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Maize Cron Vase - Marigold
Maize Mustard Jar - Marigold
Majestic Tumbler - Pale Marigold
Malaga - Diamond Glass
Malaga Bowl, Marigold - Exterior
Malaga Bowl, Marigold - Interior
Malaga Bowl, Marigold - Large

Mallard Duck Miniature - Marigold
Manhattan - US Glass
Manhattan Pattern - 1909 US Glass Domestic Catalog
Manhattan Creamer
Manhattan Nappy - Marigold
Manhattan Liquor Set
Manhattan Vase - Marigold
Many Fruits Punch Sets - Dugan
Many Fruits - Amethyst
Many Fruits - Marigold
Many Fruits - White
Many Ribs - Dugan
Many Ribs, 6, Amethyst
Many Ribs, 7 P.O. JIP
Many Ribs, 5 P.O.
Many Ribs Vase in Marigold
Many Stars - Millersburg
Many Stars bowl - amethyst
Many Stars bowl - blue
Many Stars bowl - green
Many Stars bowl - marigold
Maple Leaf - Dugan
Maple Leaf berry set
1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Maple Leaf  Table Set - Purple
Maple Leaf stemmed berry, Amethyst

Marie McGee Photo
Marilyn - Millersburg
Marilyn Pitcher/Tumbler - Green
Marilyn Pitcher and Tumblers - Marigold
1912 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog ad
Marlin, TX Mineral Bath
Mineral Water Sink
Mineral Well Pump
Mineral Foot Bath and Fountain
Plate with Marlin TX Label

Martec Tumbler - Pale Marigold
Mason Jar Shakers - Marigold Mineral Treatment
Massachusetts - US Glass
Massachusetts Mug and Tumbler
Massachusetts Shot and Juice glasses, Marigold
Massachusetts Vase
Massachusetts Pattern - 1909 US Glass Domestic Catalog

Mayan Bowl - Green
Mayflower - Exterior Pattern of Grape Leaves
McKee Carnival Glass
Aztec Tumbler - Pale Marigold
Butler Bros. Ad-Feb. 1911
Car or Limousine vases - Complete Book of McKee ads
Car Vases - Marigold
McKee Catalog Ad - Car Vases
Heartband Mug
Heartband Mug - Complete Book of McKee ad
Heartband Open Sugar
Heartband Creamer
Majestic Tumbler - Pale Marigold
Martec - Pale Marigold
Puritan marigold plate (in black and white)
Puritan Plate - Complete Book of McKee ad
Sunbeam Whiskey glass
Tambour Art Clock
Tambour Art Clock - Complete Book of McKee ad
Unnamed Vase - Complete Book of McKee ad

Meander - Ice Blue - Exterior of Sunflower Bowl
Measuring Cup - Marigold
1908 Butler Bros. Ad
Memphis - Northwood
Memphis bowl sitting on base - lime or ice green
Memphis Fruit Bowl and base-lime or ice green
Memphis Punch Set - marigold
Memphis Fruit Bowl and Base - Green
Memphis Punch Bowl and Base - Ice Blue
Memphis Punch Bowl and Base - Marigold
Memphis Punch Bowl and Base - White
Memphis Punch Set - Amethyst
Mikado - Fenton
1922 Butler Bros. ad
Cherries exterior pattern
Compotes in Green and Marigold
Milady - Fenton
Milady Pitcher and Tumbler - Blue
Milady Tankard - Amethyst
Milady Tankard - Marigold
Milady Tumbler - Marigold

Millersburg Elk Paperweight
Millersburg Factory Pictures
Millersburg Factory Mixing Room
Millersburg Factory Stock Certificate
Millersburg Glass Company in about 1911
Millersburg Glass Company Mixing Room.
The Main Building interiror.
The Furnace where the glass was fired.
The Engine and Machine Room.
Miniature Intaglio - Westmoreland
Miniature Intaglio Basket
Miniature Intaglio Flower, Blue Opal
Miniature Intaglio Nut Cup, Marigold
Miniature Intaglio - US Glass
Miniature Intaglio Nut Cup-aka: Wild Rose
Butler Bros. Ad-1911
Minnesota - US Glass
Minnesota Flashed Mgld. toothpick
Minnesota Mug - Pale Marigold
Minnesota Pattern -  1909 US Glass Domestic Catalog
Mirrored Lotus - Fenton
Mirrored Lotus Bowl - Smoky Blue
Mirrored Lotus plate - celeste
Mirrored Lotus Rosebowl - Marigold
Mirrored Lotus - Rosebowl - white
Mirrored Lotus - Rosebowl - white
Mitered Ovals - Millersburg
Mitered Ovals vase, Amethyst
Mitered Ovals vase, Green
Mitered Ovals vase, Marigold
Morning Glory - Millersburg
Morning Glory Tankard - Amethyst
Morning Glory Tankard - Marigold
Morning Glory Tumbler - Amethyst
Morning Glory Tumbler - Green
Morning Glory tumbler, mgld.
Morning Glory Exterior - Dugan
Morning Glory - Intaglio - Peach Opal
Morning Glory Vases - Imperial
Morning Glory Vase, 4 ½ - Helios
Morning Glory Base Star, 12 Point
Morning Glory Funeral , 18 Green
Morning Glory Mid-Size, Marigold
Morning Glory Mid-Size Base - Many Stars
Morning Glory Mid-Size, Purple
Morning Glory Mid-Size Base - Many Stars
Morning Glory Mid-Size Funeral, 16 Smoke
Morning Glory Small vase 5.5 Smoke
Morning Glory Vase - 6 inch - Helios
Morning Glory Small vase, 7 Clambroth
Morning Glory Small vase, 7 Helios
Morning Glory 11.5 " Vase - Helios
Morning Glory Standard vase, 12 Purple
Morning Glory Squat - marigold
Update - Miniature size Morning Glory Vase in rare Teal
Multi-Fruits and Flowers - Millersburg
Sherbert Cup - Green
Pitcher - Amethyst
Pitcher - Collar Base - Amethyst
Pitcher - Straight Sides - Amethyst
Punch Set - Flared - Amethyst
Punch Set - Amethyst - Flared
Punch Set - Blue - Bowl / Base - Tulip
Punch Set - Blue - Bowl / Base/ Cups - Tulip
Punch Set - Tulip Top - Amehyst
Tumbler - Green
My Lady's Puff Box
My Lady's Powder Box
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad - My Lady's Powder Box

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