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Waffle Block - Imperial
Waffle Block Basket
Waffle Block Breakfast Set - Marigold
Waffle Block Chop Plate - Marigold
Waffle Block Creamer clambroth
Waffle Block Cup and Saucer marigold
Waffle Block Fruit Bowl and Base - Clambroth
Waffle Block Punch Bowl - Teal
Waffle Block Punch Set - Marigold
Imperial Catalog Ad - Punch Sets
Waffle Block Round Bowl - Clambroth
Waffle Block Square Dish 7 ½ - clambroth
Waffle Block Square Dish 10 1/2 - marigold
Waffle Block Waterset
Wall Pockets
Cockatoo Wall Pocket, Marigold
Mid-Winter 1927 Ad - Cockatoo
Ribbed Wall Pocket, Marigold
Taffeta Lustre Wall Pocket
Water Bottles - US Glass
Water Bottle - Henahan, Ark
Water Bottle - Superior Bath House
A - Z - US Glass Ad 1937
A - Z - Photo of Water Bottle

Waterford Glass ad
Water Lily - Fenton
Water Lily - ball footed - Red
Water Lily Bowl - Green
Water Lily Bowl - Marigold
Water Lily 9 Bowl - Red
Water Lily Bowl (Collar base) - 9-10 with Orange Tree Ext. - Marigold
Water Lily Chop Plate - Marigold
Water Lily I.C. Shaped Bowl - Marigold
Water Lily Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Water Lily sauce - Green
Water Lily Sauce - Lime Green opal
Water Lily Sauce - Reverse Amberina
Water Lily Sauce - Vaseline
Waterlily and Cattails - Fenton
Bowl - Green - 9-10
Bowl - Marigold - 9 ½
Exterior of Thistle Banana Boat -  Amethyst
Spittoon - marigold
Spittoon, Marigold
Toothpick - Marigold
Tumbler - Blue
Tumbler - Marigold
Tumbler - Purple
Tumbler Whimsey, Marigold
Water Set - Marigold
Waterlily and Cattails - Northwood
Waterlily & Cattails Pitcher - Marigold

Waterlily and Dragonfly Float Bowl
Weeping Cherry - Diamond Glass
Weeping Cherry Bowl - Marigold
Weeping Cherry (dome foot) - Marigold
Western Daisy - Dugan
Western Daisy, Green - Side View
Western Daisy, Green - Interior
Western Daisy, Green - Exterior
Western Daisy Exterior - white
Western Daisy Interior - white

Westmoreland TRADEMARKS
Wheat Sheaf - Cambridge
Wheat Sheaf cologne bottle
Cologne bottle ad
Wheat Sheaf Decanter
Cambridge Catalog Ad
1908 Butler Bros Ad
Wheat Sheaf Decanter - Green
Wheels - Imperial
Wheels Small Berry Bowl - Marigold Exterior
Wheels Small Berry Bowl - Marigold Interior
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad - Wheels Berry Set
Whirling Leaves - Millersburg
Whirling Leaves Bowl,  Green
Whirling Leaves Bowl - Marigold
Whirling Leaves Bowl, Vaseline
Whirling Star - US Glass
Whirling Star plate and bowl
Whirling Star Punch Bowl - Aqua Base Glass
Whirling Star Punch Set
Whirling Star Punch Cup (closeup)
Whirling Star Chop Plate - Marigold
Whirling Star - Imperial
Whirling Star Punch Set - Marigold
Whirling Star in Nucut Crystal - Imperial Catalog # 104A

White Oak Tumbler - Marigold - US Glass
Whitley Lamp - Marigold Mineral Treatment
Wide Panel - exterior pattern - Millersburg
Wide Panel Epergnes
1909 Butler Bros Ad
1910 Butler Bros Ad
1913 Butler Bros Ad
Green Opalescent
Green Carnival
Marigold Carnival
White Carnival
Aqua Opal
Ice Green
Wide Panel - Imperial
Wide Panel Centerpiece Set, Marigold
Wide Panel Ice Cream shaped bowl, Marigold
Wide Panel Rose bowl, Smoke
Wide Rib Vase - Dugan
Wide Rib Vase - (Squat) - Peach Opalescent
Wide Rib Vase - (8) - Peach Opalescent
Wide Rib Vase (aka: Pinched Rib) - Peach Opalescent
Wigwam - Heisey
Tumbler - after-market marigold
Wild Berry - US Glass or Westmoreland
Wild Berry Powder Base - Peach Opal
Wild Berry Powder Jar - Marigold
Wild Blackberry - Fenton
Wild Blackberry, Amethyst
Wild Blackberry, Amethyst
Wild Blackberry, Amethyst (H.Maday)
Wild Blackberry, Blue
Wild Blackberry, Blue
Wild Blackberry, Green
Wild Blackberry, Green
Wild Blackberry 9 bowl - Green
Wild Blackberry, Marigold
Wild Blackberry Bowl - Marigold
Wild Blackberry marie (H. Maday & Sons 1910)

