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Northwood Water Sets - Part 1
NORTHWOOD Water Sets - Part 1

CHERRY & CABLE water set

CHERRY & CABLE:  A carry-over from earlier production, this is the first “full line” pattern to be placed in carnival production in 1908. Already a staple in previous color stained crystal, the Northwood firm felt secure in the knowledge that the new iridescent items would be as successful. Carnival shapes known are limited to the berry, table and water sets, all of which have been reported only in marigold.
The iridescent forms of production were relatively brief, extending over about two years. By 1909-1910, Northwood had expanded its iridescent lines to include amethyst and green. No Cherry & Cable items have been found in those two colors. All carnival glass forms of this design are extremely difficult to find. Tumblers are seen more frequently than other shapes and will bring respectable prices. Water pitchers are quite rare. Most examples in this pattern carry the Northwood trademark. Iridescence is often not the greatest and will shade down toward the bottom into clear glass.

GRAPE & GOTHIC ARCHES: In iridescent form, berry, table and water sets are the only shapes within this lovely pattern. The early 1900s proved to be an opportune time for selling motifs with grapes for a central point of interest. Most grape patterns of that day were popular, this being only one of many incorporating them, dating 1909-1910. Periodically during 1909-1915, iridized custard and non-iridized crystal and emerald green sets were produced, along with amethyst, cobalt blue, marigold and green iridized sets. Green is very difficult to locate. Some pitchers are found with the Northwood trademark, but most items are not signed.


PEACOCK @ FOUNTAIN: This “bird” is found in berry, table and water sets, along with punch sets, fruit bowl, stemmed compote and a whimsey spittoon. Green is a rare color in most shapes within this pattern range, and that includes the water set.
Marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice blue and ice green are the colors to look for in this water set. Most examples bear the Northwood trademark. Introduced in 1912, the pattern has become one of the most popular iridescent forms ever produced by Northwood.


RASPBERRY: A Spring 1911 Butler Brothers catalog ad describes these Iridescent Water Sets in golden, green and amethyst. Water pitchers are 8 ½” - 9” tall at the spout. Milk pitchers of the same design and shape are 7 1/8” -7 1/2" tall. Colors are the same for water sets as for the milk pitchers: marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, ice green. Lavender and horehound are additional colors found in the tumbler.
None of the pitchers in this pattern are readily available, with the ice colors and white considered rare.

Dean & Diane Fry - 3/07

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