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Northwood - Part 14
CHERRIES, PEARS and BLACKBERRIES 6 in. diam. x 3.25 in. high.
CHERRIES, PEARS and BLACKBERRIES 6 in. diam. x 3.25 in. high.
CHERRIES, PEARS and BLACKBERRIES within three panels.Courtesy Phil Hessenius
CHERRIES, PEARS and BLACKBERRIES within three panels.
Courtesy Phil Hessenius

CHERRIES, PEARS, and BLACKBERRIES: At one time, Phil Hessenius owned this small footed 6” bowl having the three mentioned fruits within the three-panel exterior. No others have been reported. Perhaps it represents an un-marketed sample which was never placed into production; (a salesman’s sample?)

An oblong 3-ftd. bowl named Cherries,  similar in pattern design to Millersburg’s Hanging Cherries brought $2700. in 1998 during a Lincoln Land auction. It is said there are three other blue examples, along with a marigold bowl. There is a floral interior design on these bowls. Fenton is said to have produced these.

N. FLUTE Salt Set. Mgld..
Northwood FLUTE Salt Set, Marigold

FLUTE: This is one of the early iridescent efforts from Northwood. Given #21 in their product line, it had been quite a good seller during the crystal period and was placed into the iridescent line in early 1909.

The celery vase is only found in marigold. The salt set is seldom seen, but was produced in marigold, amethyst, vaseline and sapphire blue.

8 in. N. FLUTE plate from  berry bowl.
8 inch NORTHWOOD FLUTE plate made from a  berry bowl.

FLUTE 8” plate:  Since this is not listed as a factory product, we might “assume” it to be the result of an “after-market flattening process!?”

N. FLUTE Small Berry-2 in. high-Marigold
Northwood FLUTE Small Berry - 2 in. high - Marigold.
N. FLUTE Small Berry. 4.75 in. diam. x 2.25 in. base..
Northwood FLUTE Small Berry. 4.75 in. diam. x 2.25 in. base.
FLUTE by N. in Green! 4.5 in. Berry Bowl. Alaskan Finish.
FLUTE by Northwood in Green! 4.5 inch Berry Bowl. Alaskan Finish.

FLUTE Berry bowls:  The Berry Sets are known to have been produced in marigold and green.

Northwood Nearcut tumbler - Marigold.

NEARCUT Tumbler:  Nearcut was Northwood’s #12 semi-cut crystal, marketed during 1904 – 1906. 34 different items appeared in the line.
In carnival glass, the only items known are the water pitcher, found in marigold, the tumbler, known in marigold and amethyst,  a goblet found in marigold, amethyst and green, along with a compote, shaped from the goblet.
(To view other examples in this very scarce pattern, please click on – N -- here or in the pattern alphabet on the homepage.)

Peacock at the Ftn. Water set

PEACOCK @ the FOUNTAIN Water Set:  Introduced in 1912, the water set has become a favorite among collectors. “Harry’s Birds” are quite prominent in most collections. A patent for this design was granted in July 1914. Most items within this extensive line bear the N trademark.
(To view several other colors in this water set, please click on – P -- here or in our pattern alphabet on the homepage.)

PEACOCK @ FOUNTAIN Master Berry Bowl-$170. Wroda Auciton-8-11.
PEACOCK @ FOUNTAIN Master Berry Bowl -
sold for $170. Wroda Auciton in August 2011.

PEACOCK @ the FOUNTAIN Berry Set:  Most often seen in marigold and amethyst, the white and cobalt blue berry sets are quite scarce. Ice blue and ice green are seldom seen. Green is indeed rare!

Dean & Diane Fry, 12-11

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