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Fenton Vintage - Part 2

We trust that you have already digested the information/examples provided in the first segment of this “pattern exploration” and should be convinced that with the volume of demand for this grape design, Fenton used several different moulds.
In 1998, while we were newsletter editors for the San Diego Club, Alan and Lorraine Pickup submitted the following article, which coincides very nicely with our presentation of facts, so we reprint their article in its entirety.

CONCORD 9 in. Plate in Amethyst
VINTAGE 9 in. Plate in Ameth.
CONCORD 9 in. Plate in Amethyst
VINTAGE 9 in. Plate in Amethyst

*I have wanted to write this article for years, but my inability to take nice clear pictures has always kept me from it. But thanks to the super pictures in the San Diego Carnival Club newsletter, I can now vent my frustration at the too often repeated story that the Concord plates and bowls are “just the Vintage pattern with a fish net filler or overlay.”
Concord is unquestionably a very similar pattern compared to Vintage. The mould was very possibly made by the same supplier. But that's as far as it goes. I don't feel that it was the intention of the mould maker to just duplicate the Vintage mould. There are just too many changes in style that would suggest just a mould replacement.
It is not our intent here to count grapes, but merely point out a few major changes on the two 9” plates. Starting with the center leaf, the Vintage leaf has five segments, while the Concord pattern has six. The Concord center leaf is surrounded by a narrow band of undulating lines. The Vintage pattern has six grape leaves surrounding the five bunches of grapes. But the Concord has seven leaves that are finely stippled. And numerous other minor deviations can be found.
Now what would you say if we tell you that by further comparison you will find that the 9” Vintage plate and the 8 ½” Vintage bowl are made from two totally different moulds? They have a different leaf count also. Six on the plate (not counting the center leaf) but seven leaves on the bowls….Seems to get worse as this story goes on,  doesn't  it? So we almost hesitate in pointing out that the Fenton's Vintage bowl also comes in the larger ten inch size. And the smaller plates are a favorite with collectors. But for this comparison of the Fenton Glass Company's Concord and Vintage pattern we are looking  at the 8 ½” bowls and 9” plates only.*

We will add to Alan and Lorraine's statement, the fact that both Concord and Vintage examples offer the familiar Wide Panel exterior. The examples in this segment are fairly self explanatory. We ask that you decide just how many different moulds were utilized within the range of shapes, sizes and their variations in the surface patterns. Numbers of grape clusters, leaf placement/size must all be given consideration, to say nothing of the edge treatments.

VINTAGE COMPOTE:  These are extremely scarce in any of the colors known: amethyst, blue, green or marigold. Exterior is smooth.
Santa Claus Edition - 1910
The Santa Claus Edition of Butler Bros. Catalog 1910 indicates early production of this compote, yet few examples are available today.
Santa Claus Edition Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog-1910

Santa Claus Edition 1910, Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog Ad: Provides evidence that two shapes of bonbon were being manufactured that year, and they are as scarce today as the compotes.

9 in. Blue VINTAGE Plate
VINTAGE 9 in. plate
9 in. Blue VINTAGE Plate
VINTAGE 9 in. Marigold plate

VINTAGE 9” Plate:  These are rare in any of the colors known: Amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

VINTAGE -blue-7.5 in.
VINTAGE Plate- 7 -3/4 in.-Marigold
VINTAGE Plate - 7 1/2 in. - blue
VINTAGE Plate - 7 3/4 in.- Marigold

VINTAGE 7”-8” Plate:  Found in Amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

8.5 in.VINTAGE Three and One Edge bowl
7 in. Green VINTAGE bowl
8.5 in. VINTAGE Three and One Edge bowl
7 in. Green VINTAGE bowl
7.5 in. VINTAGE Bowl in Amethyst
WIDE PANEL Exterior of the 7.5 in. Amethyst Bowl.
7.5 in. VINTAGE Bowl in Amethyst
WIDE PANEL Exterior of the 7.5 in. Amethyst Bowl

VINTAGE Bowls, 7”-8 ½”:  Ruffled and three and one edge versions are found in Amethyst, aqua opal, blue celeste blue, green, vaseline, marigold, and red.
amethyst VINTAGE .- 4 grape clusters-6 in.rare design
Amethyst VINTAGE .- 4 grape clusters

VINTAGE 6” Plates: having only four grape clusters: Amethyst, green and marigold. This is a very scarce size and pattern!

It is our belief that all examples provided in these two segments we have submitted, are from Fenton manufacture.
Dugan Vintage pattern may look very similar, but the defining feature for their product is the dome foot.

Dean & Diane Fry - 9/05

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