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Dahlia - Jenkins
Dahlia Compote - Marigold
Jenkins Ad - Dahlia compote
Dahlia Punch Bowl Interior- Marigold
Dahlia Punch Bowl Exterior - Marigold
Dahlia vase - 6”- Jenkins
Dahlia vase - 10" - Jenkins

Dahlia Vase - Amber - Unknown Maker
Dahlia - Dugan
Dahlia, Berry Bowl - Large - Amethyst
Dahlia, Berry Bowl - Small - Marigold
Dahlia Pitcher - Amethyst
Dahlia Pitcher - White
Dahlia Water Set - Marigold
Dahlia Variant - Dugan
Dahlia Vt. Tumbler
Daisy - Fenton
Daisy Bonbon - Blue
Daisy Basket - Imperial
Daisy Basket - smoke
April 1929 Butler Ad
Daisy Basket - Helios
Imperial Daisy BB Ad 1929
Daisy and Button - Various Makers
1912 Butler Bros. Ad
Daisy and Button Catalog page from Bryce Glass
Daisy and Button Catalog page from Duncan Glass
Daisy and Button Catalog page from George Duncan and Sons
Daisy and Button Catalog page from Gillinder and Sons
Daisy and Button Bell - Purple - Fenton
Daisy & Button Bucket, Mineral Treatment
Daisy & Button Bucket, Interior - Mineral Treatment
Daisy and Button Rosebowl - Purple
Daisy and Button Toothpick, Marigold
Daisy and Drape Vases - Northwood
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Aqua Opal
Ice Blue
Daisy and Plume - Dugan
Daisy and Plume Candy Dish with Plain Interior - P.O. Side view
Daisy and Plume Candy Dish with Plain Interior - P.O. Interior
Daisy and Plume Candy Dish with Berry Interior - Green
Opalescent Daisy and Plume
1907 Butler Bros. Ad
Glass Digest ad- Dugan and Northwood Daisy and Plume
Daisy and Plume - Northwood
Daisy and Plume Candy - Cobalt Blue
Daisy & Plume Rose bowl - Aqua opal with Berry Interior
Daisy & Plume - Green with Rayed Interior
Daisy & Plume - Ice Green with Berry Interior
Daisy & Plume - Marigold with Berry Interior
Daisy & Plume - Purple w/ Plain Interior
Daisy & Plume Stemmed Compote Green
Daisy & Plume Stemmed Compote - Marigold
Daisy & Plume Stemmed Rose bowl - Amethyst
Daisy & Plume - Marigold
Daisy Cut Bell - Fenton
Daisy Cut Bell - Marigold
Daisy Cut Bell BB ad 1908
Daisy Dear - Dugan
Daisy Dear - Amethyst
Daisy Dear Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Daisy Squares - Westmoreland
Daisy Squares Cuspidor - Amethyst
Daisy Squares Compote, Amethyst
Daisy Square Compote interior and exterior
Daisy Squares - Lime Green
Daisy Squares - Lt. Green
Daisy Squares - Mgld. - Oblong Top
Daisy Squares - Mgld. - Tri-Corner Top
Daisy Squares Rosebowl - Marigold
Daisy Web - Dugan
Daisy Web Hat, Marigold - exterior
Daisy Web Hat, Marigold - interior
Daisy Web Hat, Purple
Daisy Wreath - Westmoreland
Daisy Wreath Bowl - Blue Opal
Daisy Wreath bowl - Marigold over Moonstone
Daisy Wreath Bowl - Peach Opal
Daisy Wreath plate - Blue Opal
Daisy Wreath vase - Marigold

Dancing Veils vase - Marigold
Dandelion - Northwood
Dandelion Mug - Aqua Opalescent
Dandelion Mug - Green
Dandelion Mug - Purple
Dandelion Water Sets:
Spring 1912 Butler Bros Ad
Ice Blue
Ice Green

