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Cactus Exterior - Amethyst Rays and Ribbons
Cairo - Westmoreland
Cairo or Orphan Annie set, Amethyst
Cairo or Orphan Annie Adv. Sugar, Amethyst
Cairo or Orphan Annie Adv. Br. Set, Marigold
Cairo or Orphan Annie set, Teal

Campbell & Beasley Grand Opening 1911
Canada Dry Bottle
Candlebowl - Diamond Glass
Candlebowl - Celeste
Candlebowl - Ice Green
Candlebowl - Marigold
Pat. Applied For: Diamond Candlebowl

Cane & Daisy Cut vase
Canoe - Marigold
Cannonball Pitcher - Blue
Captive Rose Plate - Green
Captive Rose Bowl 9”- Marigold
Captive Rose Compote - White
Car or Limousine vases - McKee ads
Carolina Dogwood - Westmoreland
Carolina Dogwood 9” Bowl - Blue Opal - Exterior
Carolina Dogwood 9” Bowl - Blue Opal - Interior
Carolina Dogwood 8.5 in. Bowl - Mgld. over Moonstone - Exterior
Carolina Dogwood 8.5 in. Bowl - Mgld. over Moonstone - Interior
Caroline - Dugan - Diamond
Caroline Basket - Peach Opal - Dugan - Diamond
Caroline Bowl
Smooth Rays Interior
Santa Claus Edition-1910-Butler Ad
Central Glass Candlesticks
Central Glass - Marigold over Milk Glass
Central Glass (Trumpet), Ice Green
Central Glass (Trumpet), Jade Green
Central Glass (Trumpet), Pink Satin

Central Shoe Store Advertising Hand Grip Plate
Central Terminal Souvenir Tumbler
Chain & Star - Fostoria
Breakfast Set
Tumbler - after-market marigold

Chamberstick - Miniature Candlestick - Marigold
Chatelaine - Pitcher and Tumbler - Purple
Checkerboard - Westmoreland
Checkerboard Goblet, Vintage, Marigold
1914 ad - Checkerboard
Checkerboard Pitcher - Vintage, Amethyst.
Checkerboard Tumbler - Vintage - Amethyst
Checkerboard Tumbler Base - Vintage - Amethyst
Checkerboard Tumbler - Vintage - Marigold
Checkerboard Creamer, Repro., Ameth.
Checkerboard Pitcher - Repro. IB
Cherry - Dugan
Cherry, collar - based lg. bowl, Amethyst
Cherry, collar - based plate, Amethyst
Cherry, collar - based plate, Peach Opal
Cherry, collar - based sauce - Peach Opal
Cherry, footed, Amethyst
Cherry, footed, Ice Blue
Cherry, footed, Marigold
Cherry, Footed - Exterior - Peach Opal
Cherry, Footed - Interior - Peach Opal
Cherry, Footed - No Pattern - Peach Opal
Cherry ruffled bowl, 6 inch - Peach Opal
Cherry and Cable - Northwood
Cherry and Cable Master Berry Set - Marigold
Cherry and Cable Water Set - Marigold
Cherry - Berry - US Glass
1929 Butler Bros Ad
Cherry - Berry bowl - Marigold
Cherry Chain
Cherry Chain Bonbon, blue
Cherry Chain 6 inch Plate - White
Cherry Chain - chop plate
Cherry Chain Red
Cherry Chain - small plate
Cherry Circles - Fenton
Cherry Circles Bonbon - Amethyst
Cherry Circle Bonbon - Green
Cherry Circles Bonbon (four sides up) - Red
Cherry Circles Bonbon - (IC Shape) - Red
Cherry Smash - US Glass
1929 Butler Bros Ad
Cherry  Smash bowl - Marigold
Cherry Smash Tumbler
Cherries, Pears and Blackberries - Northwood
Cherries, Pears, Blackberries Bowl, Marigold
Cherries, Pears, Blackberries Bowl, Marigold - 2 views
CHESTERFIELD - Imperial #600
Breakfast Set - Red
Tea Set - Imperial Catalog 104A
Breakfast Set, red
Breakfast Set, teal
104A Catalog ad
Candlesticks - Amberina - Red
Candlesticks - Celeste
Candlesticks - Marigold - 7 ¼”
Candlesticks - Red - 9”
Candlesticks - Smoke
Compote, Large - marigold
Compote - Large - Red / Amberina
Compote - Small - Marigold
Compote - Small - White
Compote, white
Handled Compote, smoky white
Mug  - Marigold
Mug - White
Open Salt, marigold
Open Salt, purple
Open Sugar, white
Pitcher - Red
Pitcher - Teal
Rose bowl - Marigold
Rose bowl ad - Imperial Catalog 104A
Sherbet - Red /Amberina
Tankard - minus lid - Marigold
Toothpick - Marigold
Tumbler - Celeste Blue
Tumbler - Red
Tumbler - Red / Amberina
Tumbler - White
Water Set, marigold
Water Set Ad

