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Dugan Peach Opal - Part 4

CHERRY (footed version)with patterned interior) in Peach Opalescent
CHERRY (footed version) with patterned interior -
  in Peach Opalescent
PLAIN Interior of Cherry Bowl.8.5 in. diam.
 PLAIN Interior of Cherry Bowl - 8.5 inch diameter.
CHERRY EXTERIOR - Plain Interior

CHERRY, Footed version:  Both types (incl. collar base) are in the 8”-9 ½” size bowl. PLAIN Interior colors: marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent and peach opalescent with painted floral decoration. PATTERNED Interior colors: marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, white, cobalt blue, oxblood, vaseline with marigold overlay. Green has been reported.

The Fall 1910 Butler Brothers catalog, and the Christmas 1910 edition of the same catalog carried this footed version of the Cherry bowl. It then disappeared, not re-appearing until 1917, a full four years following the Diamond take-over. From that point, continuing through 1923, advertisements often accompanied by Double Stem Rose bowl would appear in the Butler Brothers catalogs.

The peach opal bowls having plain interior were features of 1910 catalogs, offered with painted floral designs on the interior.

The version having both interior and exterior Cherry patterning appeared in 1917 catalogs, indicating production span covering both Dugan and Diamond years.

Edge treatments vary from smooth and broadly ruffled to tightly crimped, or sometimes 8 or 10 square, flat ruffles. There are also 3/1 crimped edges, some in a near vertical stance. Round and triangular shapes, along with banana shapes can be found. (You may click on ~ C ~  in our pattern alphabet to view a peach opal collar-base bowl).
BELLS & BEADS in P.O. 7 in. diam
BELLS & BEADS in P.O.  - 7 inch diameter.

BELLS & BEADS:  7” bowls in peach opal may be crimped, ruffled, or triangular in shape. Other peach opalescent shapes within the pattern are a card tray, 7”-8” flat or triangular plate, and a handled nappy.

Examples in this pattern are not the easiest to find, although peach opal is said to be the easiest of colors to locate. Amethyst and oxblood are known colors in the shapes mentioned. A rare compote is known only in marigold and amethyst. The nappy and ruffled or crimped bowls are known in marigold, as well. Since some shapes are known in oxblood (black amethyst), production was likely from 1909-1911.

Since no white examples have ever been located in this pattern, the molds may have been destroyed in the 1912 fire, when white carnival had only been in production for a few weeks.

FISHERMANS MUG in Rare P.O. $1200. 6-08 Seeck Auction.
FISHERMANS MUG in Rare Peach Opal
Sold for $1200. on 6-08 - Seeck Auction.

FISHERMAN'S MUG:  Similarities to the Waterlily & Cattails pattern made by Fenton and Northwood, the addition of the fish lends distinction. The opposite side of the mug is plain. While amethyst might be considered the most available color, they are by no means plentiful when compared to Peacocks and Good Lucks! By clicking on ~ F ~ in our pattern alphabet, you may view an amethyst mug with souvenir lettering. Marigold mugs are more difficult to locate and will command more money than their amethyst counterparts. A sampling of cobalt blue mugs are known, but the real rarity comes with the peach opal mugs. As related by the sales result of the one shown here, serious prices are paid for the pleasure of ownership!

7 in. diam. @ rim x 5 in. high. Dogwood Sprays-LONG LEAF Exterior.
 Dogwood Sprays - LONG LEAF Exterior.
7 inch diameter at rim by 5 inches high.

LONG LEAF:  is a carry-over design from opalescent glass production. It appears in the 1907 Dugan factory catalog. Use of the pattern for carnival glass was limited to the exterior of Dogwood Sprays and Stippled Petals production pieces. (To view examples of Dogwood Sprays and Stippled Petals in peach opal, please click on
~ D ~ and ~ S ~ in our pattern alphabet on the homepage.)

