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Update - Advertising - Non-Standard
UPDATE: Advertising - Non-Standard Sized
BELLAIRE Good Will Tour - 6 & Three-Fourths in. diam.Ribbed Ext. BELLAIRE Bowl - 2 & One-Half in. deep.
Left: BELLAIRE Good Will Tour - 6 3/4 inches diameter.
Right: Ribbed Ext. BELLAIRE Bowl - 2 1/2 inch deep.

BELLAIRE GOOD WILL TOUR:  This Souvenir bowl was a mystery for a number of years. So few of them ever appear for sale. Books have been written with no history attached to the production of this piece. When Carl O. Burns placed this example for sale over eBay in late Sept. 2009, he was able to divulge the reason for its existence at long last. It falls into both the Commemorative and Advertising categories, although no date is stated on the piece of glass.

The Americus Club of Bellaire, Ohio, which was the local Chamber of Commerce, sponsored a tour in 1927 to promote commerce in the Bellaire area. The Imperial Glass Company was commissioned to make these bowls as mementos of the tour. All who took the tour were given one of these bowls as a souvenir. The interior bottom of the bowl displays a bell and molded lettering: “Bellaire Good Will Tour”. The bowl measures 6 ¾” in diameter and stands 2 ½” high. The exterior offers a ribbed pattern.  

Inside advertising- STEINER-SCHWARZ  Furniture Co. St. Louis, MO.
Inside advertising - STEINER-SCHWARZ  Furniture Co. St. Louis, MO.
STEINER- SCHWARZ Advertising Bowl-2.5 in. tall x 7 in. across top.
STEINER- SCHWARZ Advertising Bowl - 2.5 in. tall x 7 in. across top.

STEINER-SCHWARZ FURNITURE:  Although this bowl is obviously from the same production time frame as the Bellaire bowl, no particular notice of its existence has been recorded in the carnival world. The photos were sent to us for identification. None of the earlier examples of advertising carry this trade name, but the business owners apparently thought it a wise venture to award a “give-away” to accompany a furniture purchase.

Dean & Diane Fry, 11/10

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(2 Peter 1:5-11)

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