Christales Ranger tumbler - Marigold
Christmas Compote - Amethyst
Chrysanthemum - Fenton
Chrysanthemum 9” Bowl - Red
Chrysanthemum Fruit bowl - Marigold
Chrysanthemum Rosebowl - Marigold
Chrysanthemum Rosebowl - Marigold
Chrysanthemum - Imperial
Chrysanthemum - Chop Plate - Amethyst

Chrysanthemum Lamp
Circle Scroll - Dugan
Circle Scroll Large Berry Bowl - Marigold
Circle Scroll JIP Hat - Marigold
Circle Scroll Pitcher - Marigold
Circle Scroll Table Set - Marigold
Circle Scroll Tri-Cornered Hat - Marigold
Circle Scroll Water Set - Amethyst
Circle Scroll Vase - Amethyst
Circle Scroll Vase - Marigold

Cleveland Memorial Ashtray
Coal Bucket - Green
1915 Butler Bros. ad
Cobblestones Plate, Marigold
Cockatoo Wall Pocket, Marigold
Mid-Winter 1927 Ad - Cockatoo
Coin Dot - Fenton
Coin Dot Bowl - Green
Coin Dot Bowl - Marigold
Coin Dot Bowl - 9”- Marigold
Coin Dot Bowl - Peach Opal
Coin Dot Plate - Amethyst
Coin Dot Rosebowl - Amethyst
Coin Dot Rosebowl - Green
Coin Spot - Dugan - Diamond
Coin Spot Compote - Blue
Coin Spot Compote - Celeste
Coin Spot Compote - Peach Opal
Coin Spot Compote - Purple
Coin Spot Goblet - Ice Green
Colonial - Imperial
Colonial Celery, Marigold
Colonial Goblet, Marigold
Colonial Mug, Marigold
1910 Butler Ad- Colonial patterns
Colonial or Delta Base Candlesticks - Imperial #41
Colonial Candlesticks - Marigold
April 1929 Butler Brothers Ad
Colonial Candlesticks - Marigold
Colonial Candlesticks - Smoke
Colonial Candlesticks - Vineland Glass
Colonial Candlesticks, Vineland - Amber
Vineland Glass Works Mark
Colonial Lady - Imperial
Colonial Lady, Marigold
Imperial Ad-Catalog 104A
Colonial Lady, Purple
Colonial Lady Base, Purple
Colonial Lady Vase - Purple
Colonial Variant - Imperial
Colonial Vt. Berry Set - Green
Imp. Cat. 104A- Colonial Vt. Berry Set
Colonial Vt. Orange bowl and base - Marigold
1909 Imp. Catalog - Colonial Vt. Orange bowl and base
Columbia - Imperial
Columbia Compote, marigold
Columbia Plate, marigold
Columbia Rosebowl, marigold
Columbia Vase, purple  
Columbia Vase - Helios
Columbia Vase - Smoke   
Columbus Plate - Westmoreland
Columbus Plate, Marigold

Columbine Pitcher - Marigold
Compass - Peach Opal
Concave Diamonds - Northwood
Concave Diamonds Guest Set - Russet
Concave Diamonds Guest Set - Topaz
Concave Diamonds Tankard Set - Venetian Blue
Concave Diamonds Water Set - Celeste
Jewel Tea Box for Concave Diamonds Water Set
Concave Diamonds Water Set - Vaseline
Concave Flute - Westmoreland
Concave Flute Rosebowl - Marigold
Concave Flute Rosebowl - Teal
Concave Flute Vase - Amber
Concave Flute Vase - Amethyst
Concave Flute Vase, J.I.P. - Moonstone over Marigold
Concave Flute Vase, Upright, Marigold
Concord - Fenton
Concord Bowl - Green
Concord Plate 9” Amethyst
Concord Plate - Green
Concord Plate - FAKE