Wild Flower - Millersburg
Wild Flower Compote, Amethyst
Wild Flower Compote, Green
Wild Flower Compote, Green
Wild Flower Compote, Vaseline
Wild Flower Compote, Vaseline

Wild Loganberry Goblet
Wild Rose - Westmoreland
Wild Rose Bowl - Exterior - Marigold
Wild Rose Bwl - Interior - Marigold
Wild Rose - Northwood
Wild Rose Nut bowl
Wild Rose Footed Bowl - Marigold
Wild Rose Nut bowl
Wild Rose Nutbowl - Green
Wild Rose Plate - Green - Side View.
Wild Rose Plate - Rayed interior - Green - Top View.
Wild Rose Lamps
Wild Rose Goofus lamp
Wild Rose lamps (three together)
Wild Rose Lamp - Amethyst
Wild Rose Lamp Base - Amethyst - Ladies Medallion
Wild Rose Lamp - Green - Absentee
Wild Rose Lamp Base - Green - CLINCH ON COLLAR
Wild Rose Lamp - Green
Wild Rose Lamp Base - Green - Floral
Wild Rose marigold lamp with fitting hurricane
Wild Rose marigold lamp base showing Ladies' Medallions
Wild Rose marigold lamp base showing Rose pattern
Wild Strawberry - Northwood
Wild Strawberry Hand - Grip Plate - Marigold
Wildflower - Millersburg
Wildflower compote - marigold
Wildflower Compote Interior - marigold
Wildflower Salver - Marigold
Wildflower Exterior - Marigold
Windflower - Dugan
Windflower Bowl - Amethyst
Windflower Nappy - Ice Green
Windflower Plate - Blue
Windmill - Imperial
Windmill Dresser Tray
Windmill IC Bowl
Windmil Milk Pitcher - Helios
Page 119 - Imperial Reprints by Archers
Windmill Sauce - Helios
Windmill water set - blue
Windmill water pitcher base glass - blue
Windmill water pitcher - bronze finish
Windmill water set - marigold
Wine and Roses - Fenton
Wine and Roses Cider Set - Marigold
Wine and Roses Cider Goblet - Blue
Wine and Roses Cider Goblet - Vaseline
Winterlily - Dugan
Winterlily vase in light Marigold
Winterlily - close-up of Marking, Gia 1910
Wishbone - Northwood
Wishbone Epergne - Amethyst
Wishbone Epergne - Green
Wishbone Epergne - Ice Blue
Wishbone Epergne - Ice Green
Wishbone Epergne - White
Wishbone PCE Bowl - Marigold
Wishbone PCE Bowl - White
Wishbone Plate - Marigold
Wishbone Water Set, Green
Wishbone Water Set, Marigold
Wishbone & Spades - Dugan
Basketweave Exterior - Peach Opal
Chop Plate - Amethyst
Small Bowl Interior - Peach Opal
Small Plate - Amethyst
Small Plate - Peach Opal
Triangular Bowl - Amethyst
Wistera - Northwood
Wisteria Bank Whimsey - White
Wisteria Tankard Set - White
Wisteria Tumbler - Ice Blue
Wisteria Tumbler - Lime Green

Wonder Assortment - Imperial
1910 Butler Ad
Woodpecker - Marigold - Dugan
Woodpecker and Ivy - Millersburg
Woodpecker and Ivy Vase, Marigold
Woodpecker and Ivy Vase, Vaseline
Wreath of Roses - Dugan
Wreath of Roses Rose Bowl - Marigold
Wreath of Roses Tri-Corner whimsey bowl - Marigold
Wreath Of Roses - Fenton
Wreath of Roses - Persian Medallion, Amethyst
Wreath of Roses - Persian Medallion, Blue
Wreath of Roses Punch Set, Amethyst
Wreath of Roses Punch Set, Marigold
Wreath of Roses - Vintage, Amethyst
Wreath of Roses - Vintage, Green
Wreathed Cherry
1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Wreathed Cherry Banana Boat - Exterior
Wreathed Cherry Banana Boat - Interior
Wreathed Cherry - Creamer - Amethyst
Wreathed Cherry Large Bowl - Amethyst
1917 Smyth Catalog Ad - W. Cherry
Wreathed Cherry Large Bowl - White
Wreathed Cherry Pitcher - White / Gold
Wreathed Cherry Pitcher - White / Gold / Red
Wreathed Cherry Small Bowl - Amethyst
Wreathed Cherry Small Bowl - Peach Opal
Wreathed Cherry Spittoon - Marigold
Wreathed Cherry Water Set - Amethyst
Wreathed Cherry Water Set - Marigold

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