Davidsons Society Chocolates
Decorated Carnival Glass
Apple Blossom Tumbler - Blue
Cherries & Little Flowers W. Set - Marigold
Dahlia Bowls - Red Stain
Dahlia Bowl - Gold Trim
Dahlia Water Set - Blue Stain
Daisy & Little Flowers Water Set - Blue
Footed Cherries Interior, P.O.
Footed Cherries, Exterior, P.O.
Santa Claus Edition 1910-Butler Bros.
Ground Cherries Water Set - Blue
Iris Tankard - Marigold
Louise Piper Water Set-1981-Black Amethyst
Periwinkle Water Set - Marigold
Pretty Panels Water Set - Marigold
Silver Queen Enameled Pitcher - Marigold
Silver Queen Water Set
Stippled Flower, Peach Opal
Stippled Flower, Peach Opal
Stippled Petals, Peach Opal
Stippled Petals, Peach Opal
Stippled Petals, Peach Opal
Long Leaf Ext., Peach Opal
Vase, Red base
Windflower & Clover Water Set - Marigold
Decorated Fenton Water Sets
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Ad
April 1912 Butler Ad
Columbine Set - Amethyst
Columbine Pitcher - Green
Columbine Pitcher - Marigold
Crocus Tumbler - Marigold
Crocus Tumbler - White
Chrysanthemum - Blue
Chrysanthemum - Marigold
Dianthus, Ice Green
Dianthus Set - White
Double Daisy Pitcher - Marigold
Double Daisy Set - Marigold
Double Daisy Tumbler - Marigold
Enameled Aster Tumbler - Marigold
Forget-Me-Not - Blue Tumblers
Forget-Me-Not - Blue Set
Forget-Me-Not Tankard- Green
Forget-Me-Not Tankard - Marigold
Freesia - Marigold
Lotus on Cannonball Pitcher - Ice Green
Lotus on Cannonball Pitcher - Marigold
Lotus on Zig Zag Pitcher - Marigold
Magnolia and Drape - Marigold
Shasta Daisy Pitcher - Ice Green
Phlox, Enameled Pitcher -  Marigold
Shasta Daisy Pitcher - White
Shasta Daisy Tumbler - White
Deep Grape - Millersburg
Deep Grape - Amethyst
Deep Grape Rosebowl
Deep Grape - Round - Marigold
Deep Grape - Square - Green
Deep Grape - Square - Marigold
Delta Base or Colonial Candlesticks - Imperial #41
Colonial Candlesticks or Delta Base - Marigold
April 1929 Butler Brothers Ad
Colonial Candlesticks or Delta Base - Marigold
Colonial Candlesticks or Delta Base - Smoke
Detroit 1910 Elk Bowls
Green, Ruffled
Marigold, Ruffled
Marigold, IC
Nutbowl - Green

DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles
Diagonal Band Tankard (amethyst)
Diamond #900
Diamond #900 - Adams Rib - Celeste
Diamond #900 - Adams Rib - Marigold
Diamond and Daisy Cut
Diamond & Daisy Cut
Glass Digest Article
Diamond & Daisy Cut Pitcher & tumbler
Diamond Point Vases - Northwood
Cobalt Blue
Emerald Green
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Diamond & Rib Vases - Fenton
Diamond & Rib Vases, Amethyst
Funeral Vase - green
Funeral Vase - marigold
Holzhauer Catalog page (Shows Jardiniere)
Jardiniere - amethyst, (ruffled)
Jardiniere - green, (mold shape)
Jardiniere - green, (mold shape)
Jardiniere - mgld. (mold shape)
Jardiniere - mgld. (ruffled)
Short - flared whimsey, green
Souvenir, blue opal
Spittoon whimsey, green
Standard Vases
Electric Green

Diamond #638 Blown Candlesticks - Ice Green
Diamond and Fan - Green
Diamond and Sunburst - Imperial
Diamond and Sunburst - Butler Bros. Ad Spring 1911
Diamond and Sunburst Wine Set - Purple
Diamond Block - Imperial
Diamond Block Bowl, Marigold
Diamond Block Compote, Clambroth
Diamond Block Vase, Marigold (2)
Diamond Block Shade - Clambroth
Diamond Block Shade - Marigold
Diamond Block Shade - Smoke
Fan with Diamond Blocks Shades

Diamond Flute Vt. vase, marigold
Diamond Fountain Cruet - marigold
Diamond Lace
Diamond Lace Bowl - Helios
Diamond Lace Bowl - Blue Repro.
Diamond Lace Bowl - Marigold
Diamond Lace Bowl - 9” - Purple
Diamond Lace Bowl - purple
Diamond Lace Pitcher and Tumbler - Purple

Diamond Point Basket - Northwood
Diamond Point Vase - Sapphire
Diamond Point Columns
Butler Brother Ad Oct. 1909
Butler Brother Ad Oct. 1909
Diamond Point Columns Banana boat - marigold exterior
Diamond Point Columns Banana boat - marigold interior
Diamond Point Columns Vase - amethyst
Diamond Point Columns Vase - green
Diamond Point Columns vase - Lime Green
Diamond Point Columns Vase - Marigold
Diamond Point Spiral - McKee
Diamond Point Spiral Vase - marigold
Diamond Ring - Imperial
Diamond Ring Bowl - smoke
Diamond Ring Bowl - marigold
Diamond Ring Rosebowl - marigold

Diamond Wedding Ring Rosebowl - Imperial
Diamonds - Millersburg
Diamonds Pitcher - Amethyst
Diamonds Punch Bowl Bases
Diamonds Punch Set - Marigld- Bowl / Base
Diamonds Punch Set - Marigld - Bowl / Base / Tumblers
Diamonds Spittoon Whimsy - Marigold
Diamonds Tumbler - Amethyst
Diamonds Water Set - Green
Diamonds Water Set - Marigold
Diamonds - US Glass
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sugar base, marigold
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Butter dish, depression green
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sherbets with underplates,marigold
Aunt Polly or Diamonds Sherbet, marigold
1927 Sears Roebuck Ad - Aunt Polly or Diamonds
Diamonds in Snow - Millersburg
Diamonds in Snow Nappy - Green
Diamonds in Snow Nappy, - Green
Diamonds in Snow Nappy, - Marigold

