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Marie's Millersburg

While there are many collectors of Millersburg Glass, Marie McGee took the initiative to write the first and only book devoted exclusively to the patterns produced by that company. She collected both the earliest satin finish pieces and the later radium processed examples. Her extensive book written and published in 1995 continues to provide valuable information to prospective followers.  

Photos shown in this segment are Courtesy Seeck Auctions, who sold Marie's glass in July 2009.

Marie McGee - 2009
Marie McGee - 2009
Tri-Corner GRAPE LEAVES and Mayflower Exterior-10 in. Green Radium $9,000.
Tri-Corner GRAPE LEAVES and Mayflower Exterior
10 in. Green Radium $9,000.

GRAPE LEAVES:  Found only in bowl shape, amethyst, green and marigold are the prime colors, with one known six ruffle in vaseline! It is a pattern not easily found, but certainly worth the search because they offer excellent color and iridescence. MAYFLOWER is the exterior pattern on Grape Leaves. Any tri-corner shape creates added interest and Marie's pleasure with this green one is obvious from her smile. A green tri-corner sold at auction in 1996 for $4750.

FLUTE Compote-Exterior pattern on WILDFLOWER Compote. $165.
FLUTE Compote-Exterior pattern on
WILDFLOWER Compote. $165.

FLUTE Compote: Although unpatterned, it has the same measurements as that of the Wild Flower compote, standing 5 ½” tall. The bowl is 6” in diameter. Inside the bowl are found these letters: CRYS-TAL. Both of the poorly colored marigold examples have clear stems and bases. One amethyst example is known.
In January 1910, Millersburg introduced their #400 line in crystal. This particular design was designated as  “colonial” pattern. One sold in 2008 for $800.

Mgld. WILDFLOWER Salver $1750
Mgld. WILDFLOWER Salver $1750.

WILD FLOWER Salver:  These open bowl examples are known as a salver shape. Amethyst, green and marigold comprise the color range. Only one salver is known in vaseline. A deep cupped jelly compote is the other known shape. It stands 6” tall with a 4 ½” bowl diameter. The radium finish is found only on the inside of the bowl. Stem and base are clear glass. Very few examples in this pattern are known, but a marigold jelly was sold at auction in 2004 for $3000.

Ameth. 6 in. BLACKBERRY WREATH Plate. VERY Rare! $1200.
Ameth. 6 in. BLACKBERRY WREATH Plate. VERY Rare! $1200.

BLACKBERRY WREATH  6” Plate: Marie stated in her book, Millersburg Glass-As I know it, that these small plates are rare. Only half dozen or so are known in both amethyst and marigold. A single example is known in 8” size green. Two amethyst and two marigold large chop plate size are known.

HOBSTAR & FEATHER Punch Base in Vaseline-possibly 4-5 known. $1400.
in Vaseline-possibly 4-5 known. $1400.

HOBSTAR and FEATHER Punch Base: Although this cut pattern is known to have been offered in the Dec. 1909 Butler Brothers catalog  both in crystal and “allover fired golden iridescent finish”, the iridescent examples are extremely rare. No iridized vaseline bowl has ever presented itself, leaving this lone base to be desirable to any pronounced Millersburg collector!

10 in. HOBSTAR & FEATHER Sq. Bowl- Only one known!-Ameth. $950
10 in. HOBSTAR & FEATHER Sq. Bowl -
Only one known!-Ameth. $950.

HOBSTAR and FEATHER Sq. Bowl:  (8 ¾” x 3 ¾” deep), having excellent iridescence; this is the only known example in amethyst! There are several round 6” size sauces in amethyst.

Vaseline RAYS & RIBBONS $1550.
Vaseline RAYS & RIBBONS $1550.

RAYS and  RIBBONS:  CACTUS is the exterior pattern found on these bowls. Although this stippled design receives little notice in the amethyst, green and marigold bowls, the 2 vaseline and 2 blue 8” round bowls tend to receive rave reviews. Although the tight candy ribbon edge obliterates the pattern to some degree, it seems to be a favored finish for many collectors.

FRUIT BASKET-4-5 known. $2100.
FRUIT BASKET-4-5 known. $2100.

FRUIT BASKET: This footed bon-bon is the only article known to offer this intricate design. Amethyst is the only color found in the four-five examples known. Certainly the basketweave compliments  the central array of fruit. The same exterior mould is found on the Roses and Fruit bon-bon. (You may view that exterior, and the alternate bon-bon displaying the Roses and Fruit interior plunger by clicking here to go to Millersburg - Part 5 ). These bon-bons never appear at public sale, so this is a real treat to have an actual photo to display. The one seen in Mlsbg. 2 is from a book.

9.5 in. Blue VINTAGE !- The Only One! $525
9.5 in. Blue VINTAGE !- The Only One! $525.

VINTAGE:  There are 9 ½” and 5 ½” size bowls, all having the Hobnail exterior. Only one three-in-one edge blue bowl is known in the large size, but there is one in ice cream shape, as well. Two blue smaller bowls are known.
Large bowls are known in green and marigold. These can be ice cream or ruffled in shape. One ruffled amethyst bowl is known. Small sauces are also rare with one amethyst and about eight in marigold known.
Examples of the VINTAGE VARIANT bowls may be seen at this link  Millersburg - Part 2 segment. Radium finish and the paneled exterior found on these bowls would indicate that this pattern was developed for later production, since the earlier Vintage bowls offered the Hobnail exterior and the typical early production satin finish.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Tri-Corner 7 in. Bowl.-Vaseline $475.
STRAWBERRY WREATH Tri-Corner 7 in. Bowl.-Vaseline $475.

STRAWBERRY WREATH: in vaseline:  10” Berry- 3 known; 7 ½”-8” deep bowl, sides straight up - ( 3); domed compote - absentee leaf and somewhat tri-cornered - (1); banana boat shape - (1); 6 ½” bowl - (2); 6 ½” tri-cornered bowl shown here - (1); 9”x 3 ¼” deep bowl - (1)

PEACOCK and URN Giant Compote-Green, $800.
PEACOCK and URN Giant Compote-Green, $800.

PEACOCK and URN giant compote:  Now, you didn't really believe we could discuss Millersburg Glass to any great extent without discussing one of those peacocks!-did you? (smile)
There are Peacocks! And then there are PEACOCKS!! On that note, enters a real “hum-dinger”! This variety is not within easy reach in any of its three colors: marigold (hardest to locate), followed by green. While amethyst may be seen more often, it also has a higher desirability rating than the other two colors. Certainly the cloverleaf base is a considerable asset to the overall balance of this piece which stands 7” high with a bowl diameter of about 9”. Some bowls are more flared than others, but deeper ruffling creates an approximate 5” depth. There is a bee and three rows of beading on the urn. The tiara turns forward.

Dean & Diane Fry, 02/10

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