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Crucifix Candlesticks Update
Crucifix from Imperial Glass Co.
Crucifix from Imperial Glass Company

In late Jan. 2005, we were contacted by David and Sheila Beadnell of Ohio, concerning the absence of a  pair of Crucifix Candlesticks  in  the Imperial Glass Museum. Seems that when curators contacted them about moving the Candlesticks from the Bellaire Museum to the new Imperial Glass Museum, Beadnell's opted to take them home at that time.

After reading our article in the Crucifix segment of this 101 site, they very graciously decided to tell their story, so that we could update our information.

Seems that in 1991, they were frequently setting up wares for sale at a flea market in Rogers, Ohio. One morning, in scouting the rest of the flea market area, David found these Candlesticks. After checking into their validity by searching their Imperial Glass Books, the following week at the flea market, he went back to the booth where he had seen them. (Amazingly, they were still there). He told the seller what they were. She said she didn't care.  “All she was interested in were the quilts the Candlesticks had been wrapped up in while stored in a trunk!” * Are you ready for this? * She sold those Candlesticks for $20 the pair!...........THIS is the stuff dreams are made of!
What a nice story!

These same Crucifix were photographed while in the Bellaire Museum, for use in Imperial Carnival Glass by Carl O. Burns, appearing on page 58. At that time, Beadnell's opted not to have their names published as contributors to that book.

We appreciate the photograph and accompanying story of acquisition for all our readers to enjoy. It is in such sharing, that collectors take great pleasure.

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D/D Fry ------ 1/26/05

Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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