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Fostoria Patterns - A Few Examples


This box in pink iridized, measures 3 ½” w. x 1 ¼”h. x 2 ½” d. It is the first of these we have seen, so do not know whether it was made in other known Fostoria colors of blue, green, white and yellow. During the time we grew up in the 40s-50s, it was a mark of hospitality to provide a full cigarette box on the coffee table when guests were expected. The size of this pretty, decorative box would lend itself nicely to that service, or provide a lovely and useful addition to a dressing table. Many of the Fostoria pieces were detailed with a painted gold edge. There is no indication that such a trim was ever added to this box.

CHAIN & STAR Breakfast Set
CHAIN & STAR Breakfast Set

This set is listed in old Fostoria Catalog material as a hotel creamer and sugar. The sugar and creamer from the four piece table set is much different, with the sugar having a lid, and the creamer being an entirely different shape. The pattern is found in Weatherman's book, “Fostoria - it's First Fifty Years.” Fostoria called the pattern Virginia or #1467. There are two full pages in this book illustrating the many different shapes produced in this pattern. This small breakfast set we illustrate is shown. There is no way of knowing how many of those pieces were iridized. Only this sugar and creamer and perhaps a half dozen tumblers have been found having an amberish marigold color with very nice iridescence.

Other pieces in this pattern shown in the catalog: toothpick, individual salt dip and salt and pepper shakers.

SYDNEY Pitcher
SYDNEY marie
SYDNEY Pitcher
SYDNEY marie

Just as with Chain and Star, this pattern is a carry-over from earlier clear pressed glass. When Galen Johnson found this pitcher in the early  `90s, he called us about it. Never having seen any pieces in the pattern, we could not help very much. The same amber-type marigold color and iridescence as that displayed on the Chain and Star Sugar lends credence to the possibility that there are other obscure Fostoria patterns yet to be found with iridescence. This may be the only iridized example yet found in the Sydney pattern.

RIB OPTIC-candy dish
RIB OPTIC-candy dish

Listed in a 1927 catalog as #2250 - 1/2 lb. candy jar and cover. The glowing iridescent treatment is referred to as “Spanish Lustre”. The company used this technique only for a short time on a few select pieces during the late 1920s.

Fostoria or Central Glass SUMMER GARDEN
White SUMMER GARDEN-Fostoria or Central Glass compote
Fostoria or Central Glass SUMMER GARDEN
White SUMMER GARDEN-Fostoria or Central Glass compote

Central Glass Co. is credited with this pattern. This rather large compote stands 6 ¾” tall, with a bowl spread of 6 ½”. The pastel iridescence extends to cover the base.

BROCADED ACORNS-Lavender-14 in. x 11 and one half in.Console Bowl
Lavender CANDLESTICKS in BROCADED ACORNS-3 in. tall x 4 and one half in. bases.
Lavender Console Bowl
Lavender CANDLESTICKS in BROCADED ACORNS - 3 in. tall x 4 and one half in. bases

This lovely set of lavender color appeared on Ebay and sold quite reasonably. The peculiarity of these Fostoria examples (no matter the pattern), is that although they were made in this eastern part of the U.S.A., and very likely in large enough quantity that they should be fairly available today, trip after trip to antique malls, auctions, and in viewing other collectors' collections, very few examples reveal themselves.

green BROCADED PALMS serving tray
Pink BROCADED PALM bon-bon
serving tray
Pink BROCADED PALM bon-bon

Perhaps of all the known patterns in the Brocade line, this one is seen most often, yet as compared to other manufacturers' representation on the carnival glass market, Fostoria  is lacking. These pieces are perhaps a departure of sorts, from our consideration, but most certainly deserve their rightful place in lineage.

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