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Acorn Burrs - Green
Acorn Burrs - Marigold
Acorn Burrs - Purple
Apple Blossom - Blue
Beaded Shell Butter Dish - Amethyst
Beaded Shell Butter Dish - Marigold
Beaded Shell Creamer - Marigold
Beaded Shell Spooner - Marigold
Beaded Shell Sugar - Marigold
Butler Bros. Ad - July 1914
Butterfly and Berry -  Marigold
1927 Sears Roebuck Catalog ad
Cherry & Cable - Marigold
Cherry & Cable Repro. - Cracker Jar - Green
Cherry & Cable Repro. - Spooner - Blue
Circle Scroll - Marigold
Country Kitchen - Amethyst
Country Kitchen - Marigold
Dahlia -  Marigold
Dahlia -  White
Fentonia - Blue
Fentonia - Marigold
Field Thistle - Honey Amber
File - Covered Butter and Covered Sugar, Marigold
File - Creamer and Spooner, Marigold
1905 Butler Ad
Flute - Green
Flute - Marigold
Grape and Cable - Amethyst
Grape and Cable -  Ice Green
Grape and Cable -  Marigold
Grape and Gothic Arches -  Blue
Hanging Cherries, Amethyst
Hanging Cherries Butter and Spooner, Green
Hanging Cherries - Sugar and Creamer, Green
Hanging Cherries -  Marigold
Hobnail Butter, Amethyst
Hobnail Sugar, Amethyst
Hobnail, Blue
Hobstar Butter Dish - Purple
Hobstar Creamer - Purple
Hobstar Spooner - Purple
Hobstar Table Set - Marigold
Hobstar and Feather - Amethyst
Inverted Strawberry -  Marigold
Lustre Rose - Purple
Maple Leaf - Purple
Octagon, Amethyst
Octagon -  Marigold
Orange Tree, footed - Marigold
Peach - White
Peacock at the Fountain - Purple
Butler Ad - Peacock at the Fountain
Peacock at the Fountain - Marigold
Peacock at the Fountain - White
Singing Birds - Green
Singing Birds - Marigold
1912 Butler Ad - Singing Birds
Springtime -  Marigold
Springtime -  Purple
Waterlily & Cattails - Marigold
1908 Butler Ad - Waterlily & Cattails
Butler Ad - Waterlily & Cattails
Wreathed Cherry Butter dish - Marigold
Wreathed Cherry Creamer - Marigold
Wreathed Cherry, White
Wreathed Cherry Table Set - White Decorated
John Smyth Ad - 1917

Taffeta Lustre Wall Pocket
Tambour Art Clock
Tambour Art Clock - McKee ad
Tangerine Stretch Candlesticks - Fenton
Target Vases - Dugan - Diamond
Diamond Vase ad for Pearl Iris Vases
Target - Green
Target - Marigold
Target - Peach Opal
Target - Purple
Target - Purple
Target - Vaseline Opal
Target Vase in White (squat)
Tartan - Brockwitz Glass
Bowl - Marigold
Butterdish - Marigold
Compote - Marigold
Salver - Marigold
Catalog pg. #106
Spittoon - Marigold
Spittoon - Blue
Star and Fan Epergne - Marigold
Tartan Epergne - Marigold
Catalog pg. #96
Tumble-up - Marigold
Vase - Marigold
Ten Mums - Fenton
Ten Mums CRE bowl - emerald green
Ten Mums Exterior - emerald green bowl
Ten Mums CRE bowl - Green
Ten Mums Pitcher and Tumbler - Marigold
Ten Mums Tumbler - White
Ten Mums Water Set - Blue
Ten Panels - Dugan
Ten Panels Hat - Amethyst
Ten Panels Hat - Amethyst -  Frontal View
Ten Panels Hat - Amethyst -  Interior View

Ten Pointed Star Mug - honey amber
Terrapin Park Casino
Texas Loop
Breakfast Set, Toy
Butler Bros. Ad-1906
US Glass Catalog Ad-1900
Texas Loop Vase - Amber

The Great House of Isaac Benesch & Sons
Thin Rib Vases - Northwood
Jester Cap
Jester Cap, Amethyst
Jester Cap, Green
Jester Cap, Marigold
Thin Rib - Midsize, Green
Thin Rib Mid-Size vase - Ice green
Thin Rib - Midsize, Lime Green
Thin Rib - Midsize, Purple
Thin Rib - Mid-size Vase - Sapphire
Thin Rib - Midsize, Sapphire Opal
Thin Rib - Midsize, Vaseline
Thin Rib Vase - Mid-size - White
Thin Rib - Squat, Amethyst
Thin Rib Vase - Squatty - Ice Blue
Thin Rib - Squat, White
Standard, Cobalt Blue
Standard, Green
Standard, Ice Blue
Thin Rib and Drape Vases - Imperial
Thin Rib and Drape vase, Blue
Thin Rib and Drape vase, Purple
Imperial Catalog ad
Thistle Banana Boat - Green
Thistle Banana Boat - Marigold
1912 Thistle Banana Boat Ad
1920 Thistle Banana Boat Ad
Thistle Bowl - Green
Thistle Cuspidor, Marigold. (1st known)
Spring 1912 Butler Ad
Thistle Plate - Marigold

