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Northwood - Part 9


ORIENTAL POPPY Bowl:  At the time the late John and Lucile Britt were writing their Pictorial Pattern Parade articles for the HOACGA Newsletters, this 8 ruffle, 12” wide marigold bowl was the subject of one such expose'. Pam and Richard Weaver of Moundsville, WV were owners of this rare bowl at the time, having brought it to the Parkersburg, WV - ACGA Convention for John to photograph. It is the same design used on the Oriental Poppy water set and carries the famous (N) in a circle trademark.
Several collectors report having seen this same piece in Goofus Glass, which was also made by Northwood. The pattern was originally called Poppy Scroll.
Our photo is taken from a black and white picture of the bowl. Whether or not any more of these bowls have been reported in marigold, we do not know. If any of our viewers have information about this piece, we would appreciate hearing from you.
8.5 in. PCE NIPPON Bowl in Marigold
8.5 inch PCE NIPPON Bowl in Marigold.
9 in.Ruffled Marigold NIPPON Bowl.
9 inch Ruffled Marigold NIPPON Bowl.
NIPPON 9 in. Plate in Amethyst.
NIPPON 9 inch Plate in Amethyst.
Northwood Ice Blue NIPPON PCE Bowl. 9 in.
Northwood Ice Blue NIPPON PCE Bowl - 9 inch.

NIPPON: is a variation on the theme “peacock tail” which was executed in some form by nearly all the producers of carnival glass. The stylized lotus blossom center utilized by Northwood is the focal point and is mindful of the central designs seen on a couple of other Northwood patterns: Elegance and Lotus Land.
Production dates to the 1911-1912 period. It was one of the earliest patterns leading into the pastel offerings. Exterior may be plain, ribbed or have the Basketweave pattern. Sometimes the Northwood trademark is visible, but not on all examples.
Ruffled bowls, 8”-9”: marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, ice green.
PCE bowls, 8”-9”: marigold, amethyst, green, white, ice blue, ice green, teal, lime green, aqua opalescent
Plate, 9”: marigold, amethyst, green, white, ice blue, aqua opalescent
Cobalt blue is the rarest color in a ruffled bowl. Aqua Opal is rarest in the PCE bowl shape, and plates are rare to extremely rare in any color. Please click here to view a green Nippon plate.

GRAPE LEAVES in top row, Santa Claus Edition-Butler Bros. Catalog-1910.
GRAPE LEAVES in top row, Santa Claus Edition - Butler Bros. Catalog -1910.

GRAPE LEAVES in Marigold
GRAPE LEAVES in Marigold.
GRAPE LEAVES 9 in. Bowl in Mgld.
GRAPE LEAVES 9 inch Bowl in Marigold.
GRAPE LEAVES 9 in. Bowl in Amethyst..
GRAPE LEAVES 9 inch Bowl in Amethyst.

GRAPE LEAVES: Part of the Northwood “Pompeiin” Assortment (iridescent) appearing in the 1910 Santa Claus Edition of Butler Bros. catalog, production of the design continued through 1912. Found only on the interior of 8”-9” bowls, usually having the Blossoms & Palms exterior pattern, the N is present on a raised “button” in the center of the Grape design. Six or eight ruffle bowls are known in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, lavender, clambroth, amber, and ice blue. The “three and one” crimped edge bowls can be found in marigold, amethyst, green and cobalt blue. These are collar-based bowls.
Note: Yes, there IS a three and one edge from Northwood, although they are few and far between. The trademark was registered by Northwood in 1905, four years after leaving PA for WV. Bullseye and Leaves and Greek Key dome-footed patterns, all have the three and one edge treatment.  Please click here to view an ice blue Grape Leaves bowl.
BLOSSOMS & PALMS-N. mark inside center.
BLOSSOMS & PALMS - N. mark inside center.

BLOSSOMS and PALMS:  Faint perhaps, but visible, this pattern is usually present as the exterior design for Grape Leaves bowls. It is a carry-over from the opalescent era.

ACORN BURR 5.5 in. Berry Bowl in marigold.
ACORN BURR 5.5 in. Berry Bowl in marigold.
ACORN BURR marigold Berry Bowl - 3.75 in. deep x 9.50 in. diam.
ACORN BURR marigold Berry Bowl - 3.75 in.
deep x 9.50 in. diameter.

ACORN BURR: Berry Bowls:  Amethyst, green and marigold are the colors found in berry, table or water sets. Every inch the personification of overall design detail, this was originally advertised as Northwood's Chestnut line, which is the actual depiction, rather than acorns. 1910-1911 is the estimated production period for the three sets mentioned here. These sets are not found so extensively nor in the wider color range found in the later production of punch sets. Punch sets and water sets are covered in other segments.                                                  

Dean & Diane Fry - 10/09
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