Cone and Tie
Constellation - Dugan
Constellation Compote - Lavender
Constellation Compote - Lavender
Constellation Compote - Purple
Coral - Fenton
Coral bowl - IC shape - green
Coral Bowl - marigold
Coral bowl marigold - 3/1 edge
Corinth - Westmoreland
Corinth Banana Dish - Marigold
Corinth Bowl, Amethyst
Corinth Bowl, Aqua or Teal
Corinth Bowl - Blue Opal
1909 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad
Corinth Bowl, Mgld. Over Milk
Corinth Plate - Amber
Corinth Vase, Amber
Corinth Vase, Amethyst
Corinth Vase, Aqua-Teal
Corinth Vase, Aqua -Teal
Corinth Blue opal vase
Corinth Vase, Green
Corinth Vase, Mgld. on Milk
Corinth Marigold over Moonstone vase
Corinth Vase, J.I.P. - Peach Opal
Corinth Vase, Plunger base, Peach Opal
Corinth Vase, Upright, Peach Opal
Corn Containers
Corn Bottle
Corn Cruet
Corn Cruets with Case
Corn Husk Vase
Corn Husk Vase 2
Corn Husk Vase with a flare
Corn Vase - Blue
Corn Vase - Ice Blue
Corn Vase - Green
Corn Vase - White
1912 Corn Vase BB Ad
Cosmos and Cane - US Glass
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Bowl, 9 ¼" with Berry Bowls - White
Bowl - Purple - only one known
Bowl, ruffled-7”exterior - Honey Amber
Bowl - Headdress Interior - Honey Amber
Bowl - Deep Square - Honey Amber
Bowl - Tri-Corner - Honey Amber
Chop Plate - Honey Amber
Compote, dome footed - Honey Amber
Compote, spittoon shape - Honey Amber
Compote, tall - Honey Amber
Dome Footed Compote - Amethyst
Dome Footed Compotes - Honey Amber & Purple
Dome footed Compote - Marigold
Dome Footed Compote - Sides Straight Up - Honey Amber
Pitcher and Tumbler - White
Platter - Honey Amber
Rosebowl - Headress Interior
Rosebowl - plain interior - Honey Amber
Rosebowl - Purple
Ruffled Bowl - White
Spittoon - Honey Amber
Spittoon - White
Table set - Four Piece - Honey Amber
Tall Compote - White
Tankard - White
Tumbler - J.R. Milner advertising - Honey Amber
Volcano Shaped Rose Bowl - Honey Amber
Cosmos Variant - Dugan - Diamond
Cosmos Variant Plate - Marigold
Cosmos Variant Bowl, Amethyst
Cosmos Variant Bowl, Marigold
Country Kitchen - Millersburg
Country Kitchen Bowl, 5 inch - Marigold (2)
Country Kitchen Bowl, 9 inch - Marigold
Country Kitchen Breakfast set - marigold
Country Kitchen - Exterior - Fleur Des Lis - Amethyst
Country Kitchen - Exterior Fleur De Lis - Vaseline
Country Kitchen Table Set - Amethyst
Country Kitchen Table Set - Marigold
Country Kitchen Vase - Marigold
Courthouse Bowl – Millersburg
Courthouse Bowl - IC - amethyst
Courthouse Bowl  Unlettered - 3/1 edge - amethyst
Courthouse - Unlettered - Ruffled - flared - Amethyst

Covered Frog - Ice Green
Covered Frog - Marigold
Covered SWAN - Jenkins
Cow Miniature - Marigold
Crabclaw - Imperial
Crabclaw Master bowl, marigold
Crackle - Jeannette Glass
Bowl, 7” - marigold
Candlesticks, Short - marigold
Candlesticks, Tall - marigold
Car Vases - Marigold
Covered Candy - marigold
Pitcher - marigold
Plate, Ship and Stars - marigold
1927 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad - Ship and Stars Plate
Salad Plate - marigold
Shakers - Vaseline
Sherbet - marigold
Spittoon - marigold
1927 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad - Spittoon
Tumbler - marigold
Hartung Drawing of Tumbler
Wall Pocket - marigold
Crackled - McKee
McKee Ad: Crackle, along with being in April, 1929 Butler Bros. ad
Butler Bros. Mid-Winter 1927 ad
Grecian Urn - iridized smokey blue
Halloween Jar
Halloween Tumbler - flared sides
Halloween Tumbler - straight sides
Crabclaw - Imperial
Crabclaw Pitcher & Tumbler, Marigold
1912 Butler Bros. Ad - Crabclaw
Crackled - Tree of Life
Candy jar
Marigold pitcher
White pitcher
Creole Giant Rosebowl - Marigold Interior
Creole Article by John Nielsen
Creole Revisited Article by John Nielsen
Beadnell's Crucifix
Cambridge Ad
Leila’s Crucifix
Margaret’s Crucifix
McKee Ad
Crucifix with St Jude Candles - Marigold
St Jude Candle Box
Crucifix, Smoke
Two Crucifix - brick wall
1906 Butler Ad
1908 Butler Ad
1909 Imperial Catalog Ad
1914 Butler Ad
1915 Butler Ad

Cupped Nut Bowl – Marigold
Cupped Nut Bowl Base – Marigold
Cut Flowers
Cut Oval Candlesticks - Fenton
Cut Ovals - Celeste
Cut Ovals - Red
Czech Lamp Shades
Wall Lamp
Student Lamp

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