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Table Sets - Part 6
TABLE  SETS - Part 6

APPLE BLOSSOM Enameled Table Set-Blue-Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
APPLE BLOSSOM Enameled Table Set in Blue.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions

APPLE  BLOSSOM: Original moulds for the berry set, table set, and water set in this pattern named “Barbella” by researcher William Heacock date back to the pre-iridescent period of 1904-1906. (A photo of pitcher/tumbler in the pattern can be seen in Harry Northwood -The Wheeling Years -1901-1925).
Cobalt blue is the only color found in this design. The base glass has smooth, raised panels on the interior. The smooth, plain exterior lends itself nicely to the painted design. All shapes within the pattern are quite rare; more-so than any other Northwood enameled creations. This impressive design is one of only two from Northwood which are pressed rather than mould-blown. All of the Apple Blossom pieces offer identical configuration to those in the Grape & Gothic Arches design. Possibly the “Barbella” moulds were re-tooled to accommodate the decorated application.
A berry set brought $600 in 1993. The first table set pieces surfaced in 1995, when a spooner sold at auction for $125. A complete table set brought $700. at a 2005 auction.
The creamer is 4 1/8” tall x 2 ½” base rim. Sugar  is 3 7/8” tall x 2 ½” base rim.  Spooner is 3 7/8” tall x 2 7/8” base rim.

N. FLUTE in Rare Green. Courtesy Remmen Auctions.
Northwood FLUTE in Rare Green.
Courtesy Remmen Auctions

FLUTE:  is another of the early Northwood patterns, having enjoyed a lengthy production in non-iridized crystal. Listed as their #21 line, it was placed into carnival production in 1909, made in a wide variety of carnival glass shapes. Most of the examples display the Northwood trademark. The four-piece table set has been confirmed in marigold and green. The breakfast set, smaller in size than table-set pcs. has been found only in purple.
Green table set pieces are few and far between, and usually turn up with the Alaskan iridescent treatment. 1909 was the year when Northwood introduced this unusual treatment of marigold overlay on green base glass.

HOBNAIL set in blue with amethyst butter base. Only one known in Blue. Sold in '92 for $2900.
HOBNAIL set in blue with amethyst butter base.
Only one known in Blue. Sold in '92 for $2900.

HOBNAIL Mlsbg. - in Ameth.Very rare Amethyst HOBNAIL Butter Dish
Left: - Millersburg Hobnail Covered Sugar in Amethyst.
Right: - Millersburg Hobnail Covered Butter in Amethyst.

HOBNAIL:  Rare in any color and highly desirable. Blue is the rarest color, but the green is also difficult to locate. Complete table sets require extreme patience and determination in the search. Complete sets in marigold are known.

HOBSTAR & FEATHER Spooner and Sugar-Ameth.
HOBSTAR & FEATHER Spooner and Sugar in Amethyst.

HOBSTAR and FEATHER:  We believe that the only complete table set is in amethyst. A green creamer and two spooners, along with a sugar lid in vaseline have been reported. There is a known marigold spooner. A green spooner sold at auction in 1994 for $825.

Mid-Winter 1914 Butler Bros. Ad.
Mid-Winter 1914 Butler Bros. Ad.
PEACOCK @ FOUNTAIN Table Set - Purple.
PEACOCK at the FOUNTAIN Table Set - Purple.
Peacock at the Fountain in marigold.
Peacock at the Fountain in marigold.
PEACOCK @ the FOUNTAIN Table Set in White
Peacock at the Fountain in White.

PEACOCK @ THE FOUNTAIN: “Harry's Birds” were introduced in 1912. A request for patent was filed in Feb. 1914. The patent was granted in July 1914, perhaps in an attempt to halt production of a copy in design being produced by Diamond Glass Co. Harry Northwood and Thomas Dugan were cousins, creating natural competitive attitudes. The water set in marigold, amethyst and cobalt blue are the only known shapes to have been copied. Quickest method for detection of each? The Northwood examples are always trademarked. Diamond examples are unsigned.
Northwood table sets are to be found in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, and ice blue.
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