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Helios - Part 6
HELIOS - Part 6

This segment provides solid contrast between the “silvergreen and goldgreen” applications to helios base glass!Butler Brothers Wholesale catalogs discussed both color variations. Some of the “goldgreen” examples portray the gold with exhilarating accents of pink, as well.
Note: The contrast between the “goldgreen” Tiger Lily Pitcher and the “silvergreen” tumbler of the same pattern is striking.      

FOUR-SEVENTY-FOUR Milk Pitcher.TIGER LILY Water Pitcher-& Tumbler - Helios
Left - FOUR-SEVENTY-FOUR Milk Pitcher.
  Right - TIGER LILY Water Pitcher & Tumbler.
5 in. Helios WINDMILL Sauce
5 inch Helios WINDMILL Sauce
HOBSTAR & TASSELS in Helios. Courtesy Lesley from OZ.
HOBSTAR & TASSELS in Helios. Courtesy Lesley from OZ.
POINSETTIA Milk Pitcher.
POINSETTIA Milk Pitcher.
OCTAGON Compote in Helios.
OCTAGON Compote in Helios.
Pg. 119-Imperial Book by Archers
Pg. 119-Imperial Book by Archers Ad

WINDMILL Milk Pitcher-6.5 in. tall.FIELDFLOWER Pitcher in Helios.- 8 in. high
  Left - WINDMILL Milk Pitcher - 6.5 in. tall.
Right - FIELDFLOWER Pitcher - 8 in. high
Helios Green HOMESTEAD
Helios Green HOMESTEAD
OCTAGON 9.5 in. Bowl.
OCTAGON 9.5 in. Bowl.

Dean & Diane Fry, 03-10
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