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Fenton - Part 1

Original lead clapper
Original lead clapper

DAISY CUT BELL: The rather dainty serrated edge along the sides of the clear glass handle on this marigold bell sets it apart from the Commemorative bells which Fenton fashioned to honor certain Elks Conventions. The Commemoratives are all blue and have rounded, smooth handles. When purchasing one of these very scarce-rare bells, try to locate one which has the original lead clapper attached to a metal chain which is attached in the arc of the bell to a tiny loop of glass. Over the years, many of those features have been broken away. A “complete” bell will cost in the neighborhood of $350.
Daisy Cut bell- Butler Bros. ad-Fall 1908
Daisy Cut Bell- Butler Bros. Ad - Fall 1908

BUTLER BROTHERS Fall 1908 Ad: places this bell production in crystal. Sometime after that, we suspect, an enterprising Fenton salesman advocated perhaps one turn (400 bells) for some interested customer. According to Frank Fenton, not every example in the “turn” is saleable, so in consideration of that and other losses in the years since, these bells are in very short supply.

Blackberry Banded Hat
 Beaded Stars

BLACKBERRY BANDED:  White is certainly a scarce color for this pattern. Blue, green and marigold are not easily found, if that helps you determine how long it will take to gather up all the colors in this hat shape.
As I write, I have turned to the section in a price guide, only to discover that during the past five years, a mere  five hats in this pattern have sold at auction; two in moonstone, one in red, one in blue, and one in marigold. In our years of collecting, we do not recall seeing an amethyst example. As compared to many other patterns, this one is most elusive.

BEADED STARS: This  small 5”- 6” bowl is one of the very earliest of Fenton patterns, and is pretty scarce. A ruffled bowl sold for $10 in 2003.  A card tray brought $5 in 1999, five rosebowl shapes sold in that many years, and none of them brought more than $40. Another rosebowl sold over Ebay for $25.  in 2003. We could call this a “rare-so-what?” Appreciation  must be declared in the eye of the beholder!

PINECONE six inch saucer
Seven and one half in. PINECONE plate
PINE CONE Rounded-SawTooth Edge
PINE CONE - 12 sided

PINE CONE Rounded-SawTooth Edge:  These 6”-6 ½” sauces and plates  can be found in ice cream shape, and ruffled bowls. When the glassmaker's efforts develop a plate shape, they are referred to as “saucer”, because of the round center which would accommodate a cup ~ if there were one ~ All these examples have plain exterior. Colors are: marigold, blue, green, amethyst/lavender.

PINE CONE - 12 sided :  bowl/plate is 7” as a bowl, flattening out to 7 ½”- 7 ¾” as a plate. The exterior is plain, with available colors being marigold, amber, blue, green and purple. The Pine Cone pattern is only found on these bowls/plates mentioned in this article. The design would have made a pretty water set.

Fluffy Peacock Water set

FLUFFY PEACOCK:  Amethyst, marigold, blue and green are the colors to choose from and if you like peacocks, you will undoubtedly need at least one of these sets in your collection. This is not one of the more expensive sets, so perhaps you can consider more than one color. Green and marigold are perhaps the easier ones to locate, with blue being next in line. Amethyst  examples are more difficult to get and usually cost somewhat more.
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. catalog ad showing Milady, Fluffy Peacock and Blackberry Block
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. catalog ad

MID-SPRING 1911 BUTLER BROTHERS WHOLESALE AD: displays Milady, Blackberry Block, and Fluffy Peacock water set patterns. Each of those designs appear only on that shape. For pattern collectors, it is a foregone conclusion that  water sets must be in your plans, for so many wonderfully beautiful tankard and pitcher shapes carry designs only appearing on that particular shape!

6 in. WATERLILY sauce
Green Waterlily Sauce

WATERLILY: colors are marigold, blue, green, amethyst, amber, ice green opal, aqua, teal, reverse amberina, , vaseline, white and red, found in 5'-6” ball footed bowls, and larger 9”-10 ¾” ball footed bowls. Three or four footed chop plates are known in marigold. At least one of the larger footed bowls is known in red! One 5 ¾” footed bowl is known in tangerine opal. Among these bowl shapes are an occasional ice cream shape, but for the most part, they are ruffled.

Green WATERLILY & CATTAIL 9 -10 in. bowl with a crimp
Green Waterlily and Cattails Crimped Bowl

WATERLILY and CATTAILS: This green 9-10” bowl having a crimped edge and a marigold interior appeared in an Aug. 2004 Reichel sale. It is the first time this color has been reported. Resulting price was very low, simply for the reason that bidders did not realize how VERY unusual this piece truly is! Lack of notoriety about any given example of carnival glass reduces interest! The pattern is one of the earliest of Fenton patterns and is displayed only on the exterior of the pieces.

Marigold Waterlily and Cattail Toothpick  
Marigold  Waterlily and Cattail 9 ½” Bowl

WATERLILY and CATTAILS: is a very early pattern (dating to 1906), which was sold both in crystal and opalescent glass before  carnival glass production. Although berry sets, water sets and table sets  are known to have been created in marigold, with a few amethyst examples, none of these, aside from tumblers in the pattern appear with any regularity. We know of a well-matched table set which sold in excess of $3000 recently! That should give you some idea of the rarity exhibited in this pattern. Water pitchers are EXTREMELY  hard to find, and often do not display adequate color over the full length of the pitcher.

In fact, we have seen more toothpick holders pulled up from the small berry shape than we have seen in any other than the tumblers. The larger  bowls sometimes appear more square shaped than round in this pattern. Vase whimseys  of  3 ½”- 4 ½” swung from a tumbler, bring prices in the $200 range. A card tray banana boat in radium finish and a “hat” shape with rolled rim are two more oddities found in this pattern.

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Dean & Diane Fry - 9/04

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