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Jeannette Glass - Part 2

BLOCK OPTIC Water Set - 1920s

BLOCK OPTIC - mid winter 1927 Catalog.BLOCK OPTIC Tumbler with Anna Swartz 1935 etching.
On Left - BLOCK OPTIC - mid winter 1927 Catalog.
On Right - BLOCK OPTIC Tumbler with Anna Swartz1935 etching.

BLOCK OPTIC:  Depression “babies” (as we are), knew this pattern as Banded Ribs. Seems quite logical as one views the water set. Carl O. Burns used that name and our picture of the set when he wrote his book on Imperial. In recent years, he changed the name to Block Optic after locating the catalog ad dating to 1927, placing production with Jeannette Glass.
Somehow, we have not changed our minds about the Banded Ribs name, with production placed squarely in the Imperial line, but viewers can decide for themselves what they choose to believe. Over the years, we have seen a number of these sets. They always display the usual Imperial “glistening marigold” finish, most unlike Jeannette marigold.

EAGLE Candleholder made by Jeannette Glass Co.- Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis..
EAGLE Candleholder made by Jeannette Glass Co.
Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.

EAGLE CANDLEHOLDER:  Curtis' sent this photo quite sometime ago, saying it is of Jeannette origin. It is 3” high with a 3 ½” diameter base. We have no further information to add. Should any viewer be able to provide a timeframe of manufacture, we certainly would appreciate hearing from you! Actually, the birds are mindful of Doves?

Update: We recieved this email on May 13th, 2014 -


On your website, you mention an Eagle piece, believed to be made by the Jeannette Glass Company.

This is true. Jeannette made a pattern called Eagle. While the period of production is not currently known, there are two known pieces in the pattern, the single candlestick holder and a 3-toed footed bowl.

The pattern comes in crystal and shell pink milk glass as far as I know, although I have only seen the bowl in crystal.

I hope this is helpful!

~ Kate Mead

FLORAGOLD 9.5 in. Pitcher.
FLORAGOLD 9.5 in. Pitcher.
FLORAGOLD - Jeannette Sherbet- '50s - 2 & three-eighths in. high.
FLORAGOLD - Jeannette Sherbet
1950s - 2 3/8 inches high.
FLORAGOLD Candy - 7 in. diam. x 5.5 in. high.
FLORAGOLD Candy - 7 in. diam. x 5.5 in. high.

FLORAGOLD: pattern is found on a wide array of tableware shapes, making it rather an extensive product line.

NY Central Railroad,Marigold. One of 2 known. Courtesy Bob Smith..
NY Central Railroad,Marigold. One of 2 known.
Courtesy Bob Smith

NEW YORK CENTRAL Tumbler: Longtime tumbler collector, Bob Smith declares this to be an extremely rare example. We appreciate his expertise and kindness in supplying the photo!

STUDS 16 oz. Milk Pitcher
STUDS 16 oz. Milk Pitcher.
STUDS Serving Tray
STUDS Serving Tray
STUDS Tumblers on matching serving tray.
STUDS Tumblers on matching serving tray.

STUDS: is another of the tableware designs from Jeannette.

SWIRL Tumblers - Courtesy David Fetterman
SWIRL Tumblers - Courtesy David Fetterman.

SWIRL Tumblers: (by the dozen!) David Fetterman purchased this case of amber tumblers for $3. (three) at a local auction. Pictures indicate they have been left in the factory box since purchase. He feels fortunate to have been the winning bidder!

Dean & Diane Fry - 03/2010

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Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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