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US Glass - Part 13
U.S.  GLASS– Part 13
U.S. Glass Company-Pittsburgh, Pa.- 1937 Catalog.
U.S. Glass Company-Pittsburgh, Pa.- 1937 Catalog.

This catalog page appears in A - Z U.S. Glass book by Heacock & Bickenheuser. Note the wine goblets seen in patterns of Texas Loop, Rising Sun, Portland. Slewed Horseshoe and the Bullseye patterns are seen on the bottom row.
SLEWED HORSESHOE-Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis
SLEWED HORSESHOE - Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.

SLEWED HORSESHOE Punch Base & Cups:  This one is green with blue iridescence. It has been reported in green slag punch cups. U.S. Glass Pattern #15111. These green shades are not known to have been included in original production.

The pattern was originally produced by U.S. Glass, more specifically; Gillinder & Sons and Doyle & Company Factories, who produced the clear pattern in 1908. In the case of the punch cup and this punch base, the light green with satin iridescence on the exterior is like Consolidated Glass produced following WWII when the 15000 Series punch bowls were popular. This base weighs almost 6 lbs. and measures 6 ¾” high x 8 ¾” across the toothed base.  There is a possibility that the mould (like many others) is now in the hands of a manufacturer outside the United States, such as Orizaba/Mexico, or Lancaster Glass Co.

Jerry and Carol Curtis are looking for the matching punch bowl.

Note: While viewing glass for an approaching auction at Christy’s in Greenwood, IN on April 14, 2009, we were privileged to see the complete original punch set in crystal. The base is identical to the green one shown here. Although the bowl has a flared opening, the cut design is like the one seen in the Indiana Glass Ad. Base, bowl and 12 cups sat on a huge round tray of the same horseshoe design. Other shapes to be sold: Slewed Horseshoe shaped flat relish tray, handled nappy, round 5” sauce, large water pitcher and compote, a syrup jug, a spare punch base, along with a water goblet like the one seen in our U.S. Glass catalog ad.

Slewed Horseshoe 15 pc. set
Slewed Horseshoe 15 pc. set
LADLE-13.5 in. long.
LADLE - 13.5 in. long.

SLEWED HORSESHOE 14 pc. Punch Set/Ladle:  The under-plate is 21” in diameter. The bowl is 12” in diameter and 8” high. Each of the 11 cups is 2 ¼” high.

PINWHEEL and STAR-Indiana Glass-Courtesy Donna Adler.
PINWHEEL and STAR - Indiana Glass - Courtesy Donna Adler.

PINWHEEL and STAR catalog ad: from a 1975 Indiana Glass Catalog. U.S. Glass made the original set in crystal, in 1908 and the set was mainly sold with this large, 21” under-plate. Less common were the sets with the punch base. Indiana Glass acquired the mold and made Pinwheel and Star sets in 1975.

Henahan, Ark. 1900-Duncan & Sons.SUPERIOR Bath House, 8.25 in. tall x 6 in. diam.
Left - Henahan, Ark. 1900 - Duncan & Sons.
Right - SUPERIOR Bath House, 8.25 in. tall x 6 in. diameter.
U.S. Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. -1937 Catalog..
U.S. Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. -1937 Catalog.
Page 90-U.S. Glass-A-Z Book.
Page 90 - U.S. Glass - A-Z Book.
WATER BOTTLES: Flashed marigold, as shown here with stenciling, were produced by Factory D- Geo. Duncan & Sons, Pittsburgh, Pa.  Finding this bottle among the 1937 production items is not at all surprising. Hotel dining rooms and cafeterias placed these on their dining tables well into the 1940s.

White COSMOS & CANE Spittoon..
White COSMOS & CANE Spittoon.
COSMOS and CANE Spittoon-Honey Amber-$2300. 6-10 Wroda Auction.
COSMOS and CANE Spittoon - Honey Amber.
Sold for $2300 in 6-10 at Wroda Auction.

COSMOS & CANE Spittoons:  How many of these are there? We display one in Honey Amber in our COSMOS & CANE segment, formed from the stemmed version of the pattern. These two collar-based examples appear to have been formed from the small berry bowl. If you wonder whether they were factory-produced; we prefer to believe that some clever soul, such as the ones who re-form a bowl into a plate in present day, have in years past, created these. The process obliterates the pattern!

FIELD THISTLE Bowl-Honey Amber-9.5 in. diam. x 3 25 in. high.
FIELD THISTLE Bowl - Honey Amber - 9.5 in. diam. x 3 25 in. high.

FIELD THISTLE Bowl: The bowl shape is more unusual than 9” plates in this pattern. This particular bowl sold for only $5.00 in 2009! Pale celeste blue is a very unusual color found in a small bowl and a creamer in this pattern. Click into U.S. Glass – Part 3 to view those pieces.

Dean & Diane Fry – 11/09
God speaks to those who are quiet before Him.
Oswald Chambers stated in My Utmost for His Highest—
“Jesus rarely comes where we expect Him:
He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical situations.
The only way a worker can keep true to God is by being ready for the Lord’s
surprise visits.”

On any ordinary day, the Lord may have a word of encouragement,
guidance, or instruction for us, if we’re listening and ready to obey!
“I wonder what I did for God today:
How many times did I once pause and pray?
But I must find and serve Him in these ways,
For life is made of ordinary days.”— Macbeth

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