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Westmoreland Smooth Rays and Others
Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS, among others!

Amethyst Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS 8.5 in. bowl has unpatterned exterior.
Amethyst Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS 8.5 in. bowl has unpatterned exterior.
Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS 8.5 in. (Green).
Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS in Green, 8.5 inches.
Westmoreland 9 in. SMOOTH RAYS on Milk Glass..
Westmoreland 9 inch SMOOTH RAYS on Milk Glass..
Amethyst Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS 9 in.
Amethyst Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS, 9 inch.

Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS: This company utilized at least two different edges for bowls in this early pattern. Beyond 1909-1910, the Rays patterns are not found in the Butler Brothers Catalog ads. Blue Opal bowls are known in the 9” size, along with peach opal. The blue opal compotes are seldom sold at carnival glass auctions.
Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS Compote-6.5 in. diam., 3.5 in. high.-Blue Opal.Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS Ext.
Left - Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS Compote - 6.5 in. diam. - Blue Opal.
Right - Westmoreland SMOOTH RAYS Compote Exterior, 3.5 in. high.

You may view a couple of other examples in this pattern: Just click on (Westmoreland – Part 4)

TREE BARK Plate-8 in. diam.x 4.5 in. starred marie.Courtesy J & C Curtis.
TREE BARK Plate - 8 in. diameter x 4.5 in. Has a starred marie.
Courtesy J & C Curtis.

TREE BARK Plate:  Curtis’ believe this is an example of Westmoreland production. As we have previously stated in our TREE BARK segment already posted on site, Jeannette is another possibility. Transition patterns from the carnival glass era into Depression-type glassware were very likely produced by two or three companies. Sales are based on desirability and this alone could bring about close similarity in production designs.

9 in. DAISY WREATH BOWL-Blue opal
9 inch DAISY WREATH BOWL - Blue opal
P.O. PEARLY DOTS 8.5 in.  Bowl. Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis..
P.O. PEARLY DOTS 8.5 inch  Bowl - Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.

DAISY WREATH Bowl:  A whimsied marigold vase created from the bowl mould is known. The 9” bowls can be ruffled or ice cream shaped. Blue opal, marigold, marigold on milk glass and peach opal examples exist. There is at least one known blue opal plate.

PEARLY DOTS Bowl:  The absence of stippling on the dots separates this design from Fenton’s Coin Dot. Blue opal, amethyst marigold and peach opal bowls, along with compotes in the same colors are from Westmoreland. An occasional amethyst 9” plate is seen. Overall, the pattern is not plentiful. Teal, aqua, green, and  amber examples are found in the bowl shape. Some rosebowl shaped examples are known.

Marigold CHECKERBOARD. Very RARE-$600.

CHECKERBOARD Tumbler:  Considered very rare and desirable. Tumbler collectors rate them near the top and search diligently for them! Top diameter is 2 5/8”. The bottom measures 2 ¼”. Amethyst and marigold tumblers will always bring top dollar. (L.G. Wright reproduced pitchers and tumblers using the old moulds!)

Teal-Green TWO-SEVENTY Compote. Courtesy Seeck Auctions..
Teal-Green TWO-SEVENTY Compote. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
Amethyst TWO- SEVENTY Compote-Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
Amethyst TWO- SEVENTY Compote - Courtesy Seeck Auctions.

TWO-SEVENTY:  Here is another pattern not available very often in Carnival Glass auctions. It has a 6” diameter across the open top. Amethyst, aqua, blue opal, marigold/milk glass, peach opal and teal-green colors are known.

Dean & Diane Fry – 04 - 2012

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