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Candlesticks - Part 11
CRUCIFIX with St. Jude Candles. Courtesy Greg Dilian
CRUCIFIX with St. Jude Candles.
Courtesy Greg Dilian
Original box containing St. Jude Candles.Courtesy Greg Dilian
Original box containing St. Jude Candles.
Courtesy Greg Dilian.

CRUCIFIX Candleholders & ST. JUDE Candles:  This truly fascinating circumstance came to us from Greg Dilian. He went to an estate sale and found these St. Jude candles in the original box and with instructions for using them. “I have them in my Crucifix Candleholders and they look as if they were made for each other—perfect fit!  I once heard from a carnival collector, about a priest who had come to the house when his grandmother was dying. He took out a pair of Crucifix Candleholders and placed them on a table next to the bed. Wonder whether he used some of these St. Jude candles for the prayer session?”

FRANCES Pattern on pink glass by Central Glass, Wheeling, WV 3.75 in. tall.
FRANCES Pattern on pink glass by
Central Glass, Wheeling, WV - 3.75 in. tall.

FRANCES pattern Candleholders: Central Glass Co. produced a wide array of glass. It is known that when Fostoria became overwhelmed with orders, some production was shifted to Central Glass. Sometimes Central would edge a Fostoria pattern with a painted gold trim.

Pale Pink 1920s FRY Glass Candlesticks.
Pale Pink 1920s FRY Glass Candlesticks.

FRY Candleholders:  While Fry Glass was one of the major producers of fine glass, they are not recognized as producers of iridized glass. Since these candlesticks are lightly colored and quite highly glazed, it is possible that they are from after-market processes.

VENETIAN -7.5 in. tall x 4.5 in.base. Courtesy J&C Curtis.
VENETIAN -7.5 in. tall x 4.5 in.base.
Courtesy J&C Curtis.

VENETIAN Pattern Candleholders: The crystal Venetian Candleholders were offered thru Tiara in the 1990s. Their offerings were plain crystal, etched crystal, cranberry trimmed, ruby trimmed and gold trimmed.  The gold trimmed versions are slightly iridescent, not what we would call carnival glass. They were advertised and sold as gold trimmed. Retail price was around $27.50 per pair and the current book value is $30.00 per pair. The gold trim extends only 2” up from the bottom.  They are 7 ½” high with a 4 ½” base diameter.
Fostoria made lead crystal Venetian candleholders in 1984. These were also sold thru Tiara.
As we all know, Fostoria closed its doors in 1986. Lancaster Colony owned Fostoria and Indiana Glass in 1986. Most of the Fostoria moulds were moved to the Indiana Glass warehouse (one of the reasons Frank Fenton purchased all the Indiana Glass moulds in 2003; it was a treasure chest of old moulds from Imperial, Duncan-Miller, Fostoria, etc.)
I believe the crystal, etched crystal, cranberry, ruby and gold trimmed Venetian Candleholders offered thru Tiara in the 1990s were made by Indiana Glass using Fostoria moulds. (This information provided by Donna Adler in early 2011.)
(Additional info. secured 5/24/2011) Today, at the local auction house we visit each week, were a pair of these Venetian Candleholders #017 in iridized cranberry stain #254. This information had been written on a tiny folded piece of paper stuck down in the bottom of one candle cup, presumably by the owner(s).  I copied it verbatim. *Indiana Glass 1987-1998, 7 ¼” H x 4 ½”D. (Easter 1996 only) Book 2 - page 267…..Diane Fry

Diamond's #900 ADAM'S RIB-Blown Hollow-Mgld.
Diamond's #900 ADAM'S RIB - Blown Hollow - Marigold.
#900 Diamond-ADAM'S RIB in Celeste- 7.75 in. tall.
#900 Diamond - ADAM'S RIB in Celeste - 7.75 in. tall.

DIAMOND’S #900 Adam’s Rib Candlholders: Marigold, ice green and celeste blue are the known colors in this pattern. They are blown molded. The base is 2 ¼” and the height is 7 ¾”.

Northwood. #708 SPINDLE - Sapphire
Northwood #708 SPINDLE - Sapphire.
Northwood. #708 SPINDLE - Vaseline.
Northwood. #708 SPINDLE - Vaseline.

Northwood #708:  Named SPINDLE, these holders are 8 ¾” tall and have a base of 4 ½”. In addition to Sapphire and Vaseline, there are some Chinese Coral examples known.

Northwood #675  3 in. tall x 5.5 in. diam. base - Sapphire..
Northwood #675 - 3 in. tall x 5.5 in. diam. base - Sapphire.
#675 N. 3 in. tall Russett Candlesticks
Northwood #675 - 3 in. tall - Russett.

Northwood #675:  These 3” handled candleholders are shown in a catalog page on page 147-Harry Northwood-The Wheeling Years. Colored ads in the same book show them in Chinese Coral, and Russett.

695 N. Jade Blue Custard - 8.5 in. tall.
Northwood #695 - Jade Blue Custard - 8.5 in. tall.
N. #695 in Sapphire- 8.5 in. tall.
Northwood #695 in Sapphire - 8.5 in. tall.

Northwood #695:  This holder was also made in a 10 ½” size, given # 696 as a catalog number. Catalog ref. shown on page 147 - Harry Northwood - The Wheeling Years.  Colors: Jade Blue, Sapphire. #695 and #696 were also produced in Chinese Coral and Topaze Iridescent Console Sets.     

Dean & Diane Fry – 6-11

“Those who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”  Acts 17:6

Peter: crucified upside down. James: beheaded. John: natural causes. Andrew: crucified on X-shaped cross. Philip: crucified.  Bartholomew: skinned alive, beheaded. Matthew: stabbed to death. Thomas: speared to death.  James: stoned, crucified.  Jude: crucified.  Simon: crucified. Matthias: (replacement for Judas Iscariot): stoned and beheaded.  Paul: beheaded.

Jesus warned His original disciples before He was killed, “if they persecuted me, they will also persecute you” (John 15:20b) And when their faith was finally tested, when Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane,”….they all forsook Him and fled” (Mark 14:50)

You may not be called to die for Christ, but you are called to live for Him---the resurrected Lord.

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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