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Candlesticks - Part 9

Rare Northwood #651-Sapphire
Rare Northwood #651-Sapphire

NORTHWOOD #651:  Harry Northwood – The Wheeling Years – 1920-1925 display this design on page 135 in Russet color. These rare candlesticks have also been seen in Jade Blue and Vaseline. The square bases are note worthy.

N. (TRUMPET) 6.5 in. Jade  Blue.  c. 1920.
Northwood (TRUMPET) 6.5 in. Jade  Blue.  c. 1920.
N. (TRUMPET) in Celeste- 6.50 in. x 4 in. base
Northwood (TRUMPET) in Celeste - 6.50 in. x 4 in. base.
Northwood _719 (TRUMPET) in Topaze (Vaseline)-4 in. base diam. x 6.75 in. tall-1920s
Northwood  #719 (TRUMPET) in Topaze (Vaseline)
4 in. base diam. x 6.75 in. tall -1920s.

NORTHWOOD # 719 (Trumpet):  These 6” candlesticks were not part of a console set. Company catalog pages display them in company with other candleholders and a couple of vases. Amethyst, Celeste, Jade blue, Russett, and Topaz (Vaseline) are known colors. These have a smaller cup height than the Central or Vineland (Trumpet) styles.

Marigold over Milk Glass - 9 in. tall. Seen in a Central Glass Co. Book.
Marigold over Milk Glass - 9 in. tall.
Seen in a Central Glass Co. Book.

CENTRAL GLASS (MARIGOLD over Milk Glass)?: We check out the local auction house in our area every Tues. This week (in April 2008), offered a tremendous collection of “collector” books, including china, pottery, cut glass, etc. There were several boxes of books pertaining to pressed glass and carnival glass as well. Many of these books have been out of print for years. One book surrounding Candlesticks written by Margaret and Douglas Archer was apparently part of a series. One designated as Book I offered this pattern in a pair of pressed glass candlesticks with information surrounding Central Glass (located in Wheeling, WV area) as the producer. The question is this: Were only the pressed glass examples produced by Central, and did they precede or follow these marigold over milk glass examples? We all know that in many cases, more than one manufacturer utilized moulds. Westmoreland, along with other glass companies were in business at about the same time, so the final answer may not be ascertainable.

A Response offering a different opinion:

Dean and Diane,

Thanks for responding to my email. While Central and Dugan-Diamond made similar candlesticks, the ones shown in your website are ribbed. They are part of Dugan-Diamonds 900 line, known as Adam's Rib. The candlesticks with the smooth surface were the look-a-likes for both Central and Dugan-Diamond. The difference is that the Central stick has a thicker rim at the base and no mold seam at the rim's edge. I own about 60-70 sets of Carnival and/or Stretch candlesticks and can see the difference first hand. Dugan-Diamond's 900 line has various pieces made in marigold over milk glass including a compote and console bowl. Unfortunately, I do not own a set of Adam's Rib candlesticks.

Hope all is well

7 in. (TRUMPET) by Central Glass-Pink Satin.
7 in. (TRUMPET) by Central Glass - Pink Satin.
Central (TRUMPET) - 7 in. high, 4 in. base. Ice Green.Central (TRUMPET) Candlesticks - 9 in. tall. x 4 in. base -  Jade Green.
Central Glass (TRUMPET) - in Ice Green (left) and Jade Green (right).

CENTRAL GLASS (Trumpet) Candlesticks:  While Northwood, Vineland and Central all made their own version of Trumpet, as nearly as we can determine, it was Central Glass who initiated the “satin” type finish. Two sizes are known in these candlesticks: 9 ¼”tall x 4 3/8” base and 7” tall x 4” base. Ice green, Celeste, Jade green satin and Pink satin are known colors.

Vineland TRUMPET in Celeste - 7 in. tall x 4 in. base.
Vineland TRUMPET in Celeste - 7 in. tall x 4 in. base.
Vineland TRUMPET in Wisteria Stretch-1920s-no mark-7 in. tall.
Vineland TRUMPET in Wisteria Stretch -
1920s - no mark - 7 in. tall.

VINELAND (Trumpet) Candlesticks:  Some difference is noted in the candle cup style from those made by other companies, along with some variation in the color offering, but the significant point to be made here, is that during the 1920s era, any type of candlestick was apparently acceptable when considering the vase numbers produced. These have a 7” height, with 4” base. Celeste, Purple and Wisteria are known colors.

Etched variation shown in Imperial Catalog 104A.FLUTE & CANE-Smoke
Left - Etched variation shown in Imperial Catalog 104A.
Right - FLUTE & CANE - Smoke.

FLUTE and CANE Candlestick:  A pair of these in Smoke sold for $575. in 2007. A single marigold candlestick has brought $100. Yes, this 7” beauty should be considered rare. They certainly are not available very often. Dave and Reva Drabing have collected candlesticks since about 1997, and in their listing of Top Ten Candlesticks according to Rarity, these candlesticks are given fourth place.

Dean & Diane Fry – 10/10

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed,
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Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.   (Psalm 46)

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