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Fenton - Part 8
FENTON -  Part  8

TEN MUMS ten and one-half inch bowl having tight CRE resulting in 8.50 diam. and 3 in. deep.
EMERALD GREEN Base Glass in the TEN MUMS Bowl!.
TEN MUMS - 10 1/2 inch bowl
having tight CRE resulting in
8.50 diam. and 3 in. deep.
in the TEN MUMS Bowl.

TEN MUMS:  is one of the most desirable patterns from Fenton. Water sets in blue, marigold, and a very rare white are known. No plates are known in this lovely pattern. These large bowls should  not be considered plentiful. The 10-10 1/2” collar-base bowls, may be ruffled, have a tight Candy Ribbon Edge, or the three and one edge crimp. Amethyst, blue, sometimes (electric), green, and marigold are the colors.
The CRE example we show here could be termed “electric”, but more importantly, the base glass color is considered to be emerald green. The bright iridescence highlighted with blue enhances the emerald green base glass.  Fenton green is difficult to surpass for sheer beauty, and in many cases, somewhat scarce in certain  patterns.
You can see that the exterior is not patterned. Ten Mums is a prime example of the skill executed by the mold-makers. While both the bowls and the water sets are named the same, there are ten chrysanthemums in the bowl pattern, and twelve used on the tankards/tumbler. Design must accommodate the space to be covered. It is as simple as that.
BLACKBERRY BANDED-Moonstone. Very Scarce.
BLACKBERRY BANDED - Moonstone. Very Scarce.

BLACKBERRY BANDED: The design is exclusive to this hat shape. The vertical lines separate it from another hat shape in Blackberry Spray.
Found ruffled, blue, marigold, marigold over moonstone, red and white are the colors found. The exterior is smooth. The ruffled edge is normally found on these hats.
Green CORAL Bowl-IC Shape-9 in. (Strawmark)
CORAL Bowl-8.5 Mgld.
Green CORAL Bowl -
IC Shape - 9 in. (Strawmark)
CORAL Bowl - 8.5 Mgld.

CORAL: This 9” bowl found in green ice cream shape is an unusual experience. We thought viewers would enjoy seeing it. Coral in the more familiar marigold ruffled shape can be located by clicking on ~~ C ~~ in our pattern alphabet.
A Coral bowl having three and one edge is possibly more rare than a Coral plate.

MID-SPRING 1911 Butler Bros. Ad:  Displays the Holly hatshape, among other well-known Fenton patterns.

1912 Butler Bros. Catalog
1912 Butler Bros. Catalog

1912 Butler Bros. Ad: Blackberry Banded and Holly patterns are evident in hatshape, along with some other familiar Fenton patterns.
HOLLY on Moonstone base.-6 Ruffle.
HOLLY on Moonstone base - 6 Ruffle.

HOLLY HAT: No doubt about Holly being a tremendous seller! Was it the Christmas theme it carries, or the fact that the pattern lends itself to display quite well? In any case, Holly was quite popular. The variety of colors and shapes induces entire collections to be built around this singular pattern! The hat shape can be found with a crimped or ruffled edge, two sides up, jack in the pulpit or squarish (four sided).
Colors: Amber, amberina, amethyst opal, aqua, aqua opal, blue, smoky blue, lavender opal, marigold, marigold over moonstone, red, vaseline, and lime green.
HOLLY Compote in Celeste Blue.
HOLLY Compote in Celeste Blue.

HOLLY COMPOTE:  The one shown here in Celeste is quite unusual. Having said that, there is such an array of colors known in this pretty little piece, that some of the other colors are every bit as scarce. Amber, Amberina (red), Blue, Amethyst, Black Amethyst, Aqua, Blue, Powder Blue, Green, Ice Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Lime Green Opal, Marigold, Olive Green, Pink, Red, Red Opal, Vaseline, Violet and White will provide you with some challenges to locate! Crimped edge, Straight up, 2 sides up and ruffled are known edge treatments.
HOLLY in Marigold over Moonstone with 3 and 1 Edge.
Green HOLLY Bowl-9 in. with 3 and 1 edge.
HOLLY in Marigold over Moonstone
with 3 and 1 Edge. 
Green HOLLY Bowl -
9 in. with 3 and 1 edge..
HOLLY Bowl in Vaseline
HOLLY Bowl in Vaseline

HOLLY Bowl in Moonstone and Green 3/1 edge:  9” bowls in Holly can be ruffled or have this attractive three and one edge. Amber, amethyst, black amethyst, amberina, aqua, aqua opal, in the case of one bowl known, blue, powder blue, blue opal, green, ice green is known in at least one bowl, lavender, lime, marigold,   marigold over moonstone,  peach opal, purple is rare, red, teal, vaseline, white.
Ice Cream, or round shaped bowls in the pattern are found in amethyst, black amethyst, aqua, blue, celeste, green, ice blue, ice green, lime, marigold, marigold over moonstone (rare), vaseline and white.

Dean & Diane Fry - 05/08


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