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Table Sets - Part 4

The table sets in this segment are from the collection of the late Chuck Kremer, who specialized in accumulating and building sets one piece at a time, if necessary. There is a cute story which applies here. Marge Kremer was a delightful lady and always accompanied Chuck to all the conventions and auctions, etc., but was never as involved in the glass as he was. She enjoyed conversations and associating with all the people, but was not a real collector. On one occasion, many years ago, I asked her whether she felt rewarded in simply “going along for the ride” with Chuck? Her instant response: “Well, you don't think for a minute that I'm going to sit home while he goes, do you? I can always find someone to talk with!” We visited them on one occasion, and were entertained in a large building separate from the main house, which was filled with “her” collections of different types. They were very gracious people and lent a great deal to the carnival glass community.

ACORN BURRS - Purple-$600.-9-21-07.
 ACORN BURRS - Purple - Sold for $600.-9-21-07.
ACORN BURRS in Mgld. $450.-Wroda Auction, 9-21-07
ACORN BURRS in Mgld. - Sold for $450.-Wroda Auction, 9-21-07

ACORN BURRS:  This pattern entered the arena as part of the Northwood Chestnut line of functional pieces. As Acorn Burrs, production began about 1910-1911. We offer photos of the three colors found in table set pieces. Nothing in this pattern is as available as Peacocks and Good Lucks. Perhaps that is the reason it always brings “pricey” response. It extends a delightful aspect of the mould-maker's expertise.

CIRCLE SCROLL:  These very scarce Dugan sets require patience when assembling a set one piece at a time! To date, they have been found in only amethyst and marigold. They are popular and usually command top dollar. Seems that production dates rather early; circa 1909-1910.

COUNTRY KITCHEN-Amethyst-$3500. Wroda Sale-9-21-07.
 Sold for $3500. Wroda Sale-9-21-07.
COUNTRY KITCHEN-Mgld.-$1200.-9-21-07 Wroda Auction.
Sold for $1200.-9-21-07 Wroda Auction.

COUNTRY KITCHEN: Four-piece table sets in this pattern are known only in amethyst and marigold and are very rare. Millersburg created many articles with this pattern in crystal, but other than these table sets, only large berry bowls in marigold are occasionally seen, along with a known covered sugar bowl and a spooner reported in vaseline carnival. A spittoon whimsey in amethyst, created from the spooner mould is also known. A few swung vases, classified as whimseys were also made from the spooner. They are rare in amethyst or marigold.

FENTONIA - Blue-$700.-9-21-07.
 FENTONIA - Blue - Sold for $700.-9-21-07.
FENTONIA -Fenton, Mgld.-$350. Wroda Auction, 9-21-07
FENTONIA - Mgld.- sold for $350.
Wroda Auction, 9-21-07

FENTONIA: One of the more scarce patterns from Fenton, water sets and table sets, along with berry sets in blue and marigold are the extent of shapes offered. Pattern collectors thoroughly enjoy such as this one. Not many opportunities such as these, pass in review!

FIELD THISTLE Table Set-Honey Amber-Scarce set sold for $130., Wroda Auction-9-21-07.
FIELD THISTLE Table Set - Honey Amber -
Scarce set sold for $130., Wroda Auction-9-21-07.

FIELD THISTLE: is  of U.S. Glass origin. Known in amber color and considered quite rare, if not next to impossible to put together, a set such as this should exceed many others of more ample quantity, but prices do not reflect the rarity. As you can see,   $130. is a pittance for such a rare set. We dare say that Chuck had more than this invested in the set! Perhaps collectors prefer something more familiar?

GRAPE & CABLE-Purple, $350.-9-21-07
GRAPE & CABLE - Purple, Sold for $350. - 9-21-07

GRAPE & CABLE:  Now! If it's familiarity you insist upon, this is IT! We do believe that Northwood actually produced more Grape & Cable in various shapes than Peacocks, if such a thing is possible. (smile) Purple and marigold table sets are not terribly difficult. Green will require a bit more time, and the ice green and ice blue should require some “real time” in acquiring. There are NEW ice blue butter dishes, so beware!

LUSTRE ROSE Table Set-Purple
LUSTRE ROSE Table Set - Purple

LUSTRE ROSE:  The complete Imperial set is easily found in marigold. Helios sets are somewhat more difficult. Purple sets are rare and seldom seen. Amber sets are even more rare. Creamer and spooner have been reported in aqua and a light blue with marigold overlay. Perhaps the other two pieces will present themselves in time.

MAPLE LEAF-Purple, $85.-9-21-07.
MAPLE LEAF - Purple,  Sold for $85. - 9-21-07

MAPLE LEAF:  Another of the Dugan patterns, which carried over into the Diamond production, continuing as late as 1928. Table sets in amethyst, marigold, oxblood (black amethyst) and cobalt blue are the known colors.

Dean & Diane Fry    12/08

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