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Westmoreland - Part 10
CHECKERBOARD from the July 1914 Butler Bros. Catalog.
CHECKERBOARD from the July 1914 Butler Bros. Catalog.
CHECKERBOARD Pitcher - Amethyst (Vintage version)CHECKERBOARD Pitcher- Ice Blue 8.25 in. Repro. Orig. paper-foil label and (WG) trademark in bottom. Courtesy Rick Kojis.
Left: - CHECKERBOARD Pitcher - Amethyst (Vintage version).
Right: - CHECKERBOARD Pitcher- Ice Blue 8.25 in. Repro.
Orig. paper-foil label and (WG) trademark in bottom. Courtesy Rick Kojis.
CHECKERBOARD Tumbler-Ameth.3.75 in. tall CHECKERBOARD Tumbler Base design-Ameth CHECKERBOARD Goblet
Left: - CHECKERBOARD Tumbler - Amethyst - 3.75 in. tall.
Middle: - CHECKERBOARD Tumbler Base design - Amethyst.
Right: - Rare CHECKERBOARD Goblet in marigold.
CHECKERBOARD Creamer. Westmoreland mark on bottom. (WG) 3.75 in. high.
Westmoreland mark on bottom. (WG) 3.75 in. high.

CHECKERBOARD: Examples of classic/vintage Checkerboard are seldom offered for sale and should be considered among the most rare of carnival glass items. L.G. Wright had some of the shapes reproduced using the original moulds, so be aware of the WG trademark. We are fortunate to have a photo of a vintage pitcher in amethyst, along with a tumbler displaying the base design. Water sets in amethyst, some rare marigold tumblers, amethyst and marigold goblets and a few punch cups in marigold are the extent of shapes known in “old” carnival glass.
Westmoreland also reproduced the pattern in honey, ice blue and amethyst.  The pattern was called Checkerboard until the 1940's. Westmoreland called the pattern Old Quilt or Old Quilted after the 1940's.
Westmoreland made the pitcher and tumblers in lime green for Levay in 1976 and cobalt in 1978.  A smaller juice set was also made for Levay in blue opal. Several other pieces were reproduced during the same time period in honey and ice blue.  They included a celery vase, covered butter and a covered sugar and creamer.

Kings Crown ad-Mid-Spring 1911
KINGS CROWN Goblet - three and five-eighths in. tall x 2 in. wide.Very rare and only seen in Marigold Carnival Glass.
KINGS CROWN Goblet - 3 5/8 in. tall x 2 in. wide.
Very rare and only seen in Marigold Carnival Glass.

KINGS CROWN:  Crystal, ruby-stained and amber examples are plentiful enough, but carnival glass goblet and wine glasses in marigold are few and far between. While it may not meet the acceptance of a Peoples Vase, it could assuredly be considered just as rare!

MINIATURE INTAGLIO Almond Cup-$205. 3-08
MINIATURE INTAGLIO Almond Cup-$205. 3-08.

MINIATURE INTAGLIO NUT CUP:  Early reports indicated the producer to have been U.S. Glass. The only color known was marigold.  However, a peach opalescent example has been reported in a prominent Texas collection. The peach opal is around the top edge.  We believe it to have been manufactured by Westmoreland Glass Co.

Miniature Intaglio Flower

MINIATURE INTAGLIO FLOWER:  attributed to Westmoreland and shown here in blue opal is very similar in overall design.
The tiny almond or nut cup stands only 2” – 2 ½” tall, measuring 2 ½” to 3 ¼” across the top. The base is only 1 ¾” in diameter. The top will vary somewhat from round to square. Sometimes one will be found having Souvenir advertising stenciled on.  Rose Presznick’s Book 4-plate 204 names the pattern “Wild Rose Wreath.”

Lg.  SHELL, Footed-Marigold over Milk Glass- 7.5 in
Lg.  SHELL, Footed-Marigold over Milk Glass- 7.5 inches.
Lg.SHELL, Footed -in Peach Opal..L.L. Conv. Seeck-6-08
Lg.SHELL, Footed - in Peach Opal..L.L. Conv. Seeck-6-08.
Lg. SHELL, Footed, in Peach Opal.  ACGA Conv. Remmen-6-08
Lg. SHELL, Footed, in Peach Opal.  ACGA Conv. Remmen-6-08.

SHELL, Footed:  Many auctions of carnival glass come and go without any examples of this unusual shape. The marigold over milk glass Shell scarcely ever presents itself for purchase and to date, only two-three examples are known to exist in peach opalescent. White is another reported color, but during our 40 years of searching/researching carnival glass, we have yet to allude to one. This larger of two sizes found in the Shell pattern is about 7 ½” long.

For more history on this pattern, please refer to our segment: WESTMORELAND – Part 2.

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