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Rosebowls & Variations
ROSEBOWLS  ..and  VARIATIONS  on  the  theme

The rose bowl shape is nearly always a favorite with beginning collectors. There are a number of designs to select from, a variety of colors to be gained, and they don't take up much display space either. Prices for most of them remain pretty stable over time, and perhaps for that reason, they continue to be in demand as a collection of other shapes grows around them. There are so many patterns in this category that we will need to make a couple of segments; even then, not covering the full gamut of availability.

Beaded Cable

BEADED CABLE by Northwood in Lime Green Opal is not easily found, so when Sara Valverde surprised a number of us with this little number some years ago in California, she was pleasantly surprised with its impact. Marigold, amethyst, green,  cobalt, white, ice blue and ice green, aqua opal, peach opal and variations of those shades are found in the rose bowl shape. A ruffled candy dish is the other known shape. Some of the rose bowls are found having  a rayed interior.

DRAPERY by Northwood is another favorite. Marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt, white, ice blue, ice green, aqua opal, lavender and renninger blue offers a wide color spectrum in this rose bowl. 7-9” vases are known in this pattern, as are tri-shaped candy dishes and small berry bowls.

Swirl Hobnail Rosebowl

SWIRL HOBNAIL by Millersburg brings pleasure to any collection of rose bowls. These are more scarce than Hobnail rose bowls (without the swirl  around the hobs). Found in amethyst and marigold. The Swirl Hobnail “whimsey” rose bowl is a larger size. Since there is no distortion in the glass pattern, as normally seen when an example is stretched, it is believed to have come from the cuspidor mold. Marigold is the only known color. Vases are found in this pattern as well.

SWIRL HOBNAIL SPITTOON  by Millersburg is found in amethyst and marigold and at least one green example. This green spittoon was in the John & Lucile Britt collection for several years.

Leaf & Beads

HONEYCOMB by Dugan is from the 1909-1911 time frame. This rose bowl is more difficult to find in marigold than in peach opal, with neither one easily obtained. The “trick” is to locate one with great iridescence. There usually are some flaws in the opening, having occurred when removed from the mold. A beautiful example is a real treasure.

LEAF & BEADS by Northwood is found having a plain interior, as well as a rayed interior design in some cases. Once in awhile, a Sunflower design is found on the interior of marigold, amethyst or green rose bowls. In addition to the colors mentioned above for Beaded Cable, Sapphire, Teal, Smoke and Russett are known in this pattern. A Beaded edge is known in some marigold and cobalt pieces. A Smooth edge is known in some marigold and amethyst examples, along with a pearl finish. On rare occasion, the LOVELY interior pattern is found in round, as well as tri-corner bowls. Green and amethyst are known colors in this variation, having Leaf & Beads on the exterior.

Fleur De Lis

FASHION  by Imperial is scarcely ever found, even in marigold. Helios and purple examples are nearly unheard of. The old factory catalogs called this Imperial's #402 ½. Widely recognized as a near-cut pattern, and prized by its owners. The quality of iridescence on purple examples can be breathtaking. Shaped from the 9” bowl mold, helios, though not as desirable, is more rare than purple in this shape.

FLEUR DE LIS   by Millersburg.  Two types of rose bowls are found in this beautiful pattern. Collar-base and dome-footed examples are known, but only two amethyst in each type are known. The one pictured was a prized possession in the Don Moore collection for many years.

Wild Rose Nutbowl with Stippled Rays interior
Wild Rose Rosebowl

WILD ROSE Reticulated Edge~NUTBOWL by Northwood. Notice the points straight up, found on green, marigold and amethyst examples. Cobalt blue is rarely seen and ice blue is very rare. A horehound example has been confirmed.

WILD ROSE Reticulated Edge~ROSEBOWL The rose bowl shape has the points of the reticulated edge turned in at the topmost edge. These are found in green, marigold, amethyst, ice blue and one known sapphire example. Interior can be Stippled Rays, an alternating stippled and non-stippled rays pattern or it can be plain. Blossom and Palm is the exterior design. Rarest of shapes is the footed plate, completely flattened out. Only a couple of green ones are known.

Daisy & Plume
Stemmed Daisy & Plume minus rim ring
Stemmed Daisy & Plume with rim ring.
Fern Compote showing rim ring

DAISY & PLUME by Northwood in this three footed version is a choice rose bowl  in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt, Aqua, lavender, white, ice blue, ice green, and aqua opal. Flared, ruffled candy dishes are known in this pattern. It can be found in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt and amber. Rose bowl  interiors can either be plain or carry the Northwood Blackberry design.

DAISY & PLUME STEMMED ROSEBOWLS by Northwood are to be found with and without an outer rim ring. (notice rim ring showing through from exterior of the Fern compote.)

NORTHWOOD'S  FERN COMPOTE A rare stemmed compote having DAISY & PLUME EXTERIOR design is also known. Found in marigold, amethyst, green and a very rare (white). The white was offered in a 1912 Butler Brothers catalog.
Interestingly, none have ever been found, to our knowledge. Simply because of the very scarce availability of these compotes, they are grossly underrated! Daisy & Plume compotes are also found with plain interior.

More Rosebowls

Dean & Diane Fry-2/04

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