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Westmoreland - Part 14
CORINTH Bowl-Aqua-Teal-7.75 in. wide x 2.25 in. tall.
CORINTH Bowl - Aqua-Teal - 7.75 in. wide x 2.25 in. tall.
7 in. Marigold over Milk Glass CORINTH Bowl.
7 in. Marigold over Milk Glass CORINTH Bowl.
7.75 in. Ameth. CORINTH Bowl.
7.75 in. Amethyst CORINTH Bowl.

CORINTH Bowl:  This 7” size bowl in marigold over milk glass is somewhat more unusual than a marigold or purple example. The pattern is also found on vases, which you will find in some of our other segments focusing on Westmoreland glass. The aqua/teal example is nearly as scarce, with amethyst being a bit more available.

CORINTH 9 in. JIP-Teal
CORINTH vase - 9 inch JIP - Teal.

CORINTH Vase: Yes, there are a number of colors seen in this vase (click into - C - in our pattern alphabet). However, close observance indicates this one to be teal in color, since the color is so intense! No aqua here! One could build quite a collection of these vases with the range of colors available.

CAIRO Breakfast Set-(Orphan Annie)-Teal.
CAIRO Breakfast Set - (Orphan Annie) - Teal.
ORPHAN ANNIE or CAIRO Breakfast Set in Amethyst.3 in. high x 5 & one-eighth in. across handles.
ORPHAN ANNIE or CAIRO Breakfast Set in Amethyst.
3 inch high x 5 1/8 inch across handles.
#294 & #295 CAIRO Breakfast Set. 1909 etching-Mt. Clemens. Seeck Auctions
#294 & #295 CAIRO Breakfast Set.
1909 etching - Mt. Clemens. Seeck Auctions
ORPHAN ANNIE or CAIRO Sugar in Ameth.
ORPHAN ANNIE or CAIRO Sugar in Amethyst.

ORPHAN ANNIE/CAIRO :  or Egyptian Lustre by 1907-1911 Butler Bros. Catalog description is a very simply, or modernistically designed breakfast set. Other colors can be seen in our Breakfast Sets – Part 3 segment, listed on our homepage. This view of an amethyst pair is exceptionally pretty! The bowl on each piece is 3” in diameter. Teal is an unusual color for this set. Up into the 1940s, State Fairs had vendors who would “personalize” various forms of glassware. Having no exterior design, this set would have been desirable for that purpose.
8 in. COLUMBUS-Hartung Book 6 pattern on exterior.Courtesy J & C Curtis.
8 in. COLUMBUS - Hartung Book 6 pattern on exterior.
Courtesy J & C Curtis.

SHIP & BEADS: (Columbus) :  This name is appropriately applied by Jerry Curtis. It delineates the differences shown in the pattern Mrs. Hartung displays, called Sailing Ship, Book 4, page 109. Sailing Ship notes no beads and no design surrounding the border, or edge of the plate. There are differences in the ship as well. You will find another variation in Novelties - Part 11. Marigold is the dominant color for all known 8” plates offering a ship design.

PILLOW & SUNBURST Bowl. Courtesy Mitchell Stewart.
PILLOW & SUNBURST Bowl. Courtesy Mitchell Stewart.

PILLOW & SUNBURST Bowl: This is a very pleasing exterior pattern in an 8”-9” size, depending upon the shallow depth of the bowl. Marigold and amethyst are seen occasionally. More scarce: Aqua/teal, blue opal and peach opal.

Exterior pattern-PILLOW & SUNBURST plate. Plain interior-Mgld.
Exterior pattern - PILLOW & SUNBURST plate. Plain interior - Marigold.

PILLOW & SUNBURST Plate:  9” plates are found in marigold and amethyst.

WILD BERRY Powder Jar Base-P.O. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
WILD BERRY Powder Jar Base - Peach Opal.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions.

WILD BERRY Powder Jar:  Elusive and quite scarce is the description for this piece! One or two of the marigold examples have lids. Two examples are marked with (script) Souvenir advertising. Examples in Blue opal, Moonstone, and this P.O. base minus a lid somehow indicate Westmoreland to be the producer, although no “definite” information to that effect is known.

Dean & Diane Fry,  9-12

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