Diana the Huntress
Disgusting Make-Overs
Autumn Acorn, Amethyst
Dragon and Lotus, Blue
Chrysanthemum, Marigold
Concord, Green
Heart and Vine, Marigold
Lustre Flute - what?, Amethyst
Thin Rib vase, Green
Three and One Bowl, Smoke
Three and One bowl, OOPS!
Wild Blackberry, Amethyst
Wild Blackberry, Green
Wild Blackberry, Marigold

Display of Stenciled marigold items-Courtesy Mickey Reichel
Dog Figural - Marigold
Dogwood? Water Pitcher - Marigold
Dogwood Sprays - Dugan - Diamond
Dogwood Sprays bowl, Amethyst
Dogwood Sprays bowl, Amethyst - tricorner
Dogwood Sprays bowl, Amethyst - exterior
Dogwood Sprays bowl, Blue - Interior
Dogwood Sprays bowl, Blue - Exterior
Dogwood Sprays dome ftd. bowl - P.O.
Dolphins - Millersburg
Dolphins Compote - Amethyst
Dolphins Compote - Green
Dorsey and Funkenstein - Fenton
Dorsey and Funkenstein - Bowl
Dorsey and Funkenstein - Flat Plate
Dorsey and Funkenstein - Hand-grip Plate

Dotted Diamonds and Daisies Tumbler (marigold)
Double Dutch - Purple
Double Loop - Northwood
Double Loop Sugar - Aqua Opal
Double Loop Sugar - Green
Double Loop Sugar - Marigold
Double Scroll - Imperial
Double Scroll Console Set - Clambroth
Double Scroll Console Set - Red or Amberina
Double Scroll Console Set - Smoke
Double Scroll Console Set - Teal
Double Scroll Swirl - Imperial
Double Scroll Swirl Console Set - Marigold
Double Star - Cambridge
Pitcher - Green
Pitcher - Amethyst
Spittoon - Whimsey - Green
Tumbler - Marigold
Tumbler Whimsey - Green
Double Stemmed Rose
Double Stemmed Rose - Cobalt Blue
Double Stemmed Rose - mould shape - celeste
Double Stemmed Rose - ruffled bowl - celeste
Double Stemmed Rose - Ruffled bowl - White
Dozen Roses - Unknown Maker
Dozen Roses, Amethyst - Interior
Dozen Roses, Amethyst - Exterior
Dozen Roses Footed Bowl
Dragon and Lotus
Amethyst 5-toed Bowl with Detached Tail
Amethyst 5-toed Spatula footed Bowl (2 photos)
Amethyst Opal ruffled Bowl
Amethyst Spatula Footed Bowl
Amethyst Spatula Footed Plate
April 1913 Butler Bros. Ad
Blue Bowl - Ground Edge
Blue Plate
High-ruffle spatula ftd. – Aqua Opal
High-ruffle spatula ftd. - Blue
High-ruffle spatula ftd. - Green
IC shape spatula ftd. – Blue
Lime Green Opal Spatula Footed Bowl
Low-ruffle collar base – Amethyst
Low-ruffle collar base – Aqua Opal
Low-ruffle collar base – Blue
Low-ruffle collar base – Green
Low-ruffle collar base – Lime Green Opal
Low-ruffle collar base – Mgld. over Moonstone
Marigold Collar base Bowl
Marigold Nutbowl-Spatula footed Bowl (2 photos)
Marigold Plate
Marigold Spatula footed Bowl
Peach Opal 3/1 Edge Bowl
Peach Opal Spatula footed Bowl
Red Dragon and Lotus Bowl
White I.C. Shaped Bowl
Yellow Opal Slag collar base bowl
View 1
View 2
View 3
View 4
View 5
Dragon and Strawberry - Fenton
Dragon and Strawberry - Green

Dragon’s Tongue - Marigold
Drapery - Northwood
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Drapery Candy Dish - Ice Blue
Drapery Exterior - Green
Drapery Rosebowl - Aqua Opal
Drapery Rosebowl - Blue
Drapery Rosebowl - Lime Green
Drapery Rosebowl - Marigold
Drapery Tumbler - White
Drapery Vases
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Lime Green
Sapphire Blue
Drapery Variant Vases
Drapery Variant - Riihimaki
Drapery Variant tumbler
Drapery Variant Chop Plate

Dreibus Parfait Sweets
Dugan Book photos - Two
Dugan Powder Jar in marigold
Dugan Vase - Extra large, 20 5/8”, Margold
Spring 1905-1906 Butler Bros. Ad

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