Thistle and Lotus Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Threaded Butterfly - US Glass
Threaded Butterfly, Green - Frontal View
Threaded Butterfly, Green - Exterior View
Threaded Butterfly, Green - Side View
Three Fruits Medallion - Northwood
Three Fruits Medalion - Ice Green Opal
Three Fruits Medallion - White
Three in One
Three in One Bowl - 6 in. - Marigold
Three in One Toothpick - Green (IG)
Three in One Rosebowl - Marigold
Three in One Plate - Marigold
Three in One Sauce - Helios
Three One Six #316 Stretch Candlesticks - Fenton
Stretch #316 - Celeste
Stretch #316 - Marigold
Three One Seven #317 - US Glass
#317 compote - Light Marigold
Three One Eight #318 Stretch Candlesticks - Fenton
Stretch #318 - Persian Pearl
Stretch #318 - Tangerine
Stretch #318 - Vaseline
Stretch #318 - Velva Rose
Stretch #318 - Wisteria
Three Row - Imperial
Three Row Vase, Marigold
Three Row Vase, Smoke
Catalog Ad-104A
Three Row Open Edge - Fenton
Three Row Open Edge
Three Row Open Edge Basket, Celeste
Three Row Open Edge Sq. Basket, Lime Green
Three Row Open Edge Banana Boat, Lime Green
Three Ten (#310) - US Glass
Tiffin Stretch Bowl, Pink
Thumbprint and Ovals - Imperial
Thumbprint and Ovals Vase - Purple
Thumbprint and Oval, Marigold
Tiger Lily - Imperial
Pitcher - Marigold
Pitcher - Catalog 104A ad
Pitcher and Tumbler - Helios
Tumbler - Aqua
Tumbler - Blue
Tumbler - Green - (metal holder)
Tumbler - Marigold
Tumbler - Olive Green
Tumbler - Purple
Water Set - Marigold
Water Set - Purple
Butler Ad - April 1912
Waterset - Teal
Tiger Lily - Riihimaki
1939 Riihimaki Catalog Diagram
Variant and Imperial Tiger Lily pitchers - Marigold
Variant Pitcher base - Marigold
Variant Tumbler base - Marigold
Variant Tumblers - Blue
Variant Water Set - Blue
Tiny Twigs
Tiny Twigs - Purple - CRE - (Vintage)
Tiny Twigs - Amethyst - Round Top
Tiny Twigs - Amethyst - Tri-Corner Top
Tiny Twigs Reproduction
Tiny Twigs - Blue Opal (Contemporary)
Tiny Twigs - Marigold (Contemporary)
Tiny Twigs, Aqua Opal (Contemporary)

Tomahawk Cambridge ad
Cherry Chain, Red
Greengard DHG, Ameth.
Linn’s Mums, Ameth.
Little Fishes, White
Lotus Land, Mgld.
Olympic, Ameth.
3-Row Open Edge Plate, White
Target, Vas. Opal
Two Flowers, Red
Western Daisy, White
Blackberry Wreath, Blue
Elegance, Ice Blue
Fern Bowl/Plate, Mgld.
Fuchsia, Blue
Goddess of Harvest, Mgld.
Grape & Cable, Mgld.
Heavy Pineapple, Mgld.
Orange Tree, Green
Peacock and Urn, Mgld.
Roses and Fruit, Blue
Cone Shaped - Wisteria
Pinched Top Whimsey - Sapphire
Pedestal Base - “Emeraldene” (2)
Pedestal Base VARIANT - Marigold
Rosebowl Shaped - Amethyst
Ribbed Amethyst
Smooth - Green
Smooth - Marigold - Single base
Smooth - Purple
Smooth - White
Ribbed - Amethyst - Deeply Ruffled
Ribbed - Cobalt Blue
Ribbed - Lavender
Ribbed - White
Town Pump Novelty Vases

