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Candlesticks - Part 10
Australian Candlesticks
Australian Candlesticks
Pg. 59 Australian Glass (1900-1950) Valuation Guide-Ken Arnold.
Pg. 59 Australian Glass (1900-1950) Valuation Guide - Ken Arnold.

AUSTRALIAN CANDLESTICKS:  Talk about “obscure”! When these appeared for sale on eBay, we immediately thought, “Ah-Ha”! these are without question, the “personified” COLONIAL candleholders!...........We could not have been more “woofed”. The search began for their producer, and many hours later: there they are pictured in Ken Arnold’s valuation guide for Australian Glass-1900-1950s! Until we hear a valid message to the contrary, our presumption is that Crown Crystal produced them. They have a base of 4 ½” diameter and are 7” high.

First reported pair-SMOKE-CRUCIFIX Candlesticks in 2009.
First reported pair - SMOKE-CRUCIFIX Candlesticks in 2009.

Imperial: CRUCIFIX: Dave Drabing, who specializes in candlesticks, rates these smoke examples  made by Imperial, as #1 for Rarity, and #2 in the value range, placing an estimate of $2,500 to $3,000 on the pair. Marigold in pairs are estimated to be in the $850. - $1700. range. They are shown on page 34 in the 1909 Imperial Catalog. They are 9 ½” in height.
Food for thought: These candlesticks are so scarce in the iridized versions. Has consideration ever been given to the distinct possibility that the few known examples in this case are not well done by reason of an after-market process? A half-turn amounts to 200 pairs. Known factors surrounding these items lead to a possible 2 dozen pairs! Logic indicates they were purchased as crystal pairs and iridized by “someone-or some-thing” holding onto the bases while applying the color?

Diamond's RAINBOW LUSTRE (After Glow Pink)-8.75 in. tall.Diamond's RAINBOW LUSTRE  in IG - 8.5 in. tall x 4.25 in. base.
Rainbow Luster in Afterglow Pink and Ice Green.

Diamond: RAINBOW LUSTRE:  As with most frosted iridescent glassware used for candlesticks, this line dates from mid to late 1920s. The Rainbow Lustre line included use of the name Spindle in connection with defining this particular design. Colors: marigold, white, amethyst (scarce), ice green, celeste or Harding Blue and pink (After Glow) are known. They are 8 ¾” tall with a base diameter of 4 ¼” Similarities to the Imperial Premium candlesticks exist, but there are differences.

Diamond's Hollow-Mold-Blown Candlesticks or vases-7.25 in. tall.-Ice GreenDiamond Candlesticks - Hollow-mould blown in Marigold
Diamond's Hollow - Mold-Blown Candlesticks or vases.
7.25 inches tall shown above in Ice Green and Marigold.

Diamond: HOLLOW - MOULD BLOWN: These candlesticks double for vases should the occasion arise. They are hollow and mould blown for dual purpose. Other than marigold, ice green and Harding Blue, we cannot name additional colors in this design.

Diamond Red ROYAL LUSTRE with White enamel trim.
Diamond Red ROYAL LUSTRE with White enamel trim.

Diamond: ROYAL LUSTRE:  These trumpet shaped candlesticks measure 7 ¼” in height. Matching console bowls were produced to match, in marigold, ice green, celeste blue, cobalt blue and red. In production ca. 1924-1926, they were featured in the Dec. 18, 1924 issue of Crockery and Glass Journal. Some sets offer a bright, mirror-like silver luster, as well as with a satin, multi-colored iridescence somewhat like an onion-skin effect seen on much of stretch glass. Sometimes the accompanying bowl will be like a low ice cream shape, other times, the top edge of the bowl will have a turned-under, cuff-like finish.

N. #651 Russett-Courtesy Raymond & Laurie Foster
10 in. Northwood #651 in Russett with original label - Courtesy Raymond &  Laurie Foster.

Northwood #651:  These 10” candleholders (using the technical term), are not seen as often as some other Northwood candleholders. The Fosters thought viewers would find it interesting to see the original factory label on this Russett example. The iridescence is spectacular.

N. SPIRAL TWIST-6.5 in. high-Sapphire-Seeck Auctions-$300.
Northwood SPIRAL TWIST - 6.5 in. high in Sapphire.
Seeck Auctions - Sold for $300.

Northwood SPIRAL TWIST: This pair had been in the Grogan collection when Seecks sold their glass in July 2011, during the annual ICGA Convention. The resultant price very likely indicates a scarcity of the pattern or color, or perhaps a little of both!

Imperial SPIRAL Candlesticks-Mgld.Courtesy Rick & Debbie Graham..
Imperial SPIRAL Candlesticks - Marigold.
Courtesy Rick & Debbie Graham.

Imperial: SPIRAL: These are shown in Carl O. Burns’ Imperial book with “reservation”. They are 8 ¼” tall, and while some are reported to be weak in color, this pair provided by the Graham’s is certainly mindful of intense Imperial marigold. Green examples somewhere between helios and emerald are known to exist, along with smoke colored ones, which pretty securely place them in the Imperial realm. They are among the more scarce candleholders.

Dean & Diane Fry, 7-11

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