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Jenkins - Part 3

     As you can see from the written account of Diamond and Daisy Cut, and the Kokomo rose bowl, which appeared in a copy of a long ago GLASS DIGEST, there have been questions about attribution of the two patterns to Jenkins Glass, for quite sometime.  As we have learned more about Jacob's Ladder rose bowl, and it's attribution to U.S. Glass as maker, we could imply that the deeply cut design on the Kokomo rose bowl appears to be quite similar!  Perhaps both designs originate with U.S. Glass?
This article indicates that DIAMOND & DAISY CUT possibly was sold in marigold Carnival Glass by Jenkins Glass
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Although Kay Riley hesitates to offer opinion on the rose bowl, she definitely disclaims Diamond and Daisy Cut as being made by Jenkins. She owned the water set at the time  Depression Glass research was placed into book form. After reading the author's research, she agrees that the pattern was made by US Glass.

KOKOMO Rosebowl
Diamond & Daisy Cut Waterset
KOKOMO Rosebowl

While we are on the subject of Disclaimers: Kay also has serious doubt that the large vase carnival glass collectors call Cane and Daisy Cut is from Jenkins Glass. Over the long period of time she and her companions sifted through the shards and after many diggings, where sometimes only a foot or so down into the earth, complete pieces were found, no evidence surfaced surrounding that vase. While it is of heavy glass, and wheel cuts were used to form the flowers, just as the Cut Flowers vase, she feels that Cane and Daisy Cut was never made at the Arcadia facility, at least.
Cut Flowers

CUT FLOWERS: is probably the most readily found among Jenkins patterns. It is a 10 ½” tall vase with intaglio cut being deep and distinct as that found in cut crystal. Marigold and smoke colors are available in this pattern. The vase is quite heavy and thick at 3/8 “ depth.

This is the STIPPLED STRAWBERRY Spooner showing vestiges of marigold overlay.
     Stippled Strawberry spooner

STIPPLED STRAWBERRY: has a raised design and is less spectacular in color intensity. First reported in a tumbler, later accompanied by a small spittoon-type vessel standing 3 1/2” x 4 ½” across its widest part.

Kay did not have a marigold example in her collection, so we took a photo of her clear glass example, which adequately displays the attractive pattern. These are available (with search).

Jenkins STIPPLED STRAWBERRY-Butler Bros. ad-April 1915

BUTLER BROTHERS AD - April 1915: Clearly displays an array of shapes produced in the Stippled Strawberry pattern, although other than the SPOONER,  none have been found in marigold.  

BLOCK Covered Sugar
BLOCK Creamer
Kokomo #400 Sugar
Kokomo #400 Creamer
Kokomo #400: This creamer and covered sugar are a pleasant surprise. Gorgeous marigold examples secured as Jenkins manufacture, but since there is no available carnival glass name, we use the factory catalog pattern name.

Jenkins Covered SWAN
Covered Swan

COVERED SWAN: Obviously designed as a candy dish, this piece has light marigold iridescence over the entire surface. Since Imperial and Dugan made the swan in much smaller sizes with marketing success, it follows that Jenkins would have decided to follow suit in the twenties-thirties with an iridized version of their swan for table use.

SUNFLOWER Cruet having some marigold on surface
Sunflower cruet

SUNFLOWER CRUET: Kay was amazed when she found this very lightly iridized example and certainly we concurred! The pattern is quite pretty. With no example known in carnival glass collections, we again use the Jenkins catalog name for this cruet. Kay's talents are most astute in her years of search  to have recognized the remnants of marigold on the piece! (And we carnival glass collectors just thought we had seen everything!)

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