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Fruit Bowl / Orange Bowl - Part 2

FRUIT BOWL?  or  ORANGE BOWL? ~~ Merely a choice of wording

Northwood - Grape/Cable - three sizes (in depth and circumference), all having the three curled feet. These have plain interiors and the Cable inter-twined with the grapes. The Banded variety is slightly larger all around than the largest of the three cabled versions and can be found w/ plain interior. Two are known having that GLORIOUS Blackberry interior! These all have the three curled feet, and all in this pattern have in-out deeply fluted top edges. (There are some who feel that the Blackberry pattern may be of Fenton origin.)

The banded version has a 1/2" smooth band, rather than the cable effect. It is found in amethyst, marigold, and cobalt blue, to date.

The large, deep bowl with cable, standing some 6-7" high, is known in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, olive and ice green
There is also a more shallow bowl, roughly 11" wide and standing 4" - 4 1/2" tall , with cable, having three scroll or curled feet, which is much easier to locate than the larger, deeper bowl, known in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice green, with two in ice blue reported.

The two large bowls having Blackberry interior are in amethyst color.

Northwood - Peacock @ Fountain - having the same characteristics as the footed Grape/Cable Fruit bowls. Available in one size, probably close in proximity to the Medium size Grape/Cable Fruit bowl.  Found in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice green, horehound, aqua opalescent.  The giant open compote in Grape/Cable might well be considered a fruit bowl, although  the base is attached.

Fenton - 11 inch Chrysanthemum bowls with three curled feet, having their widespread flare could certainly be considered within this group. These are found in blue, marigold, a very rare white, amethyst, vaseline, green and red;  (one of which brought $7,000 in 1998).

Fenton - entries into this category provide: Grape/Cable Fruit bowl with three curled feet, much the same size as Peacock@ Fountain bowls, having plain or Persian Medallion interior. Orange Tree Fruit bowls have the same curled feet and a plain interior. These are to be found in blue, green, and marigold. Should we consider the giant Mikado compote in the category of fruit bowls? Why not? It comes with its supporting base attached. We shall eventually get around to this “stemmed category of Fruit bowl.” Please stay with us for the third segment in this discussion.

Imperial - Their Lustre Rose Fruit bowls have three curled feet, possessing much the same pattern both inside and out. It is about the size of the largest of the Northwood Grape/Cable bowls.-11”-12”, generally speaking.  Found in marigold, purple, helios, smoke, clambroth, red, aqua and vaseline. Beautiful purple examples are as rare as red, and can be very costly.  (These large bowls are properly referred to as LUSTRE ROSE. The OPEN ROSE pattern is not found in this size bowl.)

Imperial - Imperial Grape, collar-base Fruit bowl, sometimes as large as the Grape/Cable bowls. These are ruffled 10-12” collar-based bowls in marigold, purple, helios, emerald, cobalt,  and lavender.

Dugan - The Grape Arbor Fruit bowl has three curled feet and is quite deep. These are rarely found in marigold and amethyst. Blue bowls are still more rare. One example is known in peach opal. These date to the 1910-1912 period and carry the Inverted Fan & Feather design on the exterior.

Dugan - Butterfly and Tulip bowls are footed, and would adequately qualify as Fruit bowls in their 10”-13” size. Has the Inverted Fan & Feather exterior. Confined to large square or round shape in amethyst or marigold, they are quite scarce. This may indicate a short production run, along with the possibility that the Butterfly and Tulip interior mould was destroyed in the fire.

Dugan -Victorian is certainly in this grouping, with its widespread ruffling and 10” - 12” size. It has a collar-base.( Displayed in our Dugan Dandies segment on the 101 site.) A single known ice cream shape in amethyst is known. Ruffled bowls are extremely scarce in amethyst and since only two examples are known in peach opal, prices are  substantial for this bowl, especially for a spectacular example!

There are other bowls which fit into this category, but this will give you some idea what to look for.

Northwood GRAPE & CABLE Fruit Bowl-large size.
Northwood GRAPE & CABLE Fruit Bowl-large size.

To the Right--------------->>

11 inch marigold CHRYSANTHEMUM Bowl by Fenton.


11 in. marigold CHRYSANTHEMUM Bowl by Fenton.
Fenton GRAPE & CABLE Fruit Bowl-Persian Medallion Interior.
Fenton ORANGE TREE  Fruit Bowl
Fenton GRAPE & CABLE Fruit Bowl-Persian Medallion Interior
Fruit Bowl
Feb. 1918 Butler Bros. Catalog ad
Feb. 1918 Butler Bros. Catalog ad
Imperial LUSTRE ROSE Fruit Bowl
 Fruit Bowl
mperial Asst. April 1912 +-Spring 1915 Butler Bros. Catalog ads
Imperial Asst. April 1912 + Spring 1915 Butler Bros. Catalog ads
11 in. IMPERIAL GRAPE 8 Ruffle Bowl
Reverse of 11 in. IMPERIAL GRAPE Bowl.
8 Ruffle Bowl
Reverse of 11 inch IMPERIAL GRAPE Bowl
Dugan FEATHER & SCROLL exterior pattern on GRAPE ARBOR
Dugan FEATHER & SCROLL exterior pattern on GRAPE ARBOR
Unusually deep BUTTERFLY & TULIP in Dugan
Unusually deep BUTTERFLY & TULIP in amethyst by Dugan

*Up for next week: Centerpiece and Banana Bowls, along with Large Stemmed Compotes-for Fruit!

FOOTNOTE: This true story comes from Nancy Bennett. Seems her Grandmother left a Grape and Cable footed fruit bowl to her Mother. When Nancy was a small girl, she laid a sticky sucker down in that bowl. When her Daddy attempted to soak the sucker free, it cracked the bowl! Nancy's Mother was “crushed”(in spirit)!  The bowl was glued back together and has been cherished from that day forward. The -id of the story: Wonder how many similar  “sucker stories” could be told about bowls we find today which have been re-glued??

Fruit Bowls / Centerpiece Bowls - Part 3

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