Tracery Bonbon - Amethyst - Oval
Tracery Bon Bon - Green - Square
Tree Bark
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad - Berry Set
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros Ad - Water Set
Berry Bowl, 7 ½” - Mgld.
Candlestick, 7” - Mgld.
Candlesticks, 7 ½”, Mgld.
Covered Candy, 9 ½” - Mgld.
Ovoid Pitcher, 9” - Mgld.
Pedestal Bowl - Mgld.
Plate - 8 inch
Vase, 7 in. - Mgld.
Vase, 8 ½”, wicker cover - Mgld.
Water Set - Mgld.
Water Set, enameled - Mgld.
Tree of Life - Crackled - McKee Glass
Basket - Marigold
Candy jar - Marigold
Marigold pitcher
White pitcher
Tumblers - Marigold
Tree of Life - Dugan - Diamond
Tree of Life Rosebowl - Marigold
Tree Trunk Vases
Elephant Foot
Amethyst - 15”
Blue Stain over Custard
Amethyst - 19”
Cobalt Blue
Ice Blue - 20”
Marigold - 22 ½”
Jardiniere - amethyst
Aqua Opalescent
Blue Slag
Green -  12”
Ice Blue
Ice Green
Marigold over Custard - 12”
 Ice Blue - 7”
 Ice Green - 7”
Amethyst - 12”
Aqua Opal - 9 ½”
J.I.P., Marigold
Squat, Cobalt Blue
Trefoil Fine Cut - Millersburg
Trefoil Fine Cut Chop Plate Exterior-Marigold
Trefoil Fine Cut Chop Plate Interior - Marigold
Trefoil Fine Cut - Exterior Pattern

Triplets Ruffled Bowl - Marigold - Dugan
Trout and Fly - Millersburg
Trout and Fly - Bowl - Amethyst
Trout and Fly bowl - Amethyst
Trout and Fly IC bowl - Green
Trout and Fly loose 3/1 edge - Green
Trout and Fly Square bowl - Marigold
Trout and Fly Plate - Amethyst
Trudy - Standard Glass Company
Trudy Compote, Amber
Trudy 3 footed Plate, Amber - Bottom View
Trudy 3 footed Plate, Amber - Side View
Trudy Pedestal plate, Amber
Trumpet Candlesticks - Central Glass
Central Glass (Trumpet), Ice Green
Central Glass (Trumpet), Jade Green
Central Glass (Trumpet), Pink Satin
Trumpet Candlesticks - Northwood
Northwood (Trumpet)- #719, Celeste
Northwood (Trumpet)-#719, Jade Blue
Northwood (Trumpet)-#719, Topaz
Trumpet Candlesticks - Vineland
Vineland (Trumpet), Celeste
Vineland (Trumpet), Wisteria
Tulip - Millersburg
Tulip compote, Amethyst

Tulips Baby Plate, Marigold
Tulip and Cane - Imperial
Imperial Catalog #104A ad
Footed Jelly
Imperial Catalog #104A ad
Water Goblet
Imperial Catalog #104A ad
Imperial Catalog #104A ad
Tulip and Cane Bowl - Marigold
Tulip and Cane Bowl - smoke
Tulip - Cane Compote - Marigold
Tulip - Cane Water Goblet - Blue (Repro)
Tulip Scroll - Millersburg
Tulip Scroll Vase - Amethyst
Tulip Scroll Vase - Amethyst
Tulip Scroll Vase - Green
Twitch - Bartlett - Collins Glass Co.
Twitch Cup, Marigold

Twin Teardrops or Anona Plate (Reverse) - amber
Twin Teardrops or Anona Plate (Interior) - amber
Twins Berry Bowl - Helios
Twins Fruit bowl and base - Marigold
Twins Fruit bowl and base - Smoke
1909 Imperial Catalog ad - Twins bowl
Twins Fruit Set - Smoke
Twins Fruit Set Ad
Twist Bobeche - US Glass
Twist Bobeche Candlesticks, Celeste
Twist Bobeche Candlesticks, White
Two Flowers - Fenton
Two Flower Bowl - 9 inch - Red
Two Flowers Bowl - 11 inch - Red
Two Flowers Giant Rosebowl (Three Scroll Feet) - Blue
Two Flowers Small Rosebowl (Spatula Feet) - White
Two Forty Nine Candlesticks - Fenton
Two Forty Nine - Ice Green
Two Forty Nine - Marigold
Two Forty nine - White
Two Forty Nine - Wisteria
Two Handled Candlestick - Imperial
Two Handled Candlestick Server - Purple
Two Handled Candlestick Server - Smoke
Two - Handled Vase - Imperial
Two-Handled Vase, Marigold cone-shaped
Two-Handled Vase, Marigold flared shape
Two-Handled Vase, Smoke, rich lustre
Two-Handled Vase, Smoke, onion skin
Two Row Open Edge - Fenton
Two Row Open Edge Banana Boat - White
Two Row Open Edge Basket
Two Row Open Edge Basket, Ice Green
Two Row Open Edge Basket, Marigold
Two Row Open Edge Basket, Red
Two Row Spittoon, Blue
Two Row Vase, Blue
Two Row Blackberry Basket, Green
Two Row Blackberry Basket, Celeste
Two Row Blackberry Plate, Blue
Two Row Blackberry Plate, White
Two Seventy - Westmoreland
Two-Seventy Compote - Amber
Two-Seventy Compote - Amber
Two-Seventy Compote - Amethyst
Two-Seventy Compote - Amethyst
Two-Seventy Compote - Moonstone
Two-Seventy Compote - Teal Green

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