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Imperial Vases - Part 1
Imperial Vases - Part 1

Vases comprise a vast reach of sizes and patterns, no matter the manufacturer. Perhaps you will agree that the three patterns represented in this segment are among the most plentiful offered by any of the major manufacturers of vintage carnival glass. The dimension offered by collecting vases is desired by the majority of those who buy other shapes, such as plates and bowls. Some patterns are found only on the vase shape, and certainly there are complete collections of vases, just as with tumbler collectors who specialize.


Thin Rib and Drape and Morning Glory may seem alike at first glance, but further examination of the patterns will reveal subtle differences, such as the drapery effect between the ribs on Thin Rib/Drape. Similar but different is the best description of these two. Thin Rib has an impressed hobstar on the base. Morning Glory has a 12 point star. Morning Glory has rounded panels at the base, whereas the vertical ribs on Thin Rib and Drape end rather abruptly at the base. Thin Rib and Drape vases are found in marigold, purple, helios, and cobalt blue in sizes of 4” to 7” in height. None of the colors are all that “easily found”, but anything worth collecting is also worthy of some effort to locate.

Morning Glory vases are found only in six sizes and styles of vases and gets its name from its basic shape. The flared top tends to resemble the beautiful flower from which the name derives. The miniature vase stands only 3” to 4 ½” tall and is found most often in marigold. Helios is somewhat more difficult, with purple and smoke examples being scarce. The small vase stands from 5” to 7” tall and is found in the above named colors, along with a very rare cobalt blue example.

The standard vase ranges from 8” to 12” tall, found most often in marigold, purple, and helios. Smoke is scarce and cobalt blue ones, very rare. A light blue with marigold overlay is known. Teal has been reported in this size. Possibly white and light or ice green exist?

Two sizes of funeral vases, a 13” to 16” mid size and a larger, 17” to 19” size are known. The mid size has been found in marigold, purple, and helios. The large funeral is known in marigold, purple, helios, and smoke. All are rare.

The jack-in-the-pulpit version vase is found in two sizes. Some were shaped from the mold used for the standard vase, and some were made from the mid size vase mold. While plentiful in marigold, purple, smoke and emerald are really very rarely found. Usual height of these is in the 6” to 9” range.

Morning Glory vase in Teal. Green MG vase for comparision. Courtesy of Becky Ruschel.
Morning Glory vase in Teal. Green MG vase for comparision. Courtesy of Becky Ruschel.

Pictured above is a miniature size Imperial Morning Glory vase in Teal (on the left).  A miniature green Morning Glory Vase is on the right for color comparision. Teal has been reported but never pictured.  Thank you Becky for sharing this treasure with us!


RIPPLE: is so plentiful in squat - 5”-7” marigold, purple, helios, clambroth, amber, and standard sizes - 8”- 12” marigold, purple, helios, clambroth, amber, smoke, aqua, teal, red, blue, white, vaseline, olive, that we fail to realize the rarity of the large size funeral vase - 17” - 21”. It is only known in “passionate” purple, marigold and helios. Teal is rare.

An impressive collection can be built around these vases, and without spending a fortune to do so.

Dean & Diane Fry - 4-07

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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