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Dugan - Part 16

4.5 in. A.O. TINY (TWIGS-NEW)-$2800.Wroda-3-31-12
4.5 in. A.O. TINY (TWIGS - NEW)
Sold for $2800.Wroda 3-31-12.

TINY TWIGS Vase  (A.O.?):  When the report of this (NEW) vase having sold for $2800. during a March 31, 2012 Wroda auction, we could NOT believe that other than a “brand spanking new” collector who had not done enough serious study before purchase; could be held accountable for such blatantly irresponsible waste of money!!!!!!! These oddball colored repros. first appeared in white opal, peach opal and blue opal back in the 1980s. The late John Britt, who would NEVER refuse a “rare opportunity”, said: “They never made those colors in the old glass!” Same admonition applies to this aqua opal reproduction!! This is probably “THE most expensive piece of NEW carnival glass on record!”
Purple JIP/crimped edge examples, along with some having a slight flare at the top are very seldom seen/sold. Although marigold is listed in some books as an “original old” color in these same shapes, we have NEVER, in our 50-some-years of following carnival glass; seen a single example!
Carried over from the opalescent period, a version of that appears in the April 1906 Butler Bros. Catalog. The carnival vases likely date from 1909-1910 Dugan production. Their rarity indicates a brief production period. There seem to be more purple than marigold examples, but this 3 ½”-5” tall piece is not believed to have continued in production after Diamond took over. The mold may have been damaged in the 1912 fire?
NOTE: For information surrounding the “real McCoy’s” and the “repro’s” in this pattern, please go to --T-- in our pattern alphabet on the homepage and click into several references to Tiny Twigs for an accurate historic account.

QUILL Pitcher and Tumbler  in Marigold
QUILL Pitcher and Tumbler  in Marigold.
QUILL Pitcher and Tumbler in Purple
QUILL Pitcher and Tumbler in Purple.

QUILL:  Another of the carry-over designs from pre-iridescent production, it was a part of Dugan’s Filigree line made circa 1906-1907. The 1907 Dugan factory catalog offers non-iridescent colors of green, blue, custard, and ruby. Marigold and amethyst water sets likely date from 1909-1910. These very rare water pitchers are mold-blown, having clear, separately applied handles. They are approximately 10 ½” tall. The matching tumblers are pressed.

STIPPLED PETALS 9 in. Bowl in Amethyst
STIPPLED PETALS - 9 inch bowl in Amethyst.
STIPPLED PETALS-P.O. Courtesy J & C Curtis
STIPPLED PETALS in P.O. Courtesy J & C Curtis.
STIPPLED PETALS Banana Boat Shape in P.O.
LONG LEAF  External pattern of Stippled Petals
LONG LEAF  External pattern of Stippled Petals.

STIPPLED PETALS:  One of the earliest Dugan creations, the dome-footed compote and the handled basket appeared in the Fall 1910 Butler Brothers Wholesale catalog in peach opalescent. Since the compote was offered with painted enamel floral decoration, we know that the painting was factory oriented. All four different carnival shapes known were fashioned from the same mould, carry the Long Leaf exterior pattern and are supported by a scalloped dome foot. The 8”-9” bowl is seen more often than other shapes. The smooth edge can be ruffled, having 10 flat square ruffles or be the three-and-one crimped style. Peach opalescent is the more prevalent color. Rarely found amethyst examples also exist. Few floral decorated bowls are found. Marigold bowls are quite scarce! Peach Opal and amethyst banana bowls are seen less often than the usual bowl shape. The dome-footed compote can be ruffled or flattened, almost into a plate shape. Either the peach opal or the decorated peach opal examples are rare. Separately applied, clear glass handled baskets are rarely found. Peach opal is the only color reported.

Ameth. GRAPEVINE LATTICE-Courtesy Aaron Hurst.
Courtesy Aaron Hurst.

GRAPEVINE LATTICE: This design spanned both the Dugan and Diamond years of production.  The Spring 1912 Butler Brothers catalog carried ads, which continued sporadically through the early 1920s. The water set was often sold in company with the Floral & Grape water set.
Marigold, amethyst, and white 6”-7”  ruffled bowls, and 7” plates are also known in this pattern. (So-called “ruffled hats”, or “extruded tumblers”, some in JIP shape are known.) (It is entirely up to the buyer to decide whether these were factory-made?)  Marigold and amethyst are the known colors.  A lovely white tankard and tumbler may be seen in our WHITE IS A DELIGHT segment listed on the homepage.
NOTE: The water set, small bowls, and plates were reproduced by L.G. Wright in purple carnival. Tumblers, small bowls, and plates were also reproduced in non-iridized custard glass.

P.O.HEAVY IRIS - Only one-$1600-Courtesy Seeck Auctions
P.O.HEAVY IRIS - Only one known.
Sold for $1600 - Courtesy Seeck Auctions.

HEAVY IRIS:  This is said to be the only known tankard in peach opalescent!  The opalescence is so very slight along the top edge, that one might question its existence. Most collectors accept it as peach opal. A single white tankard having a straight, unruffled top exists. Tumblers are listed in order of their rarity; marigold, amethyst, oxblood, and white. On occasion, a lovely lavender shade turns up. No peach opalescent tumblers have been confirmed. To view amethyst and marigold sets, along with the white hat, please click into -- H -- in our pattern alphabet on the homepage.
NOTE: L.G. Wright Glass Co. produced water sets from the original molds. The pitchers have a 2” plain, unpatterned area between the top of the patterned area and the ruffled top. They are not quite the sharp detail of pattern found in the vintage sets and the iridescence is rather gaudy. There is no trademark. Gibson made a whimsy handled basket in red and electric blue carnival in 1987. They are marked on the base.

UPDATE – Heavy Iris Tumbler

Our DUGAN – Part 16   states that no Peach Opal tumblers are known.
We were contacted by Jerry and Carol Curtis in early March 2013 with confirmation of a Peach Opalescent Heavy Iris tumbler they once owned. It was sold to Steve Morrow, who in turn, sold it to a “prominent collector”. In checking with Bob Smith, he said he did not know one exists! However, he mentioned having a “horehound” tumbler in that pattern! That too, is a previously unlisted color in this pattern! Time has a way of uncovering interesting details!

PERSIAN GARDEN 7 inch  plate  in RARE Blue! Courtesy Mickey Reichel.
PERSIAN GARDEN 7 inch  plate  in RARE Blue!
Courtesy Mickey Reichel.

PERSIAN GARDEN 7” Plate:  1910-1911 were likely dates of production for this pattern. Some production continued into the Diamond years through mid-1915. The pattern must have produced a great deal of interest. Of the eight known shapes, seven were produced from the same two molds. These 6”-7” plates are found in marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, cobalt blue and white. Our DUGAN – PART 4 displays the white 7” plate having the POOL OF PEARLS exterior.

White PERSIAN GARDEN Chop Plate.
White PERSIAN GARDEN Chop Plate.

PERSIAN GARDEN 11”- 12” Plate:  Iridescence on these treasures is often quite dazzling. Amethyst examples are usually outstanding, and the color most often found. They will command some serious money. White is the next most often found color , but there are fewer of these than in the ice cream bowl counterpart. Peach opalescent chop plates are extremely scarce. Rarest of all: marigold chop plate!

Dean & Diane Fry, 5/12

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