLEANS Shriner Champagne
1909 LOUISVILLE, KY Shriner's Champagne 
1910 NEW ORLEANS Shriner Champagne
1911 ROCHESTER Shriner Champagne
Opposite side of ROCHESTER SHRINER Champagne
1911 ROCHESTER Shriner Champagne
Opposite side of ROCHESTER SHRINER Champagne

Created as Convention souvenirs, these “flashed”, or lightly iridized pieces were long attributed to U.S. Glass manufacture. In 1996, a book written by Charles West Wilson, grandson of the Westmoreland founder (who was also a Shriner), provided evidence that these novelties were products of the Grapeville, PA factory of Westmoreland.

The three shown here are seen more often in carnival glass circles. Only their cup portions are lightly iridized. All three are scarce.

However, two 1908 St. Paul shot glasses in ruby flash, a 1909 Los Angeles cranberry toothpick or shot glass, a 1911 Rochester cranberry double shot glass, and a 1917 donkey tumbler in milk glass were also made as souvenir pieces for Shrine Conventions.
Green PILLOW and SUNBURST 7.5 Inches

PILLOW and SUNBURST: Research into Westmoreland patterns, reveals this to have been in their original line of glass, used on a table set, called Elite. The ridge on which the lid rested is visible on the inside of the bowls. The base glass is transparent enough for the exterior pattern to show through nicely. Bowls are known in amethyst, teal, blue opal, peach opal. (We show an unusual emerald green bowl.) Plates of about 9” are known in amethyst and marigold.
CONCAVE FLUTE Rosebowl in teal
CONCAVE FLUTE Rosebowl in teal

CONCAVE FLUTE ROSEBOWL: Here we have the basic mold shape from which the vases in this nine panel design were swung. The rose bowl shape can be found in amethyst, marigold and a rare teal color. A banana shape dish (two sides up) is a very scarce item found in amethyst. This shape is also flared out from the basic rose bowl shape. A twenty point star is impressed into the marie of this mold.

ABC Plate-Feb. 1924 Butler Bros. ad
Little Bo Peep ABC Plate and 1924 Ad 

BUTLER BROS. CATALOG AD for LITTLE BO PEEP ABC Plate: We can presume without hesitation that little children would have been captivated by this 7 ½” plate introduced in Feb. 1924. When we first began collecting thirty years ago, we came upon one of these, but somewhere along the way, sold it. We have not seen another in the years since. Surely this was an item used and broken many times over. (The photo was taken of the bowl turned upside down in order to display the imprint of Bo-Peep and her Sheep to best advantage.)

BO-PEEP-appears in Mid-Winter 1927 and 1929 editions of Butler Bros. Catalogs
BO-PEEP Mug-3 in. tall x 3 in. wide
BO-PEEP Mug-showing opposite side.

BO PEEP Butler Ad: The Mid Winter 1927 Butler Brothers Catalog ad illustrates late marketing for this little child's mug. Late, meaning later than the 1906-1907 period of manufacture, which was when the majority of larger, more elaborate designs were utilized, along with some of the more intense colors.

BO PEEP MUG: Found only in marigold, this attractive 3” tall child's drinking mug followed after the introduction of the cereal bowl of the same name. Very few mugs surface within any given year. Unlike some carnival glass mugs, this one provides a nice design on opposing sides.

Dean & Diane Fry - 8/05
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