FISHNET Epergne in Peach Opalescent.-Ruffled Version.
FISHNET Epergne in Peach Opalescent.
Ruffled Version

FISHNET Epergne: These are very scarce in either of the known colors of amethyst or peach opalescent. The peach opal version appeared in the Fall 1910 issue of Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog and was a “regular” into the 1912 period. As observed in our photo, the fishnet design is confined to the surface of the lily. The bases are separate and may be ruffled or have a 3/1 edge treatment. They are un-patterned and rest on a raised dome foot. (You may click on ~ F ~ in our pattern alphabet to view an amethyst and a peach opal epergne, each having a different application to their bases.)

GARDEN PATH VT. Rosebowl, showing the Soda Gold Exterior.-P.O
 GARDEN PATH VT. Rosebowl, showing the Soda Gold Ext. - P.O.
GARDEN PATH VT.IC Shaped Bowl is 4.5 in. diameter.Soda Gold Ext.
GARDEN PATH VT.IC Shaped Bowl is 4.5 in. diameter.Soda Gold Ext.

GARDEN PATH and the VARIANT: Differences between the two patterns are confined to the outer edge of the pattern. Garden Path Vt. has six small, winged heart - like designs, along with six  five-petaled  fronds bordering the outer edge of the pattern. Garden Path lacks these.

Ruffled bowls, 8”-9” in marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, white, and an unconfirmed green

Deep round bowls in 8”-9” size in the same colors, along with a 10” size ice cream shape-same colors, and smaller, 6”-7” bowls of the same colors, along with some aqua with marigold overlay examples are known.

Chop plate, 11”-marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent - One in P.O., 2-3 in marigold, no white. While amethyst plates are the more prevalent color available in this pattern, when one surfaces, reflected prices indicate the extreme desire of serious collectors! Exterior pattern can be SODA GOLD (Tree of Life) or plain.

Plate, 6”-7”- marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent and white; white being quite scarce, but found more often than other colors. (You may click on ~ G ~ in our pattern alphabet to view a lovely white Garden Path Vt. small plate.)

Rose Bowl - Reported in marigold, made from the large bowl mould - quite rare!

Compote - marigold, amethyst, and white - Very rare! Only a few examples known.

Six in. Dugan SMOOTH RAYS plate in P.O.
Dugan SMOOTH RAYS plate
6 inch - in Peach Opal.

SMOOTH RAYS:  is found on the interior surface of these patterns: Caroline, Jeweled Heart, Stippled Flower, and Single Flower Framed. It is rarely found as the interior of small bowls/small tightly crimped-edge plates having no exterior pattern. Found as such, they are known in marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, oxblood, and rarely in white.

 Six inch WISHBONE & SPADES Plate.
WISHBONE & SPADES 5.5 in. bowl in P.O
WISHBONE & SPADES 5.5 in. bowl with BASKETWEAVE Ext. pattern
5.5 in. bowl in Peach Opal.
WISHBONE & SPADES 5.5 in. bowl with BASKETWEAVE Ext. pattern.

WISHBONE & SPADES:   Small plates in amethyst and peach opalescent are not anymore easily found than the chop size plates, although only one perfect chop plate in peach opal has been confirmed. As with nearly any pattern offered in plate form, these will always bring top dollar. The iridescence is usually superb and the plates completely flat, unlike many plates from Northwood, which have more slope outward to the edge.

The BASKETWEAVE exterior is not always present on Wishbone & Spades examples.

Wishbone & Spades appeared in wholesale catalogs from 1911 to early 1912 when it suddenly vanished; perhaps a casualty of the Feb. 1912 fire. Shapes are confined to the ruffled berry sets and alternate plate forms, along with the 10” ice cream shape bowl, large triangular bowls in amethyst and peach opalescent, and a banana bowl shape-9”-10”.

(You may click on ~ W ~ in our pattern alphabet to view a chop plate, small plate and triangular shaped bowl in amethyst.)

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