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White is a Delight

Tom and Mabel Sprain of CA were among the first collectors to “specialize” in a white collection. They were active during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s time period. Tom wrote one Edition of a carnival glass price guide. Their claim to this admittedly lovely pastel was that the more of it placed together, the prettier is becomes. That is an accurate summation of this definite delicacy!
Northwood white is almost without exception, frosty and colorful. Fenton certainly CAN be an overall delight in both those areas, but more often than not, only one attribute exists. Either the piece is nicely iridized OR it is frosty. Dugan examples nearly always are pleasing and colorful. However, as you view the Floral & Grape waterset in this segment, you will surely agree, that other than being extremely difficult to locate in white, its attributes offer no frosty affect and very little iridescence.

Feathers Vase
Oriental Poppy Tankard and Tumbler

FEATHERS - is one of the oldest vase designs, introduced in opalescent glass in 1904. The first iridized version was offered in 1909 in the Alaskan treatment over green base glass. The marigold overlay on green glass was used on some other (Northwood) patterns, as well. This vase pattern remained in production through 1912 when the pastel colors were introduced. The Alaskan iridescent green vases are found more often than other colors. Marigold runs a close second. Although not usually expensive, the amethyst vases are much harder to locate. Ice blue examples quite rare, with white even more so. The N mark is usually visible and the sizes extend from 6” to 12”. This vase is 7 5/8” tall. This prize vase was purchased over Ebay from a longtime Indiana collector.

ORIENTAL POPPY - This mould-blown tankard has an applied handle and they are not trademarked, although the tumblers are usually signed with the N in the circle-underlined. These sets were marketed alongside the Dandelion tankards in the catalogs, during the dominant years of 1911-1912. While ice blue and white tankards are rare, the tumblers in those same colors turn up quite often. Marigold and amethyst tankards are seen most frequently, with green, white, and cobalt blue next in line. Ice blue is quite rare, and the ice green sets are exceedingly rare. Tumblers in green, and lime green are known. This pattern is known only in water sets. An 11” marigold bowl appeared in 1991, which some called Oriental Poppy. However, that mould was carried over from the non-iridized era and the pattern was called Intaglio Poppy. This tankard is 13 ½” tall. (Northwood)) Purchased these pieces from a collector/dealer in the San Diego area.
Cosmos & Cane Tankard and Tumbler
Cosmos & Cane Tall Compote

COSMOS & CANE Tankard and Tumbler - This most elegant of designs from (US Glass) is among the very scarce! We make that statement with a definite “leaning” towards fantastic as a more descriptive label! Carnival Glass doesn’t get much better than this in any form. The shape of this tankard has a square-like base, moving upwards to the customary round opening! Consider the constraints presented to the mould-maker in such design. FIRST-CLASS, eh? The overall design is reminiscent of cut, etched crystal. Entries into the iridized line are few~~~from US Glass, but the most emphatic statement to be made about their white pieces: The iridescent quality is superb, and the glass has a slight grayish tinge, which lends an air of finesse! Ownership of these sets presents difficulty. Dozens of auctions come and go, without an opportunity. Honey Amber is another color known in this pattern of waterset. This tankard is 9 7/8” tall. Tankard purchased from a Burns Auction. Tumbler was found in an Escondido, CA shop. We owned it for TEN years before locating the tankard! Talk about Patience!

COSMOS & CANE Tall Compote - This piece was purchased for us by the late Bob Gallo and shipped to San Diego. It was the first time for many years that one became available, but we could not arrange to come east for the sale. Not many of these exist in white; perhaps fewer than a dozen…….only a couple in what is called Honey Amber in US Glass terms are known to exist. Notice that even the base of the scalloped foot has design to offer! How many other compotes offer such overall beauty? (This is “class” on a stem!) It stands 6 ¾” tall.
COSMOS & CANE 7” glowing ruffled bowl
COSMOS & CANE 4 ½” tall compote
COSMOS & CANE 4 ½” tall compote

COSMOS & CANE 7” glowing ruffled bowl - has Headdress pattern for interior design. Headdress is a known pattern to accompany some bowls in this size. The same pattern name is applied to some bowls made by Brockwitz. However, the two patterns have their distinct differences. This and the larger bowl in this pattern are found in square shapes, on occasion. We bought this bowl from a Reichel Sale.

COSMOS & CANE 4 ½” tall compote - is seen more often than the tall version, and the dome foot on this one is quite pleasing to look at, as well. It can be found in honey amber color, along with most of the other iridized pieces in this pattern. When any of the shapes in this pattern make an appearance, desire runs high among interested purchasers, so be prepared to pay a premium for ownership. ANY serious collector places great value on their beauty. Fred Roque sold this piece to us many years ago.

Tree Trunk
Thin Rib

TREE TRUNK - 12” mid-size vases in white are not readily available. However, for those who enjoy collecting all the colors in a given pattern, the selection is extensive in this design. They can be found in 11’-14” heights of marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, ice blue, ice green, lime green, aqua opalescent, horehound, sapphire blue, marigold over custard and iridized blue slag. That should be enough variety to satisfy your “habit”. (Northwood) We attained this example through a “trade” with Judy Maxwell.

THIN RIB - Mid-size funeral vases have nine vertical ribs, a base diameter of 4 ¼” to 4 ½”, vary in height from a rare jardinière size of 6 ½” to as much as 15” tall. 12”-14” is the usual range. This white example is 12 7/8”. Marigold, amethyst, and green examples are reasonably easy to locate. Cobalt blue and white vases turn up in fair numbers. Ice blue, ice green, lime green, sapphire blue, vaseline, amber and aqua opalescent all take time to discover. The jardinière has been reported only in amethyst to date and is very rare! (Northwood) Purchased privately from Mickey Reichel.
Floral & Grape - Dugan
Grapevine Lattice

FLORAL AND GRAPE - in this (Dugan) waterset differs from the Fenton waterset of the same name in that the diagonal lines lean to the left, whereas, on the Fenton sets they lean to the right, and have fewer flowers and leaves in the design. The horizontal lines enclosing the diagonals on this Dugan set, are not included in the Fenton version. Other available colors: marigold, amethyst, cobalt blue, lime green w/ marigold overlay. Ruffled hat shapes made from the tumblers can be found in marigold and amethyst, along with rare jack-in-the-pulpit hats only in marigold. Additonal note: Fenton is not known to have produced this pattern in white.

GRAPEVINE LATTICE - tankards are 11 ¾” tall, taking on a “stately” air. These sets are not plentiful even in marigold. The tankard is mold-blown with an applied handle, which offers a delicate appearance. Cobalt blue sets are quite rare, with few perfect examples known. White sets are difficult, as well. Amethyst usually offers a “silvery” appearance to the iridescence. Other shapes: 6”-7” bowls in marigold, amethyst, white, a 7” plate in white, amethyst, marigold and peach opalescent, marigold and amethyst ruffled hats, and a jack-in-the-pulpit hat in amethyst. (Dugan) The tankard was purchased from one of Jim Wroda’s early sales in Columbus, OH.

Floral & Grape & Grapevine Lattice
Cosmos & Cane and Palm Beach

NOTE:  Please be certain to read the article by Doris Bliss concerning Cosmos & Cane, found among the contributions from interested readers in the “Rose Hall of Fame

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