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Dugan  -  Part 8
DUGAN  -  Part 8

APPLE BLOSSOM TWIGS 3 and 1 edge bowl - 9 in. Ameth
3 and 1 edge bowl - 9 in. Amethyst.

APPLE BLOSSOM TWIGS Plate: A cobalt blue with fluted edge seems to present itself more often than amethyst, white or peach opal. It is the smooth edge plates with plain exterior which are more difficult to locate. Marigold plates are considered quite difficult to find.

APPLE BLOSSOM TWIGS Bowl-3/1:  Most of these 8”- 9” bowls offer the Big Basketweave exterior pattern and fluted edge with 48 points. Additionally, there is a ruffled shape and an ice cream bowl shape. It is the three-and-one ruffled edge which is found less often. Bowls having a plain exterior and a smooth edge are more rare. They have been reported only in amethyst and peach opalescent. The same colors are also known in very scarce banana bowl shape having two sides pulled up.

BELLS & BEADS 7 in. Bowl in Purple
BELLS and BEADS 7 in. Tri-Corner Bowl in Amethyst.
7 in. Bowl in Purple.
BELLS and BEADS 7 in. Tri-Corner Bowl in Amethyst.

BELLS & BEADS:  This attractive and overlooked pattern can be found in a variety of shapes, including ruffled or tightly crimped bowls, triangular 7” bowls, card tray, 7”-8” plates, a compote and a handled nappy. Some shapes are known in oxblood, or black amethyst, so production was in progress as early as March 1910, when that color was introduced. The pattern is not easily found in any of its known shapes. Since no white examples are known, it is believed that the molds were destroyed during the Feb. 1912 fire. 7” ruffled and crimped bowls are found in marigold, amethyst, oxblood, peach opal and green. The triangular shape 7” bowls are known in amethyst and peach opal only.

BIG BASKETWEAVE Exterior of Ameth. 3 and 1 edge 9 in. Bowl.
Amethyst 3 and 1 edge 9 in. Bowl.

BIG BASKETWEAVE Vt.:  Exterior design found on bowls and plates in Apple Blossom Twigs, Round Up, and Fanciful pattern.

9 in. CIRCLE SCROLL Berry Bowl-very difficult to find-in perfect condition.
9 in. CIRCLE SCROLL Berry Bowl.
 Very difficult to find in perfect condition.
CIRCLE SCROLL Hat in Margold.JIP shape
CIRCLE SCROLL Tri-Corner Whimsey- This is the reason tumblers are so difficult to find. Many of them were whimsied
in Margold.JIP shape.
CIRCLE SCROLL Tri-Corner Whimsey - This is the reason tumblers are so difficult to find. Many of them were whimsied.

CIRCLE SCROLL:  Berry set, table set, water set, jelly compote (1), hat shape, either ruffled or JIP shape and a swung vase are the shapes to be found in this very elusive pattern. Amethyst and marigold are the only known colors in carnival glass, although the pattern was extensively produced in non-iridized opalescent colors prior to the carnival era.

COIN SPOT Goblet-Ice Green
COIN SPOT Goblet - Ice Green

COIN SPOT:  Dugan and Diamond production included this pattern, so it had a lengthy run in a wide variety of colors. Diamond's Golden Glow Asst. included the compote in 1931 wholesale catalog ads, indicating it to be a “good seller”. Amethyst compotes are much more difficult to find than marigold or peach opal. Cobalt blue, celeste blue and ice green are quite difficult to locate.
The ice green goblet seen here is extremely rare, with possibly half dozen examples known.

DAISY DEAR in Marigold
DAISY DEAR in marigold - 7-8 in. bowl.

DAISY DEAR:  Appears as an exterior design on marigold, amethyst, peach opal and white ruffled or jack-in-the-pulpit bowls. Unfortunately, a simple pattern such as this receives little mention and virtually no attention from collectors! It is an example of early iridescent production, but extended into the 1912 timeframe when white carnival came into fashion. Notice the four stemmed flowers on these 7”to 8” bowls.

Triplets in marigold.TRIPLETS 7 in. ruffled bowl in marigold.
TRIPLETS 7 in. ruffled bowl in marigold.

TRIPLETS:  Here is another of the much overlooked, simplistic patterns found on the exterior surface of 7” ruffled bowls. Marigold, peach opal and amethyst are infrequently found. Although the pattern detail leaves something to be desired, the scarcity and limited color range indicates a brief production period in the realm of 1910. Although similar, design differences exist between Triplets and Daisy Dear. Notice the three stemmed flowers equally spaced around the marie.
A hat shape in amethyst, marigold and peach opalescent is known. These are usually deeply ruffled.

RARE blue GRAPE ARBOR-$450. 3-07 Seeck Auction
Sold for $450. 3-07 Seeck Auction

GRAPE ARBOR:  Amethyst and marigold examples of this lovely bowl can be seen by clicking on ~  G ~  in our pattern alphabet on the homepage, but we could not pass up the opportunity to display this excellent and rare example of that intricate pattern in cobalt blue! Since the only known example in peach opalescent has been in the same collection for a number of years, we may not be able to display that for our viewers, but perhaps this blue will suffice? Dugan placed this bowl into production during the 1910-1912 period, yet relatively few of them become available today. They usually exhibit beautiful iridescence and the Feather Scroll exterior pattern contributes greatly to the overall beauty of the bowl. The Feather Scroll master berry bowl had been in pre-carnival opalescent production and was a perfect companion to the interior Grape Arbor pattern.

Dean & Diane Fry - 8/09

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