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Millersburg Revisited

The Wild Rose lamps displayed here were sold Nov. 18, 2006 in St. Louis, by Seeck Auctions. It was the largest array of lamps (Wild Rose, Zipper Loop, Queen's) ever offered in a single sale during our more than 35 years of affiliation with carnival glass activity. As with most collections of concentrated effort in specific areas of collecting, some very unusual examples surfaced.


Absentee WILD ROSE Lamp: Very different from other lamps in this design and the first of its kind. The outer surface of the lamp lacks the Wild Roses!

LADIES MEDALLION: The medallions are so clearly visible on this amethyst lamp. We thought our viewers would enjoy seeing them “up close and personal”.


WILD ROSE Lamp w/ Floral Base: This variation on the theme is not often seen. Prices realized for these unusual examples reveal the scarcity, along with the willingness of true collectors to pay for such rarity!

Note: By going to a previously posted segment listed in the left column of our homepage, called
Wild Rose and Other Lamps, you can view more beautiful examples in this pattern.


DIAMONDS Spittoon Whimsy: Said to be the only one known, this marigold example was shaped from a tumbler. At what point in time is an appropriate question for most such whimsies. During our more than 35 years of collecting good carnival glass, we have never bought any such “deviates”. Stories and reports of “after-market monkey-business” such as these portray, have been discussed “with smug smiles” during all those years-----from time to time.

FEATHER and HEART Whimsy: Another example of re-shaping from a marigold tumbler. You can be the judge of whether this was done at the factory in order to save an overheated tumbler-or-in after-market reheating in order to sell a former tumbler for an inflated price? (Said to be the only one known.)


COURTHOUSE-Unlettered-Flared Ruffle Style: Any of the few unlettered examples in the Courthouse pattern are quite desirable. (Click on
 ~~C~~ in our Pattern Alphabet for a look at another unlettered bowl having a 3/1 edge.) These bowls are all found in amethyst.

ELK Paperweight: This is one of two reported in green. This is one Commemorative which does not present itself at auction very often in either of the two colors reported.
(You may see an amethyst Paperweight by clicking on ~~E~~ in our Pattern Alphabet.)


TREFOIL Chop Plate: Jerry & Carol Curtis have owned this one of a kind for many years, having found it in FL. When Frank M. Fenton examined the plate, he commented that it may have been an experimental piece, sprayed with a “Lustre Process”. Trefoil Fine Cut exterior design was used while Millersburg produced crystal, then it was carried over for use as the exterior design for Bernheimer/Many Stars bowls while carnival glass was produced. As with many other single examples we find in carnival glass, the eyes of the beholder establish the value. This certainly is an interesting plate example to own.

Dean & Diane Fry - 4/07

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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