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Imperial Glass - Part 6



TULIP and CANE Compote: This seldom seen compote stands 4 ¾ tall,  has a 3 3/8 base and the stem around the middle is 1 ¾ diameter. Top opening is 5 ½. There are 8 Tulip and Cane sections around the 6 scallops.

TULIP and CANE Catalog ad from the #104A indicates this shape to be a footed jelly, rather than a compote.


TULIP and CANE  8 oz. Water Goblet: has a base of 3 1/8 and three mold lines on the base.  The stem is 1 7/8 around the middle. There are 6 Tulip and Cane sections around the goblet. All vintage examples in the stemmed pieces dealt with here are found only in marigold. This is said to be the easiest of the stemmed shapes to find.

TULIP and CANE 8 oz. Water Goblet:  was reproduced in 1970 in a color called aurora jewels, similar to cobalt blue, but a lighter tone with electric iridescence effect. They were trademarked with the IG.


TULIP and CANE 3 oz. Wine:  There is a 4 oz. stemmed Claret known in marigold, but it is extremely rare. We have the 3 oz. Wine to show you, along with the catalog ad displaying it for market. This size is only known in marigold, as well.


TULIP and CANE 1 ½ oz. Cordial: This smallest size wine is only found in marigold.
Note: Tulip and Cane small dome-footed bowl in smoke may be seen by clicking on - T -  in our pattern Alphabet-Homepage. The bowl is known in marigold, as well. The six shapes covered in this segment are the only ones known in carnival glass. Tulip and Cane is one of the earlier Imperial patterns, listed in factory catalogs as their #9.

FLUTE Variant or COLONIAL:  This paneled design is shown Imperial factory catalogs as a round, made in 5 sizes, as follows:
(3934 ½ A-4 ½ inch berry, 3935 ½ A-5 inch berry, 3937 ½ A-8 inch berry, 3938 ½ A-9 inch berry, 3939 ½ A-10 inch orange bowl)
Advertised as highly polished, low priced berries, they were referred to in Catalog 104A as Low priced Colonial glass! Made of our famous Imperial mirror glass, except where a ½ behind the number indicates the Utility glass.


1909 Imperial Catalog Ad:  Please notice that this ad refers to the name Colonial, as well.

Dean & Diane Fry - 1-07

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