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Fenton Red - Part 1

The “many faces” of Fenton RED Carnival Glass can be somewhat confusing to newcomers. We believe that the illustrations shown in this segment will help clarify some of those differences. Bear in mind, that cherry red is the most desirable and will bring the most money, along with beautiful iridescence, for Iridescence IS the Essence for most serious collectors.
Since items such as the large Waterlily bowls are not available in cherry red, personal evaluation and determination must prevail in deciding the value of such an example. After all, as collectors, we must enjoy and be confident in whatever we choose to add to our personal collection.
KNOTTED BEADS CRE Vase - 10 in. tall, 4.75 in. across opening-three and one-eighth in. base diam. Courtesy Steve Fink.
Interior of KNOTTED BEADS  Vase showing clarity of true cherry red! Courtesy Steve Fink.
KNOTTED BEADS CRE Vase - 10 in. tall, 4 3/4 in. across opening.  3 1/8 in. base diam.
Courtesy Steve Fink  
Interior of KNOTTED BEADS  Vase showing clarity
of true cherry red!
Courtesy Steve Fink
April 1913 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog - KNOTTED BEADS appeared again in Mid-Winter 1914
April 1913 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog - KNOTTED BEADS appeared again in Mid-Winter 1914

KNOTTED BEADS:  Steve Fink tells us he was browsing eBay one day and came across this vase, which the seller had listed as amethyst color. One of the photos was of the base from a 45 degree angle. From that angle, a ring of yellow around the edge of the base, indicated the vase to be RED! When the vase arrived, Steve and his wife were delighted with the overall electric iridescence; fantastic blue highlights dominate and it is one of their prettiest red pieces.
Knotted Beads is found in heights ranging from 9 -11” in colors of Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, Blue , Green, Marigold, Vaseline, (scarce), as well as the rare Red. Many examples exhibit the Candy Ribbon Edge.

PEACOCK TAIL six and one-half in. CHERRY red Bowl.
PEACOCK TAIL 6 1/2 inch CHERRY red Bowl

CHRYSANTHEMUM:  A rather scarce pattern overall, as compared to some other Fenton offerings, especially when the search is for a white or red example. The couple of white bowls known are ball-footed 11” size. The red examples found in collar base variety can be quite spectacular in color. They are ruffled.
Other known colors in the large size: amethyst, blue, green, marigold, and vaseline.  9” size bowls come in amethyst, blue, green, in addition to the red.
Spatula footed bowls in approx. 8” size are to be found in amethyst and marigold. All types have windmills and sailboats to accompany the flower design.

PEACOCKTAIL: Although some may conclude this to be one of the patterns from Fenton which is on the “available” list, certain colors and sizes are quite the opposite. For instance, one of the rarest of shapes/color is the marigold 9” plate! Another rare specimen is noted in red. When considering amethyst and green bowls in either 9”or 6 1/2”- 7”, we must admit that there are far more bowls to be found having Peacock @ Urn pattern than Peacocktail.
HORSE MEDALLION IC shape (dark) Red bowl.
RARE (Cherry) Red HORSEHEAD - 5 in. diameter x 4 in. deep.
HORSE MEDALLION IC shape (dark) Red bowl.
RARE (Cherry) Red HORSEHEAD - 5 in. diameter x 4 in. deep.

HORSEHEAD or HORSE MEDALLION:  Blue plates in this pattern stir emotions and raise bidding cards high, but on the rare occasion when a red example surfaces, interest heightens tremendously. Examples of this pattern in red can range from cherry to slag mix and on to quite dark red glass.
The latest excitement exhibited over the pattern was appearance of a celeste blue Horsehead which appeared for sale on eBay. Seller was located in Australia, the whereabouts of many lovely pieces of ice blue and celeste over the years. The winning bidder paid slightly more than $6,000 for the pleasure. Now, it will be interesting to see how many more pop out of nowhere? During the pastel craze, late in the carnival glass era of production, there must have been an eager market for such colors in Australia.

Red WATERLILY-only example known in 9 in. size.(dark red slag)
 (4 sides up) BonBon

WATERLILY: This bowl is a darker, slag type red base glass, but still commands a handsome price. Although the 9”-10” bowls are known in blue, green, amethyst and marigold, the one or two 9” bowls known in red create the most excitement. The pattern seems to appear more often in the smaller 5”- 6” footed bowls than in this large size. Red, Reverse Amberina, Reverse Amberina Opal, Marigold, Vaseline, Green Blue, Aqua, Amber and Amber Slag, which are both scarce color tones, comprise the color spectrum.

CHERRY CIRCLES: These are larger than many other Fenton bonbons. An ice cream shape can be 6 ½” across the opening. The pattern is found only on the bon-bon shape. Some are card-tray shape, others are round, while yet others are found with four sides pinched in. Fewer than a dozen red examples are known. Scale Band is the accompanying pattern. Amethyst, Aqua, Blue, Powder Blue, Green, and Marigold are additional colors to look for. In clicking on - C - in our alphabet index, you may take a look at this red bonbon in ice cream shape.
PANTHER 5 in. Bowl in (Dark) Red
PANTHER 5 in. Bowl -Cherry Red
PANTHER 5 in. Bowl in (Dark) Red
PANTHER 5 in. Bowl -Cherry Red

PANTHER: These small 5-6” bowls in red will surprise you with glowing red glass with very little amberina. On the other hand, many of them are quite dark red glass and only when held to a light, can one determine their “type of red base”.
VINTAGE Fernery - Cherry Red
VINTAGE Fernery - Cherry Red

VINTAGE Fernery:  Only on rare occasions do these spectacular red examples surface. Again, some are in the cherry red category, while others are much darker. Naturally, the cherry red variety stirs interest to larger proportions. In clicking on - V - in our pattern index, you can take a look at an amethyst fernery. Amethyst, blue and marigold are fairly available colors in this design and shape.

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